Friday, February 26, 2010

Reader's Diary #585- Jeff Smith: Bone 6, Old Man's Cave

Those of you who are sick of my Bone reviews will be happy to know that this book puts me past the halfway mark of the series. My kids and I are halfway through the 7th, I just bought the 8th (the 9th was out of stock), and we even have the prequel from the library. I'm pretty excited to finish the series. Truth be known, I've never finished any series. Harry Potter, the Gunslinger Series, Earth's Children, I've started each but have come up short.* But Bone might be it. Incidentally, at the Boneville Shop, you can buy the entire series in a single volume. On the plus side, it's a hell of a lot cheaper to buy it this way ($40), but on the negative side, it's the black and white version. I wonder if Scholastic has any plans to combine the colour version in a single volume.

Getting back to the story, there is a feeling that the end is in sight. On the one hand, the action is building up to a climax, but on the other hand more loose ends are being tied up and questions are being answered. On top of the stellar art work, fun and intriguing characters, and intricate plot, Smith has also managed to pace his tale superbly. Epic.

*Actually, I may have finished Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House books when I was a kid, but I can't say if that's definitely the case. I might count J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Ring Trilogy as well, but without having read The Hobbit, I don't really feel that I should.


Michael said...

I have read the whole series. It is AWESOME. I'm reading #9 for the fourth time. Well, really the series for the fourth time, but I'm reading #9 because I read 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, but I forgot #8 at my school. I'm still reading that one. But I'm reading #9 at my house. I was just showing it to my mom!

Oh, and the series is SO AWESOME. Except there's blood in it. Lots of blood. Especially when Briar comes and kils???

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Sometimes it's up to the kids to make us finish a series.

John Mutford said...

Michael: Did you read Rose, the prequel yet?

Barbara: I'm really only using them as an excuse.

Michael said...

Yes, I did read it. It was good. There was lots of Mim, if you know about her yet.

I have another series that I am reading now. It is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Did you ever read that one? Because I see that your whole blog is about books.