Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Word Play- I Know Where You Lived

Apparently the real estate market is already showing signs of life again. Can I interest you in one of these houses?

I'll give you photo in which the letters for an author's name can be found. Find them and unscramble to tell me who lived there. And out of curiousity, tell me if you'd visited any author's houses (shown or otherwise), any you'd wish to visit, and if money was no obstacle, any below that you'd consider buying.

As always, feel free to do all 10 at home, but please answer one 1 in the comments. That way 9 more people can play along:










10. (And this one's going cheap...)


gypsysmom said...

I'm first and I'm going to do #1 which is Voltaire I believe.

I've visited Green Gables where L. M. Montgomery spent her childhood and I've gone to the building in Amsterdam where Anne Frank and her family were sequestered during World War II. Right next to where I am sitting is a picture my brother and sister-in-law sent me of James Lee Burke's home in Louisiana but I haven't seen it. I recommended his books to them when I found out they were in his area and they repaid the favour by taking me a picture.

raidergirl3 said...

#8 is Will Shakespeare.
I've been to Green Gables a few times, but I think that is it. I'd love to go to England and see Shakespeare's house.

Unknown said...

Number 2 is Ann Rice. Should number 3 have an F in it?

I've been to Mark Twain's boyhood home in Hannibal, Mo. It's very very small. That Aunt Polly could raise three children in a such a small house is a testament to her. Becky Thatcher's house is across the street and is much nicer.

I've also been to Haworth Parsonage, the Bronte's home. It's well worth the trip which can be done in a day if you're staying in York.

I regularly visit Jack London's ranch in Sonoma, about one hour from where I live. I can be a day trip from San Francisco and is also worth it. It's currently an excellent state part.

Finally, we saw Victor Hugo's Paris apartment two years ago. It's not one of the well travelled spots in Paris so it's a good chance to get away from the crowds.

I may be a bit obsessed with author's homes.

John Mutford said...

Gypsysmom: Correct! And since you've mentioned Green Gables (which, I too, have visited), I should also note that some authors I've researched had several, when you included their childhood homes, adult home, and others.

I'd love to see Anne Frank's as well.

Raidergirl: Yes, and that's the only one I chose my own picture for-- highly recommended.

CBJames: Right (but with an e), and #3 has an "F," it's just grey on grey. And wow, you should write a literary travel guide!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've been to Johan Peter Habel's house in Germany. And have driven by Pierre Berton's place.

Francesca Thomas said...

I thought Number 4 was Pierre berton;s house, but he does not have an S in his name.

Of there is a Grey F in number 3, then it has to be KAFKA.

John Mutford said...

Historia: Kafka is correct. Pretty modest little place, don't you think?

You're also correct that number 4 cannot be Pierre Berton. I think what you probably thought was a P is actually an F. If you click on the pictures, they get a little bigger and clearer.