Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Reader's Diary #546- The Good News Bible: Nehemiah

Keeping with the change to first person that was first introduced in the book of Ezra, Nehemiah is by and large the narrator of this book (though like the last book, it does change to the third on occasion, without warning.)

I like this difference in writing style. It personalizes the story a little, even if it doesn't exactly make me warm to the protagonist any more. Also like Ezra, Nehemiah comes across as xenophobic, and even worse, prays for the destruction of others. I'm all for praying for others, I can even tolerate praying for oneself, but praying against someone? That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

On a lighter note, as is my usual way of getting through the lists and lists of names, I was scanning to see which names still exist today. You don't see many Helkais or Athaiahs anymore, but I was surprised to find a Perez amongst them. I wonder if he was the guy who used a white marker to draw crude scenes on Esther's face?

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