Monday, December 28, 2009

The 2009 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology (BMSSSOA)

Instead of reviewing a short story today, I've decided to take a look back at the other short stories I've read throughout the year. These are the individual stories that I've read just about every Monday (missed a few while on vacation) and I've ranked them here from my favourite to my least favourite. They do not include short stories that I've read as part of book collections, but instead include stories that I've managed to find online, and best of all, for free. If you want to read any of them, follow the link to my review where you'll find links to the stories themselves. Have you read any of these?

1. Edgar Allan Poe- "The Tell-Tale Heart"
2. Elizabeth Tallent- "No One's a Mystery"
3. E.M. Forster- "The Machine Stops"
4. Ambrose Bierce- "An Occurrence at Oak Creek Bridge"
5. William Saroyan- "Seventy Thousand Assyrians"
6. George Gissing- "A Victim of Circumstance"
7. Graham Greene- "The Destructors"
8. Zsuzsi Gartner- "Summer of the Flesh Eater"
9. George Saunders- "Jon"
10. Stuart McLean- "Christmas at the Turlington's" (Audio story)
11. John Updike- "A & P"
12. Franz Kafka- "The Great Wall of China"
13. Lee Maracle- "Polka Partners, Uptown Indians and White Folks"
14. Ivan Coyote- "Vegas Wedding"
15. Lucy Maud Montgomery- "Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket"
16. Jack London- "To Build a Fire"
17. Elizabeth Gaskell- "The Old Nurse's Story"
18. Jessica Grant- "Humanesque"
19. Joyce Carol Oates- "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?"
20. Charles Brockden Brown- "Somnambulism"
21. Daniel Griffin- "Promise"
22. Rana Dasgupti- "A Delhi Story"
23. Nellie McClung- "The Way of the West"
24. Frank Stockton- "The Lady or The Tiger?"
25. Arthur Slade- "Gydian Fights His Greatest Foe"
26. Richard Dickson- "Let Him Dangle"
27. Lee Henderson- "Long Live Annie B"
28. Deborah Rochford-Kellerman- "Hanukkah Candles"
29. Peter Behrens- "Feel This"
30. Rhonda Dyke- "Texas Low"
31. Bruce Holland Rogers- "Deconstruction Work"
32. Roddy Doyle- "Sleep"
33. Jorges Luis Borges- "The Garden of Forking Paths"
34. Saki- "The Easter Egg"
35. Arthur Conan Doyle- "The Sealed Room"
36. F. Scott Fitzgerald- "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"
37. David Sedaris- "It's Catching"
38. P.G. Wodehouse- "Leave it to Jeeves"
39. Emile Zola- "The Fairy Amoureusse"
40. Kelly Link- "The Specialist Hat"
41. Boleslaw Prus- "A Legend of Old England"
42. Del James- "Without You"
43. Eudora Welty- "A Worn Path"
44. Don Delillo- "The Border of Fallen Bodies"
45. Sherwood Andersen- "I'm a Fool"
46. Gabriel Garcia Marquez- "Eva is Inside Her Cat"
47. Sophie King- "Who's Speaking Please?" (Audio story)


Sam said...

Well done, John. I really slipped in my short story reading this year (one collection and a handful of individual stories). I need to get back into short fiction before I lose the desire again like I did for several years.

Teddy Rose said...

You sure read a lot of short storys this year John. I hope to read more in 2010. I love your list!

I read Aunt Cyrilla's Christmas Basket:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I'm always amazed at how many short stories are available on the web. Neato!

John Mutford said...

Sam: Good to hear from you again. I know what you mean, I've sort of slid with my poetry reading this year and I'm hoping I'll get back into it.

Teddy: 3 more than last year, so I'm pleased. Looking forward to your LMM review.

Barbara: More classics are available online, but thanks to publications such as the Walrus and the New Yorker, some contemporary writers are available, too. Really, if any of these guys are also novelists, I'd think they'd push to have their short stories online. I, for one, am much more likely to buy their novels (or short story collections) if I'm impressed by their short story.

Melwyk said...

Great list, John. So much to read, I really must follow your example and join in on reading and reviewing more short stories this year. I've found some wonderful collections, but should remember that a story can also be read on its own!

Sandra said...

Unbelievably, I read only the Fitzgerald story from this list.
I really enjoyed short stories when young but since my thirties I have much preferred doorstoppers. You've inspired me to remember some very old favourites. I've just ordered Maugham's Rain and other South Seas Stories and will give you my thoughts on it when I've read it. Assuming you're still doing the short story feature and no one else has covered it of course. I'm actually excited now about reading Rain again-it's been about 30 years. That excitement is your fault. :)

JoAnn said...

Great list, John! The Tell-Tale Heart and The Old Nurse's Story were among my favorites of the 35 I reviewed this year.