Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Canadian Book Challenge 3- GRAND FINALE!

410 authors, 535 books, 680 reviews, 59 participants, 34 participants reaching the goal of 13 or more... it's been a great, productive challenge. For those keeping score, this round wasn't as productive as the 2nd (1137 reviews), but better than the 1st (415) and it gives us a combined total of 2226 Canadian book reviews for the Canadian Book Challenges. Way to go everybody!

A few more stats:
- The author with the most books reviewed was Charles de Lint with 9 different titles reviewed
- The most commonly reviewed book was Margaret Atwood's Year of the Flood, reviewed a whopping 12 times
- Not surprising, Atwood is also the author with the most overall reviews with 19

Some prizes to give away:

1. The Bannock Baker's Dozen (featuring one book from each province and territory-- more details here) goes to Nicola for reading and reviewing the most books! Congrats, Nicola!

2. The How Do I Love Poetry Prize? donated by Brick Books (more details here) goes to Matilda!

3. The Long and the Short of It Prize donated by Harper Collins (more details here) goes to Pooker! Congratulations.

Abbott, Elizabeth
- History of Marriage (Teena)
Adamson, Gil

- Help Me, Jacques Cousteau (Matilda)
- The Outlander (Kate, Kailana, Leya)
Aiken, Sean
- The One Week Job Project (Luanne)
Akiwenzie-Damm, Kateri (Editor)
- Without Reservation (John)
Alexis, Andre
- Asylum (Scrat)
Allan, Von
- the road to god knows... (Nicola)
Allen, Jocelyne
- You and the Pirates (John)
Anderson-Dargatz, Gail
- Turtle Valley (Tara, Scrat)
Arato, Rona
- Mrs. Kaputnik's Pool Hall and Matza Ball Emporium (Nicola)
Armstrong, Kelley
- The Awakening (Becky, Kailana)
- Bitten (Nathan, Pooker, Luanne, JK)
- Haunted (Kailana)
- Living With The Dead (Kailana)
- The Reckoning (Nicola, Nathan)
- The Summoning (Linda)
Armstrong, Sally
- The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor (Raidergirl)
Ash Wolfe, Inger
- The Calling (Susan)
Atwood, Margaret
- Alias Grace (Eva)
- Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda illustrated by Dusan Petricic (Chris)
- The Handmaid's Tale (Lahni)
- Moral Disorder (Pooker)
- Negotiating with the Dead (Buried in Print)
- Oryx and Crake (Nicola)
- Surfacing (Jules)
- Year of the Flood (Corey, JK, Kate, Nicola, Lahni, Scrat, Chris, Charlotte, Kailana, Remi, Gavin, B. Kienapple)
Aubert, Rosemary
- The Ferryman Will Be There (Gypsysmom)
Austen, Catherine
- Walking Backward (Becky)
Babiak, Todd
- The Garneau Block (Lynn)
Bacigalupi, Paolo
- Ship Breaker (Becky)
Bailey, Linda
- Stanley's Party illustrated by Bill Slavin (Jacki)
- Stanley's Wild Ride illustrated by Bill Slavin (Jacki)
Baillie, Martha
- the Incident Report (Raidergirl, Corey)
Barclay, Isabel
- O Canada (Nicola)
Barclay, Linwood
- Fear the Worst (Nicola, Luanne, Kerri, Teena, Mark)
- Never Look Away (Luanne, Nicola)
- No Time For Goodbye (Raidergirl)
- Too Close to Home (Kerri)
Bateman, Robert
- Vanishing Habitats with Nancy Kovacs (Nicola)
Beattie, Owen and John Geiger
- Frozen in Time: The Fate of The Franklin Expedition (Bybee)
Bemrose, John
- The Last Woman (Pooker, Sandra)
Benham, Leslie and Lois
- The Heroine of Long Point illustrated by Vernon Mould (Nicola)
Bergen, David
- Sitting Opposite My Brother (Pooker)
Berton, Pierre
- Just Add Water (Matilda)
Bezmozgis, David
- Natasha and Other Stories (Pooker)
Birdsell, Sandra
- The Two-Headed Calf (Pooker)
Bishop-Stall, Shaughnessy
- Ghosted (JK)
Bischoff, Theanna
- Cleavage (Melwyk)
Biscott, Lynn
- The Boomers Retire (Teena)
Blanchet, Pascal
- White Rapids (Gavin)
Bloomfield, Lori Ann
- The Last River Child (Chris, Luanne, Becky)
Blunt, Giles
- No Such Creature (Sandra, Mark)
Bociurkiw, Marusya
- The Children of Mary (Melwyk)
Borel, Kathryn
- Corked (B. Kienapple)
Boulton, Marsha
- Wally's World (Jacki)
Bowen, Gail
- Verdict in Blood (Gypsysmom)
Bowling, Tim
- The Paperboy's Winter (Wanda)
Boyden, Joseph
- Through Black Spruce (Patricia, Kerri, Raidergirl)
Bradley, Alan
- The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Nathan, Eva, Raidergirl, Lahni, Kerri, Lesley, Kate)
- The Weed that Strings the Hangman's Bag (Corey, Luanne, Chris, Kerri, Nicola, Nathan)
Brett, Brian
- Trauma Farm (Luanne)
