Thursday, June 18, 2009

And Now For A BookTube That's Completely Different

One of the authors visiting for the Northwords Writers Festival, that I won't mention by name lest it seem like I'm name dropping (hint: she's a poet from the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation), was teasing me for my lack of Monty Python knowledge. The problem is, I've actually watched a lot of Monty Python. But, for some reason, I just can't quote from it like some people. So, consider this post research...

Now I shall geek with the best of them!

Ni! Ni! Ni!


Unknown said...

Funny stuff. The first one reminded me of my first year teaching. I had to teach a science class, which I was very bad at. The students were reading from the textbook and one 6th grader misread the phrase "microscopic organisms." None of the other students noticed so I didn't correct her. But it was a very Monty Python moment.

Carrie K said...

What could that 6th grader have said? Hmmm.

Thanks for the clips!

Kate said...

I love Monty Python! And the Bookshop skit is one of my favourites of theirs (though the version I know is of John Cleese and someone else). Thank you for posting these :-)