Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Reader's Diary #599- Jeff Smith: Bone 9, The Crown of Horns

That's it, the last of Jeff Smith's Bone series... sort of. I'm half way through the prequel, so I won't feel totally done until then, but I've more than enjoyed the original 9.

For the most part, I thought the finale was well done. The action is intense, most loose ends are tied up, and I appreciated that at 212 pages, the longest of the 9 books, the publishers didn't split in half and try to drag it out into a tenth book.

I also think most characters had a chance to prove their worth in the final book, with the exception of two: Rock Jaw (the mountain lion) and Kingdok, the giant evil leader of the rat creatures. Rock Jaw seems to be brought back merely for the sake of bringing back a past player and basically does nothing. While Kingdok is-- and excuse the excessive nerdiness I'm about to unleash-- the Darth Maul of the whole series. He looks menacing enough and everyone seems to fear him, but he seems pretty easy to defeat. Earlier in the series he'd lost an arm. Later, a tongue. Speaking of tongues, how is it that Kingdok is able to talk again in the 9th book without a tongue? Did it magically grow back?

Then there's also the ending that I'm sure let down many fans. Trying not to spoil the plot entirely, I think Jeff Smith played it safe by not introducing an interspecies relationship between two characters in particular, even though we were all rooting for it.

But I don't always need to have things my way. This ain't Burger King. And I'm still quite satisfied. As were my kids, who, I maintain, were the reason I read this series in the first place and as a mature adult... ah, who am I kidding? I think I enjoyed it even more then they.


Corey said...

I loved this whole series, I devoured it. Just wonderful stuff. I'm not a huge fan of the prequel, but that's due more to the change in illustrator.

John Mutford said...

Corey: Then you're not likely to be surprised by upcoming review of Rose.

Michael said...

Dear John,

Yes, his tongue grew back. Probably the Lord of the Locusts helped him. He does that every book.

I really like that book a lot. It's my favourite of them all. But Rose, you find a lot about Mim. Now I mean a LOT. That book's almost all about Mim.

John Mutford said...

Michael: You're probably right. By the way, I think my favourite is number 8, or else one of the really early ones, like 1 or 2.