Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Great Wednesday Compare #6- Bookmarks VERSUS Receipts, Photographs and Lottery Tickets

Okay, I'll explain the strange match-up in the post title in just a bit. But before we move onto the 6th installment of the The Great Wednesday compare, let's look back at the twists and turns of the 5th installment:

1. Back on November 4, 2009, Chuck Palahniuk left Douglas Adams standing with his thumb out somewhere just outside of Neptune (4-3), on the 11th he silenced Don Delillo (3-2)

2. Then on November 18, Palahniuk found out what happens when you talk about Fight Club and was KO'd by Canada's own, Miriam Toews (8-1). On the 25th Toews didn't care too much for Wayne Johnston love (6-3), and sent Marjane Satrapi packing on the 2nd of December.

3. But, on December 9th, in a pretty complicated unkindness Jack Kerouac beat Toews (5-4). He hit the road pretty quickly, however, losing to Allen Ginsberg (3-1) on the 17th. On Christmas Eve, Ginsberg was outhowled by Dennis Lee (4-1).

4. Then, on the 30th of December, Ann-Marie MacDonald deprived Lee of Alligator pie who promptly died (3-1), on the 6th of January, 2010 there was a random shooting of Bernice Morgan (6-2), Taps was played on a tin flute for Gabrielle Roy on the the 13th, and Carson McCullers was hunted down on the 20th (5-3).

5. Then on the 27th, falling on her knees and begging for mercy, MacDonald was denied by Joseph Boyden (6-4). Then on the 3rd of February, falling on his knees and begging for mercy, David Adams Richards was denied by Joseph Boyden (5-4).

6. The road, unfortunately, ended before a 3rd win, and Boyden was ousted by Laura Ingalls Wilder on the 10th (5-4). On the 17th, Sylvia Plath's usually sunny demeanor was destroyed by Wilder (5-2). And on her winning streak, on the 24th, Wilder returned Thomas Hardy to obscurity (not quite, 7-6), and DH Lawrence back to his lover on February 24th (5-4).

7. And then, on March 3rd, Wilder became homesick for the prairies and was offered a one way ticket back, courtesy of Margaret Wise Brown. Louisa May Alcott posed little threat on the 24th (5-2), Maurice Sendak was easily tamed on the 31st of March, and Cervantes was decapitated by a windmill on the 7th of April (okay, that was the worst one yet), 6-1. And then on the 14th, Brown was a stain on Philip Roth, beating him 3-2.

8. Finally, on April 21st, it was time to say goodnight (too easy), and Brown was defeated by Shel Silverstein (3-2).

9. But the sidewalk ended shortly for Silverstein, thanks to George Eliot (4-3, April 28), who subsequently went on a rampage, sending Joseph Conrad out to sea (6-3, May 5th), David Mitchell into the clouds (5-1, May 12th), Ursula K Le Guin into darkness (4-1, May 19th), and Guy Vanderhaeghe on his last crossing (5-1, May 26)

10. And finally, as in the GWC tradition, Eliot took on Robertson Davies last week, and once again, Davies shows he is the king, 4-0.

Now, where do we go from here. I'm taking a break from the authors again for a while and trying something a little different. Basically you'll just have to pick between 2 book/reading things. Sometimes those will relate to one another, and your choice will be easy. Other times, you might find yourself thinking they have absolutely nothing to do with one another and what the hell kind of hypothetical world would I live in to even have to choose? Look at the new Great Wednesday Compare logo above. One week you might be asked to choose between Coke and Pepsi, the subsequent weeks you might find yourself choosing between Coke and Apple Computers, or Coke and the Notorious B.I.G.. Ask which you could easier live without, then pick the other.

This week's pairing will last until June 15th, midnight. Vote by leaving a comment below.

Which is better?

Bookmarks OR Receipts, Photographs and Lottery Tickets*

*Basically makeshift bookmarks or household items commonly used as bookmarks


Kate said...

In the past, I have come down on both sides of this debate (boarding passes make great bookmarks!), but right now, I will have to vote for bookmarks, since that is what I am currently using (a very pretty one that my father brought back from Taiwan with pressed flowers on cardboard, laminated).

Jo-Ann said...

I use whatever is handy such as a library date due slip, business card or my personal fav, a post-it note.

Gavin said...

Oh, receipts, ticket stubs, scraps of paper and, along with Jo-Ann, post-it notes.

Isabella K said...

Bookmarks! But usually the free, promotional kind found lying around bookstores.

Loni said...

I agree with Kate. I've used both, but currently, I'm reading with bookmarks. All my bookmarks have been gifts.

August said...

photographs, receipts, etc.

I will lose a 'proper' bookmark in a matter of days, but for six years I used a polaroid of my girlfriend as a bookmark and never misplaced it once.

After we broke up I switched to using one of the spare invitations I'd saved from my university convocation (a piece of heavy paper about one and a half times the size of a standard business card), and it has served me well for more than five years.

Nikki in Niagara said...

I used to be a scraps of paper or whatever lay closest to hand for a bookmark person. But now I strictly buy Holy Cards specifically to use as bookmarks so I can pray every time before I read.

I'll vote for bookmarks.

gypsysmom said...

I vote for bookmarks. They're prettier and because quite a few that I have are gifts it reminds me of my bookloving friends. I have them at the end of my bookcase so they are always handy when I start to read a book. I have been known to use other things such as grocery checkout stubs, bus transfers, a random piece of paper but only if I start reading something away from home. That said, I would rather people use anything as a place marker rather than dogear the corner or (horrors) place the book face down on the page they finished reading.

Lahni said...

Currently, I'm using a ruler as my book I pick anything but an actual bookmark!

Teddy Rose said...

I like bookmarks but I usually use whatever is handy. Lately I haven't been using anything to keep my place because I use a Book Buddy that keeps the book open to the page I'm on.

Unknown said...

I am basically evil. I dog-ear the page. Keeping a damned piece of paper in my book seems to be a feat beyond my ability and I inevitably lose my place.
I absolutely hate when I lose my place and then become even more evil (no, no, it isn't very pretty) a dog-ear, I confess, is actually the lesser of two evils.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I use both methods. I have a very sturdy leather bookmark that I use for the primary book I am reading, and for any others currently on the go, I use concert tickets. Always have plenty of those!

raidergirl3 said...

I strive to use bookmarks, and I know I have a pile of nice ones, but half the time, the pile is not near me when I start a book, so then I use whatever is handy, often the library slip that was in the book. Here's something I've noticed though- whatever I start using for the bookmark, I'll use the whole way through - no changies.
I abstain, because I'm voting for both - I also hate to feel like I have to be compulsive about which I use.