Sunday, May 16, 2010

Trivial Sunday- Prime Ministers, Prime Books

This week's trivia selection revolves around Canadian Prime Ministers.

Remember, feel free to answer all 11 at home, but only answer one in the comment section to allow 10 others a chance to play along.

1. Which author has been sending reading recommendations to Prime Minister Stephen Harper every two weeks since 2007?

2. Which writer was subsequently sued over his Secret Mulroney Tapes book?

3. Name the Prime Minister behind the memoirs Straight From the Heart and My Years as Prime Minister.

4. Which Prime Minister appeared as a panelist on CBC's very first Canada Reads program?

5. Which Prime Minister was the focus of John English's Shaughnessy Cohen Prize winning biography Just Watch Me, awarded in March of this year?

6. Who is the granddaughter of Prime Minister Lester Pearson and the author behind the novels Playing House and Believe Me?

7. Which author created the fictional Prime Minister Perry Pleaser?

8. Which Prime Minister is the title of a poem found in Dennis Lee's Alligator Pie collection?

9. Name the publishing company behind the "Leaders & Legacies" series; a series featuring our past Prime Ministers and their fictional adventures as 12 year olds. Their first book, by Roderick Benns, was about John Diefenbaker and entitled the Mystery of the Moonlight Murder.

10. Who was the author behind One John A. Too Many?

11. What was the now defunct publishing company behind the Canadian Prime Ministers: Warts and All YA series, that featured such titles as Sir Charles Tupper: The bully for any great cause by Johanna Bertin and Sir Robert Borden: The nitpicker who challenged an empire by Irene Ternier Gordon.


Kate said...

I think that the answer to #1 is Yann Martel, except that he started his project in 2007, not 1997. I wouldn't mind if someone wanted to send me a book every two weeks :-)

Anonymous said...

The answer to number 11 is Jackfruit Press. but don't go onto their web page - there seems to be a virus on it.
Johanna Bertin

raidergirl3 said...

I'll answer #3: Jean Chretien

John Mutford said...

Kate: You're absolutely right. I'd known it was 2007, too, as I kept thinking how it had been three years. And agreed, I'd rather Yann Martel send me a book every two weeks. Harper can afford his own. Here's your follow up question. True or False: One of Martel's recommendations was Life of Pi.

Johanna: I couldn't find any website for them anymore. Since you're the author of one of the books, I'll forgo the usual followup question for another, one that I don't know the answer to: Do you know what's happened to the company? I had assumed they'd gone out of business. They certainly don't appear to be very active anymore. Are they still operating?

Raidergirl: That's the guy. One title that's nauseatingly saccharine. Another that's too direct and bland. Follow-up question: Name another Canadian's Prime Minister's autobiography.

Kate said...

Off the top of my head, I didn't know that answer, so I went to the website! Scanning the list, I didn't see Life of Pi anywhere on it. It is quite an eclectic collection though.

John Mutford said...

Kate: You're right. Life of Pi wasn't a recommendation. However, What is Stephen Harper Reading? was.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What kind of bad Canadian am I? I knew #1 and that was it. tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

Hi John in Yellowknife,

Jackfruit Press has ceased to exist. On her LinkedIn page, owner has Jackfruit listed as a ''past'' thing and now moved on to something else. We (authors) weren't advised by Jackfruit they were going out of business.
Elle Andra-Warner (who also lived in Yellowknife a few years ago).

gypsysmom said...

I think the answer to #4 is Kim Campbell although her sojourn in the office was so short it is easy to forget her.

Teddy Rose said...

I believe 2. is Peter C. Newman
5 would be Pierre Elliott Trudeau
6 is Patricia Pearson
I think 7 is Mordecai Richler

John Mutford said...

Barbara: Canadians don't tsk. Skewer you with an subtly ironic barb perhaps, but not a tsk.

Andra-Warner: Thanks for the info, as unfortunate info as it is.

Gypsysmom: That's right. Followup: On which CBC tv show was she a panelist in later years?

Teddy: Those are all correct. Since it's a few days later and looks like they would have remained unanswered otherwise, it's okay, but remember you're to answer only one in the comment section. Follow-up to question #2: At the same time that Mulroney was suing Newman, Newman was also fighting off another man's lawyers-- whose?

Allison said...

I'm too late. The ones I knew have already been picked. This one was more difficult...I see how this is going be. ;)

gypsysmom said...

I think Kim was on Front Page Challenge with Pierre Berton and Betty Kennedy but I could be wrong. Maybe she was on Reach for the Top (LOL)?

John Mutford said...

Allison: Next time ;)

Gypsysmom: Not Front Page Challenge as far as I can find, but she was a panelist for Canada's Next Great Prime Minister. You can watch her here (with Mulroney, Martin, and Clark). However, Canada Reads wasn't her first gig with the CBC. At age 10, in the 50s, she was also a host of CBC's Junior Television Club.