Monday, March 01, 2010

The Canadian Book Challenge 3- 8th Roundup

The 8th Roundup. February, the shortest month of the year, and with a 1000 distractions, I wonder how anyone found the time to read this month. I only knocked down two more Canadian books this month. Hopefully you fared a little better.

Before you start giving me your links. First let's talk about the month that was.

The Olympics: Athletically, Canada's best Olympics so far. We won more medals than any of the past Olympic games and more gold than anyone else ever in a Winter Games. And how about that hockey game yesterday? When the Americans scored with 24 seconds left, I thought I was having a stroke. I had just been saying to my wife how I thought Crosby was good, but overrated. Then he goes and scores the winning goal. Eating crow has never tasted as good. Hats off to Mr. Crosby. And to think, all this happened on home ice. I'm impressed. How about the cultural events? Did you happen to see Shane Koyczan's (formerly of Yellowknife) spoken poetry performance at the opening ceremonies? Like the rest of the Olympics, it wasn't without controversy. And speaking of the Olympics, remember the Olympians Prize Pack donated generously by Random House? You have two days to get your February links in. The one with the most books read and reviewed so far will win 4 books written by British Columbian authors (in the event of a tie, I'll draw a name). I'll notify the winner on Thursday.

Canada Also Reads: In case I haven't rammed it down your throats enough and you haven't read the National Post lately, I was picked to defend Steve Zipp's Yellowknife in the Canada Also Reads competition. Unlike Canada Reads, you will be able to vote for the winner. My written defense will appear in the paper sometime this week and hopefully I'll be able to participate in the live discussion on the 7th (I have some scheduling to work out as I'm flying out of the country that day). I'm assuming the discussion will be posted on their website but I haven't gotten those details yet. Anyway, when all is said and done, I hope you'll consider voting for Steve Zipp's book. Steve is a participant in the Canadian Book Challenge and I know many of you have read, and more importantly, enjoyed his book.

And that's it. Short roundup for a short month.

Remember, as you leave links to your February reviews, make sure to tell me your overall standing so far.

See you in April!


John Mutford said...

My February reviews:
20. The Cellist of Sarajevo by Steven Galloway
21. Beautiful Sadness by Lesley Choyce

Debbie Mutford's reviews:
6. The Bishop's Man- Linden MacIntyre
7. Raven, Stay By Me- Luise Van Keuren
8. The Book of Negroes- Lawrence Hill

pussreboots said...

I read a bunch but I haven't gotten the reviews written yet. I'll save them for March.

Teddy Rose said...

I bow my head in shame. I didn't read anything for the challenge in February.

It has been so crazy here today with the olympics. We live about 25 minutes from downtown Vancouver and we stayed home to watch the game today. We didn't want to be anywhere near downtown. When we won, you could hear everyone cheer in there living rooms and run outside to hug their neighbors. Too bad we could use all that energy to help the homeless.

No, I wasn't a protester. I was glued to the TV these few weeks like most, cheering on our team. I just wish we could a least get the small percentage of housing that was promised when we won the bid. It didn't take too long before they changed it to zero.

But yes, yeah Canada! We didn't completely "own the podium" but we got the most gold! And how about displaying all of our steriotypes in front of the world at the closing ceremonies. LOL!

´´Saray´´ said...

I joined very recently so for February I read *cough* just one...
´No Great Mischief´ by Alistair MacLeod.

I don´t know how to do hyperlinks when adding comments :S seriously need to check Blogger instructions.

Happy reading for March everyone!:)

August said...

February Reviews:

3. A Mixture of Frailties, by Robertson Davies

4. Generation X, by Douglas Coupland

5. Centruy, by Ray Smith

6. Fall On Your Knees, by Ann-Marie MacDonals

7. How Happy to Be, by Katrina Onstad

8. Nikolski, by Nicolas Dickner

9. Moody Food, by Ray Robertson

And my second review, which I posted in January, didn't get counted:

Leaven of Malice, by Robertson Davies.

