Monday, November 09, 2009

Reader's Diary #542- Peter Behrens: Feel This

Since it's Remembrance Day this Wednesday, I purposely went looking for a Canadian short story that dealt with war. I needn't be surprised, nor should I complain, when the story I find is depressing.

Peter Behrens' story, "Feel This," is about a family dealing with the unexpected return of their son (and brother) from the second world war. He's also dying of cancer. Oh, and the father is an alcoholic.

I'm really not being fair. When I began the story last night, I thought it was very well written. But after I was halfway through, the power went out. I wasn't able to get to the rest until now, a day later, while I'm waiting for supper to cook.

I guess I'm not in the same head space. Last night I probably would have found the last scene, with two adult sisters cuddling, to be touching. Today I find the whole story morbid.

A better litblogger would at least pretend his review wasn't mood dependent.

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JoAnn said...

My reviews are all mood dependent, but this may have been tough going even in the best of them! It was a good idea to choose a war story this week though . Wednesday is Veteran's Day in the US, too. My story is T.C. Boyle's "I Dated Jane Austen".