Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Word Play- You Know More Japanese Than You Realize

Continuing my pre-scheduled posts while I'm away in Japan, hopefully not too lost or confused, here's a Japan inspired Saturday Word Play.

I'll tell you some titles written by Japanese authors or authors of Japanese descent. You need to tell me the author. To do so, you must first eliminate the Japanese words mixed up with the authors' names. I'll give you clues to help!

As always, feel free to do all ten at home but only answer one in the comment section. That way, nine more people can play along.

Rice wine/ popular martial art/ good-bye/ poem usually with 5-7-5 syllable count/ folded paper art/ cooked vinegar rice/ good afternoon/ thank-you very much/ Japanese style bedding/ suicidal pilot or divine wind/ singing to a recorded musical backing/ Japanese comics/ often masked warrior/ Japanese wrestling/ warrior often portrayed by John Belushi/ tidal wave/ type of horseradish/ robe/ sweet soya sauce marinade/ small cooking stove/ type of massage

1. Obasan- jokamikazey hibachikogorigamiawa
2. Kafka on the Shore- hasakeruki murateriyakikami
3. Akira- katsuhininjaro otokimonomo
4. Skim- karatemariko and mangajillian tamasumoki
5. Never Let Me Go- kazudomoarigatoo ishiwasabiguro
6. The Narrow Road to the Interior- shiatsubahaikusho
7. The Sacred Balance- samuraidavitsunamid susayonarazuki
8. Fullmetal Alchemist- hirokonnichiwamu arakafutonma
9. The Temple of the Golden Pavilion- karaokeyukio mishisushima
10. Snow Country- yasunari kawabata


Kate said...

I'll answer first and take the easy one!

#1 Obasan by Joy Kogawa

Removed words: kamikaze, hibachi, origami

raidergirl3 said...

thanks for leaving the easy one for second!

#5. Never Let Me Go- kazuo ishiguro

domo, arigato, wasabi

gypsysmom said...

Well, since the only two books on the list that I have read are gone already, I'll have to take the one that I have at least heard of - Kafka on the Shore. The author is Haruki Murakami which results when you remove sake (a rice wine) and teriyaki (sweet soya sauce marinade) from #2.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I actually know LESS Japanese than you realize. Too hard for me, kiddo.

Jodie Robson said...

I think that Narrow Road to the Interior is by Basho, removing shiatsu and haiku. I was a bit slow because the edition I know is called Narrow Road to the Far North - obviously a different translation.

´´Saray´´ said...

The Temple of the Golden Pavilion- Yukio Mishima (I removed two words: karaoke and something I totally adore, sushi :) ) and I take the opportunity to recommend everybody the movie (based on the novel by Yoko Ogawa) ´The Professor´s Beloved Equation´. It´s great.