That should bring my total, not including the one I just posted for March first, up to nine.

Corey said...

I added two reviews during the last month, did you get them?

Luanne said...

Two for me this month, bring my total to 14 and elevating me to a grain elevator!
Deloume Road by Matthew Hooton


The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning

Chrisbookarama said...

The hockey game was crazy!

Anyway I read 4 books this month. Wahoo!

Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail
I Never Liked You by Chester Brown
The New Moon's Arms by Nalo Hopkinson
Fish for Dinner by Paul O'Neill

That brings me to 10.

Kate said...

2 more for me, bringing my total to 15!

The Sweetest One of All by Jean Little and Marisol Sarrazin

Sailor Girl by Sheree-Lee Olson

Melwyk said...

Yes, that hockey game was crazy! I don't usually watch hockey but had to watch this one.

As for my February books, with the Olympics, a vacation and a work conference this month, I only got 1 book read. It was a classic:

Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso

Melwyk said...

Oh, ps -- that takes me up to 8 prairie reads in total.

Lahni said...

I read Girlfriend in a Coma which I didn't review and don't intend to (I had a baby right after reading it.)
I also read The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie which I reviewed here:

Corey said...

Another! 11!

The Players, by Margaret Sweatman.

Lahni said...

Oh and that brings my total to seven.

Pooker said...

Another glorious reading month for me. My partner's been away for a couple of weeks. So rather than do all the little domestic chores I planned to accomplish while he was away, I read instead. Well who wouldn't? I suppose I really should have taken down our Christmas tree. Oh well. Once again I read more than I reviewed but I did manage to slap down a few words on some of my previous months' reads. So I have eight to report for February, bringing my total to 28.

21. Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels
22. The Moon of Letting Go: and other stories by Richard Van Camp
23. Going to the Zoo by Laura Lush
24. Spirits of a Feather by Charles W. Shirriff
25. The Spirit Cabinet by Paul Quarrington
26. The Joining of Dingo Radish by Rob Harasymchuk
27. The Fearsome Particles by Trevor Cole
28. Road to Bliss by Joan Clark

B.Kienapple said...

My February reviews:
-The Mistress of Nothing
-Generation X
-Fall On Your Knees
-The Jade Peony
That's four so that brings my total up to 16!

Jacki said...

I am still trying to get through Erika Ritter's Dog by the Cradle :-P I took a break from her in early February to read and review Marsha Boulton's Wally World. I'm taking another break now, so I should have at least one review to post in March as well! (I would give up on Ritter, but there aren't that many books that fit my dog theme, and I splurged to buy the book as a newly-released hardback.)

Boulton's bring me up to 9, so I get to join the Dories. Yay!

I'm proud of our Canadian athletes, and the country for putting on such a fabulous party - it's not too often we celebrate ourselves. I managed to watch a few events on tv, and enjoyed the closing ceremony parade of Canadian cliches immensely. Where, however, were the igloos?

My Novel Thoughts said...

I just joined and read and reviewed four books for this challenge in February - bringing my total to four!

1. Good to a Fault - Maria Endicott
2. The Disappeared - Kim Echlin
3. The Jade Peony - Wayson Choy
4. Yellowknife - Steve Zipp

You can find my reviews here:
(I need to learn how to create links as well...)

Tara Lynne Franco said...

On vacation I was able to get a good jump on some more reading especially with the cold weather in Florida. An American woman at the pool thought it was strange that I read Canadian lit exclusively. I wondered silently why she was reading one of those formula fiction novels by an American author ... My February reviews are on my blog at TaraCANread
5. Generation X by Douglas Coupland
6. The Jade Peony by Wayson Choy

Steve said...

1. My 10th book is a political satire that was shortlisted for the 2008 Leacock Award for Humour, King John of Canada by Scott Gardiner.

2. Many thanks to all who helped my book make the Canada Also Reads shortlist by bombarding the Post with emails.

3. Yay, Sidney!

Steve said...

