Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Word Play- Not Quite Antonyms

This week we're trying our hands at really bad, not quite antonyms, and authors whose last names are, by and large, compound words. Confused yet? Here's the deal: I'll give you a list of book titles and you have to find the author's last names below. However, instead of giving them to you directly, I've broken their last names apart into their composite words, and tried to come as close as possible to the opposite of those words. Granted, some don't have true opposites, but you'll find that the words I've chosen are often connected in a "one or the other" sort of pairing. For instance, if you saw the title Consolation, you'd look below to find "Greenfield," and tell me that the author is (Michael) Redhill. Red-Green, Hill-Field. Got it?

As always, feel free to do all ten at home but only answer one in the comment section. That way, 9 others will have a chance to play along.

Animal Farm/ Island of the Blue Dolphins/ The Other Side of the Bridge/ The Poisonwood Bible/ the Reckoning/ Alice in Wonderland/ Satanic Verses/ The Call of Cthulhu/ The Amber Spyglass/ The Outlander

1. Evedaughter
2. Legweak
3. Queenriddler
4. Crimedaughter
5. Dawdlelive
6. Truckrock
7. Hateart
8. Norsick
9. Pushwoman
10. X'Apple


Bybee said...

X'Apple = O'Dell: Island of the Blue Dolphins

raidergirl3 said...

Crimedaughter= Lawson who wrote The Other Side of the Bridge

that was cool

gypsysmom said...

#8 Norsick is Orwell as in the writer of Animal Farm.

Good puzzle.

Scribble A Day said...

Hateart as the opposite of Lovecraft, the author of Call of Cthulhu. Someone beat me to Lawson, whose two books I happen to have a t home now for a re-read. I do wish she'd write some more.

Lahni said...

3. The Poisonwood Bible by Kingsolver - Queenriddler

Melwyk said...

#6 Truckrock = Carroll for Alice in Wonderland.

Fun challenge!

(but why is my word verification "undead"? yikes)

John Mutford said...

Bybee: That'd be it.

Raidergirl: Yes, that's her. I still haven't gotten around to that book though, even though I quite enjoyed her first novel.

Gypsysmom: That's it, and thanks!

SeDress: That's it, though my wife insists that "art" is no where near an opposite of "craft." And, yes, I agree that Lawson is well overdue for another book.

Lahni: That's it.

Melwyk: That's it. And yes, the zombies are at it again.

Kate said...

Coming in late with this one, but I was offline for the long weekend...

#5 Dwadlelive = Rushdie (The Satanic Verses)

I'll echo the others - great game!