Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Word Play- Canada Also Reads Borrowed Letters

In anticipation of the National Post's Canada Also Reads, I bring you the latest Borrowed Letters game. I'll give you a few familiar titles, with one word missing. Fill in the words and use the letters to complete the title of a Canada Also Reads selection. For instance, if I gave you:

Cormac McCarthy: All the ------ Horses
She Silverstein: Where the ----walk Ends
CAR Selection Jocelyne Allen: -ou an- th- ---a---

You could work out that the two missing words are pretty and side, and you could plunk the letters into Jocelyne Allen's title to create You and the Pirates.

As always, feel free to do all ten and home but only answer one in the comment section. That way, nine others can have a chance to play along.

1. Farley Mowat: Never Cry ----
Stephen King: Duma ---
CAR Selection Steve Zipp: --l----ni-e

2. John Milton: Paradise ----
William Golding: Lord of the -----
Stephen King: The ---- Zone
Alistair Mcleod: The Lost ---- Gift of Blood
CAR Selection Cathy Marie Buchanan: -h- --y Th- -a--- -t-o- -----

3. David Chilton: The ------- Barber
Gabrielle Roy: The --- Flute
CAR Selection Mark Anthony Jarman: M- ----e P-----

4. Robert Munsch: Andrew's Loose -----
William Shakespeare: ----- and Juliet
Irene Nemirovsky: ----- Francaise
CAR Selection Jessica Grant: C---, ---- --------

5. Margaret Atwood: The ----- Assassin
Ayn Rand: ----- Shrugged
CAR Selection Terry Fallis: -es- ---- P----

6. Louis Sachar: -----
CAR Selection Leon Rooke: Th- -ast ---t

7. Mark Haddon: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the ----- Time
Gary Larson: --- Side
CAR Selection Stacey May Fowles: -e-- of F----i-g


raidergirl3 said...

1. Never Cry Wolf
Duma Key

Steve Zipp: Yellowknife

gypsysmom said...

#4 Andrew's Loose TOOTH
ROMEO and Juliet
SUITE Francaise


I actually had to work backwards for this one because I'm not familiar with much of Robert Munsch's work (the things I miss out on by not having children) and I did know what book Jessica Grant wrote that has been picked for CAR.

I'm planning on reading Come, Thou Tortoise for one of my book clubs but I haven't read any of the choices yet.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Louis Sachar - Holes
CAR: Leon Rooke - The Last Shot

Do you like how I took the easy one?

Kate said...

7. Mark Haddon: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the NIGHT Time

Gary Larson: FAR Side (does that count as a book?!)

CAR Selection Stacey May Fowles: FeAR of fIGHTiNg

Cathy Marie Buchanan said...


Paradise LOST
Lord of the FLIES
The DEAD Zone
The Lost SALT Gift of Blood


Is it cheating if I wrote the book?

Fun game. Thanks for posting.

John Mutford said...

Raidergirl: That's it!

Gypsysmom: I figured some of these would be worked backwards. Though I'm trying to think of other words that could have fit in the blanks. Andrew's Loose MORAL? Andrew's Loose AUNTY? ;)

Barbara: Next time, you'll be required to pick the most difficult.

Kate: I was going to put "The Complete --- Side" or some other such nonsense, but what would have been the point.

Cathy: Not cheating at all! Easier, perhaps, but not cheating.