PS John's defence is up now, leading off Canada Also Reads. You can find it here. Succinct and engaging. Nicely done, John.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, it's been a while since I've updated... so... um... let's see. I think that since last updating, I've read & reviewed:

Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner and Wild Geese by Martha Ostenso

Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott and Hair Hat by Carrie Snyder

Jade Peony by Wayson Choy and Moody Food by Ray Robertson

Phew. So, 6 more!

Unknown said...

Happy March!
In January, I read and reviewed The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning. In February, I read and reviewed The Disappeared by Kim Echlin and The Bishop's Man by Linden MacIntyre. All were great reads.

Unknown said...

That brings my total to 16.

Lynn said...

My previous total was 4 so I'm now at 7. Thanks, John!

5. The End of the Alphabet by CS Richardson
6. Old City Hall by Robert Rotenberg
7. Red Snow by Michael Slade

raidergirl3 said...

I've read
20. Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner
19. Nellie Mcclung by charlotte Gray
18. Dead Cold by Louise Penny

oh, you're one ahead of me. (But I'm not competitive.)

Wanda said...

To quote Kim Bellefontaine from her book ABC of Canada, "Zed is for Zamboni" (let no one call me a thief!). Living on the East coast with the Olympics taking place on the West coast has had me dealing with some serious sleep deprevation issues. I did manage to get one review up before the games started,
the Origin of Species by Nino Ricci. That brings my total to 11.

Gavin said...

I read two books by Emily Carr, Klee Wyck and The Book of Small. Both can be found here.

Nikki in Niagara said...

Only 3 this month bringing me to 27, just missing out on a tie with Pooker (drat!) LOL

Defenders of the Scroll by Shiraz

Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life by Elizabeth MacLeod

A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee

Lesley said...

I managed to catch up a little in February, so here are my books from that month:

2) Mrs. Mike by Benedict and Nancy Freedman
3) Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill
4) My Famous Evening by Howard Norman

That brings my total to 4 books thus far.

Eva said...

I guess I forgot to list my 13th book, which I reviewed back in January, lol.

So, in order to officially complete the challenge, I submit:
13. The Girl in the Picture by Denise Chong.

Buried In Print said...

Aiming for Igloo-ness:
2. Ethel Wilson's The Innocent Traveller
3. Desmond Pacey's Ethel Wilson

In General Canlit:
Marina Endicott's Good to a Fault
Carrie Snyder's Hair Hat
Wayson Choy's The Jade Peony
Elizabeth Smart's Autobiographies
Katrina Onstad's How Happy to Be
Douglas Coupland's Generation X
Elizabeth Smart's Journals
Ray Robertson's Moody Food
Elizabeth Smart's By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept
Kim Echlin's Elizabeth Smart: A Fugue on Women and Creativity
Ray Smith's Century

Bybee said...

I'm pleased to be in snowshoes now and wrote about my progress during February:

(whispering) I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to do links in the comment section. I dub myself "Hoser".

Sandra said...

My books for this month, 7-10. And a review link for one I'd previously reported as read but not reviewed, #5.

5.Ticknor by Sheila Heti:

7.Random Passage by Bernice Morgan:

8.Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner:

9.Good To a Fault by Marina Endicott:

10.The Practice of Perfection by Mary Frances Coady:

That makes me an igloo. See you next month.

Corey said...


The Waterproof Bible, by Andrew Kaufman

Susan said...

ok, i'm late and far behind, but here are my reviews in the challenge so far:
3. Flashforward - Robert. J Sawyer:
4. Scaredy Squirrel - Melanie Watts:
5. Dreams Underfoot - Charles De Lint:
6. The Calling - Inger Ash Wolfe:

I've read two others, which I'm about to review so will add to March's total. Totals: 6 reviewed, 8 read, my best total ever!!!

Corey said...

13! I did it! Whoo!

The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag, by Alan Bradley