Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Epistolary Fiction, The Ransom Letter

dear friends,
this week, i have Decided to focus ouR At.t.ention on epistolary novels. epistolary novels, for the uninitiated, are novels written as a series of doCUments, usuaLly letters. it's only recently thAt i came across t.h.e. ter.m., though i have read a few such b.o.o.ks .n.ot knowing they fit any .s.pecific genre. .t.he clues y.o.u ca.n. find b.e.low and the answers are right here in front of your face. you may have noticed some letters sticking out more than others-- they'll spell out all the letters in the answers. you may be pleased to note that i have not rearranged any letters. if you follow each odd letter across the line and just look for others with that same feature that make it pop out, you should find it easy-- well, as long as you're observant. i hope i've made myself clear. it's not always possible to know. very often i'll get my wife to see if it makes sense and provide suggestions just in case there was something that needed to be cleared up or elaborated on. yes, she's a tolerant and patient soul.
your loving host,

1. Bram Stoker
2. Mary Ann Shafer and Annie Barrows
3. Richard B. Wright
4. Alice Walker
5. Lionel Shriver
6. Aravind Adiga
7. Nick Bantock
8. Wilkie Collins
9. Douglas Coupland
10. Daniel Keyes


Stacy said...

I am going for the easy one...
#4 - The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Kate said...

I'm also going to answer an easy one:

#7 Nick Bantock: Griffin and Sabine

raidergirl3 said...

I read a bunch of epistolary novels this year, so I recognize the authors:
2. Mary Ann Shafer and Annie Barrows
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

after I wrote the title, I found it in the letter - it's the bolded letters

barefootheart said...

Another easy one, and has the appeal of being orderly, first on the list:
1) Bram Stoker, Dracula. (Capital letters)
As always, a very imaginative challenge.

gypsysmom said...

Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes (#10) is in the underlined letters.

I enjoy epistolary novels. This may be one of the first ones I read, sometime in highschool.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Ack! I'm having trouble telling fonts apart, so I am taking a stab at #9 being "The Gum Thief".

John Mutford said...

Book Psmith: That's right (lovely shade of purple I chose, didn't you think?)

Kate: Correct, and Canadian.

Raidergirl: Yes. I had to ramble a bit to make sure I got all those "p"s in there.

Barefootheart: Yes, and thank-you!

Gypsysmom: That's correct. I think the first one I read was the aforementioned Dracula. I have read the Keyes book too, though.

Barbara: A very good guess, considering you did pick a Coupland epistolary novel. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one I was looking for.

Thoughts of Joy said...

#5 We Need to Talk About Kevin (Lionel Shriver) - teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy letters.

I love epistolary fiction. Thanks for the fun.

Wanda said...

OW, MY EYES! Found the title first in the teeny tiny font...

#5 is 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' ~ Lionel Shriver

Wanda said...

Darn it! Where'd those thoughts of Joy come from? They wern't there a minute ago ...

Melwyk said...

#3 Richard Wright: Clara Callan (italics) Good quiz!

raidergirl3 said...

Can I answer another one now? It's been 5 days and I know a couple more, but I'll limit myself to one.

I do love epistolary fiction, and I didn't know that Clara Callen was one. I have it here to read and I think I'll start the 3rd Canadian Reading challenge in July with it.