Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Red Rover Red Rover Send Author Right Over, One Degree of Separation

For this week's Saturday Word Play, we look at some of Canada's best imports. Can you separate the author from their country of birth? To show you what I mean, let's look at one of our more popular exports. Born in Canada (Lachine, Quebec to be precise), it's Saul Bellow. Dropped into the word Canada, it could look like this:


except in yours, I'm not nice enough to bold any letters.

As always, feel free to do all ten at home, but only answer one in the comments section. That way, nine more people can play along.

1. runobiterdstamutneschs
2. ianndosihiranai
3. kemgnvayssanjia
4. ucanroilsthedistaeltdess
5. msirchiaelloandanatjkae
6. rionhindtonmiistray
7. uronibetrtewdskeringvidcoem
8. necthhearlersdellainndts
9. ralewibhaanogen
10. najalmohaopikicnsona


claire said...

#2 India, Anosh Irani

Kate said...

I like this game - I can actually answer some of them. I will answer the author that I have most recently read:

9. ralewibheanogen
Rawi Hage, Lebanon

(though shouldn't one of those "e"s be an "a"?)

barefootheart said...

#5. Michael Ondaatje, Sri Lanka

Barbara Bruederlin said...

#6 Rohinton Mistry, India!

Boo yay!

gypsysmom said...

#1 is Robert Munsch from the United States.

Stacy said...

#8 Charles de Lint - Netherlands

Wanda said...

#10. Nalo Hopkinson, Jamaica

I have 'The New Moon's Arms' on my future reads shelf...

raidergirl3 said...

#3 MG Vassanji from Kenya

John Mutford said...

Claire: Good job. Did you read his Song of Kahunsha? It's bleak, but quite good.

Kate: You're right. I seem to make one such mistake each week. I really need an editor.

Barefootheart: Not my favourite Canadian author by far, but yes, it's Ondaatje.

Barbara: I know you're a fan. Yes, correct.

Gypsysmom, Book Psmith, Wanda, and Raidergirl: All correct!

Kristi said...

#7 is United Kingdom, Robert W. Service!

Pretty cool -I like seeing your games, usually I am too late to play or they are too hard for me to dedicate lots of time to!!

claire said...

John.. No, I haven't. I'll look out for that. I've only read The Cripple and His Talismans. It's also bleak, but there's something about his writing. He's very intriguing, although he's not for everyone, that's for sure.

barefootheart said...

I've just read Ondaatje's The English Patient, which I quite enjoyed. I later saw the movie, and enjoyed it too, and found it interesting how the visual nature of film resulted in the same story being told with quite a different emphasis.