Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Great Wednesday Compare #5- Miriam Toews VERSUS Jack Kerouac

The final winner of last week's Great Wednesday Compare (Miriam Toews Vs Marjane Satrapi, with a final score of 4-3 was Miriam Toews!

Looks like our first female graphic novelist in the Great Wednesday Compares didn't fare too well. Close, but alas, no cigar. I've only read the first Persepolis, but I must say I really enjoyed it. Although generally I like most books set in that part of the world, so it was an easy sell. I keep meaning to start a Middle East book challenge, but never get around to it-- would you be interested?

Did you see the movie? I haven't yet and I'd like to finish the sequel before I do as they combine the books for the movie.

Remember, vote simply by adding your comment below, base it on whatever merit you choose, voting does not end until Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. (Dec 15, 2009), and if you want your book to get more votes, feel free to promote them here or on your blog!

Who is better?


Nikki in Niagara said...

I have no desire whatsoever to read Kerouac! So I guess I'm back to Toews.

Kate said...

I too am back to voting for Toews.

I would be in for a Middle Eastern Challenge - I have read so many books from that part of the world, but am always game to discover more! I loved the Persepolis movie (as much as? more than? the book).

Isabella K said...

I'm sorry I missed last week's vote! I think Satrapi is brilliant. And the Persepolis movie is excellent too!

Nothing against Toews (I haven't read her), but this week my vote goes to Kerouac, for inspiring legions of hippies and infinite miles of roadtrips.

"Whither goest thou, America, in thy shining car at night?"

Anonymous said...

I have read a couple fantastic middle eastern books ...bring on the challenge!

Just found your site and can't stop reading , have added a dozen books to my amazon wishlist in just an hour!

Remi said...

Road novel versus road novel: The Flying Troutmans, while fun, will never compare to On The Road. No matter how much I've changed over the years, when I pick up On the Road I can still feel a little of that initial electric shock I felt as a teen when the world stretched out before me in a series of dusty highways and late night adventures.

I guess I still cast my lot in with the mad ones. Kerouac, for sure.

Loni said...

Miriam Toews, please.

Bybee said...

Dean Moriarty drives me nuts, but I gotta go with Kerouac. When I read On The Road, it makes me think of eating a really good cheeseburger at a roadside diner. And a side of fries.

claire said...

Jack Kerouac this time.

Pooker said...

Ooh, this one looks like it will be close. I'd better vote for my woman.
While I did enjoy On the Road (I read it just this year), I probably would have enjoyed it more when I was young and crazy...well, younger anyway. Despite having enjoyed it though, I have no desire to read anything more by Kerouac. Whereas, I've always looked forward to Toews's next thing.

Miriam Toews please.