Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday Word Play- Robert Service's Reindeer*

For this week's Saturday Word Play, we take a look at some of poet Robert W Service's title characters-- except I've replaced them with Santa's reindeers. Can you put the characters back where they belong? To help you along I've capitalized the letters that the reindeer has in common with the Service character.

Let's say for instance the title I gave you was "No Lilies for oLIvE" (assuming for a second that "Olive the Other Reindeer" was a famous reindeer) and in the list of characters names you saw Lisette. I've told you in caps that oLIvE has 3 letters in common (LIE). Through process of elimination you can rule out the other characters. Got it?

As always, feel free to do all 9 at home, but only answer 1 in the comment section. That way 8 more people can play along. (As an added bonus, you can click on the titles when you are done to see the correct answer and to read the original poem)

The Characters:
Private McPhee/ Sam McGee/ Jobson/ MacPherson/ Dan McGrew/ Mister Smith/ Sandy McGraw/ Marie Toro/ Dick

1. The Mystery of donnER
2. The Cremation of dAShEr
3. The Death of cOMET
4. BlitzeN of the Star
5. The Shooting of DANCER
6. The Haggis of RudolPH
7. Athabaska CupID
8. The Ballad of how PRANCEr Held the Floor
9. The Whistle of vixeN

(On an unrelated note, I didn't win Canadian Blog Award for Culture and Literature-- congrats to Praxis Theatre-- but thank-you for your votes. However, my ego will still remain in tact if you vote for me in the NWT Blog Awards (Best Themed Blog). Please note, you can vote only once for this one!)

*Note the importance of the apostrophe


Remi said...

One benefit of being up way too late is I get first chance to play. My knowledge of Service is limited mostly to McGee and McGrew so I'll go with 2. The Cremation of Sam McGee. Strange things are indeed done under the midnight sun. . .

Kate said...

And I'll take the other easy one!

#5: The Shooding of Dan McGrew

raidergirl3 said...

This is making me wish I had a Robert Service book and knew more than the famous McGee and McGrew,

6. The Haggis of Private McPhee

Isn't that intriguing sounding?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Okay I am stumped. You had a great run in the Canadian Blog awards, all the way to the top for the NWT ones!

John Mutford said...

Remi: I've read a "Best of" collection, but those are still, of course, the ones that stick with me.

Kate: Bingo.

Raidergirl: If you click on any of the poems above, you can read them. In fact, all of his poetry, since he's entered the public domain, is available online. And personally, I think the Haggis of Rudolph sounds more intriguing ;)

Barbara: Fingers crossed! Strong competition though.

gypsysmom said...

#3 is The Death of Marie Toro. It would almost be worth dying to get Robert Service to write a poem about one.

Merry Christmas John and good luck on the NWT Blog prize.