Brown, Chester
- I Never Liked You (Chris)
- Louis Riel (Chris, Lesley)
Brunt, Stephen
- Fighting Ali (Teena)
- Searching for Bobby Orr (Raidergirl)
Buchanan, Cathy Marie
- The Day the Falls Stood Still (Nicola, Kailana, Kate, Lynn)
Buckworth, Kathy
- Shut Up and Eat (Teena)
Burns, Cliff
- The Reality Machine (Corey)
Butala, Sharon
- Lunaby (Melanie)
- The Perfection of the Morning (B. Kienapple)
Cameron, Christian
- Tyrant: Funeral Games (Claire)
Campbell, Maria
- People of the Buffalo (Heather, Teddy Rose)
Capponi, Pat
- Last Stop Sunnyside (Lynn)
Carpenter, David
- Niceman Cometh (Melanie)
Carr, Emily
- Klee Wyck (Gavin)
- The Book of Small (Gavin)
Castellucci, Cecil
- The PLAIN Janes (Lesley)
Catton, Eleanor
- The Rehearsal (Pooker)
Chercover, Sean
- Trigger City (Teena)
Chiasson, Hermenegilde
- Beatitudes (Matilda)
Childs, Thomas J.
- Bettina (Pooker)
Chong, Denise
- The Girl in the Picture (Eva)
Choy, Wayson
- All That Matters (Scrat)
- The Jade Peony (Scrat, Raidergirl, JK, B. Kienapple, MyNovelReviews, Tara, Charlotte, August, Leya)
- Not Yet (Ariel)
Choyce, Lesley
- Beautiful Sadness (John)
Christopher, Neil
- Stories of the Amautalik illustrated by Larry MacDougall (John)
Clark, Joan
- Road to Bliss (Pooker)
Clarke, George Elliot
- Whylah Falls (Steve)
Coady, Lynn
- Play the Monster Blind (Pooker)
- Saints of Big Harbour (Steve, Teena)
Coady, Mary Frances
- The Practice of Perfection (Sandra)
Colapinto, John
- As Nature Made Him (Kailana)
Cole, Trevor
- Fearsome Particles (Tara, Pooker)
Comeau, Joey
- One Bloody Thing After Another (Corey)
Connelly, Karen
- The Lizard Cage (Raidergirl)
Cooper, Afua
- Hanging of Angelique (Charlotte)
- My Name is Phillis Wheatley (Becky)
Cohen, Bruce and Brian Fitzgerald
- The Pension Puzzle (Teena)
Coren, Stanley
- The Intelligence of Dogs (Jacki)
- The Modern Dog (Jacki)
Coupland, Douglas
- Generation A (Corey, Remi, Chris, Lahni, Raidergirl)
- Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture (Pooker, August, B. Kienapple, Tara, Charlotte)
- Souvenir of Canada (Raidergirl)
Craig, Alisa
- Murder Goes Mumming (Gypsysmom)
Crewe, Lesley
- Ava Comes Home (Chris)
- Shoot Me (Teena)
Crosbie, Lynn
- Liar (Matilda)
Crummey, Michael
- Galore (John, Luanne, Kate, Rosalynn, Teddy Rose)
- River Thieves (Lesley)
Crymble, Lynn
- It Can Happen to You (Luanne, Lynn)
Cuthland, Beth
- The Little Duck- Sikihpsis illustrated by Mary Longman (Heather)
Czajkowski, Chris
- Lonesome: Memoirs of a Wilderness Dog (Jacki)
Davidge, Bud
- The Mummer's Song illustrated by Ian Wallace (Wanda)
Davidson, Andrew
- The Gargoyle (Scrat, Heather, Raidergirl)
Davies, Robertson
- Fifth Business (Raidergirl)
- Leaven of Malice (August)
- The Lyre of Orpheus (Steve, GeraniumCat)
- A Mixture of Frailties (August)
- Rebel Angels (Ariel, Steve, GeraniumCat)
- Tempest Tost (August)
- What's Bred in the Bone (GeraniumCat)
Dawson, David Laing
- Don't Look Down (Heather)
Defeede, Jeff
- The Day The World Came to Town (Eva)
Delany, Vicki
- In the Shadow of the Glacier (Leya)
De La Roche, Mazo
- Wakefield's Course (GeraniumCat)
- White Oaks of Jalna (Steve)
De Lint, Charles
- Dreams Underfoot (Susan)
- Drink Down the Moon (Susan)
- Forests of the Heart (Kailana)
- Jack the Giant Killer (Susan)
- Little (Grrl) Lost (Pussreboots)
- Memory and Dream (Eva)
- Muse and Reverie (Pussreboots)
- The Mystery of Grace (Pussreboots)
- Wild Wood (Pussreboots)
Delisle, Guy
- Pyongyang (Lesley)
Dey, Claudia
- Stunt (Pooker)
Dickison, Stephanie
- the 30 Second Commute (Joanne)
Dickner, Nicolas
- Nikolski translated by Lazer Lenderhendler (Buried in Print, JK, Sandra, August, Charlotte, Lynn, B.Kienapple)
Doctorow, Cory
- Eastern Standard Tribe (Claire)
- For the Win (Claire)
Dow, Lisa
- It Would Be Funny If...It Wasn't My Life (Kerri)
Drummond, Robbie Newton
- Arctic Circle Songs (John)
Echlin, Kim
- The Disappeared (Kate, MyNovelReviews, Scrat)
Edwards, Melissa
- The Geist Atlas of Canada (Claire)
Emery, Anne
- Barrington Street Blues (Lynn)
Enahoro, Carole
- Doing Dangerously Well (Luanne)
Endicott, Marina
- Good to a Fault (Scrat, Raidergirl, MyNovelReviews, Charlotte, Sandra, August, B. Kienapple, JK)
Evans, Polly
- Mad Dogs and an English Woman (Jacki)
Falcone, L.M.
- The Mysterious Mummer (John)
Farrow, John
- City of Ice (Gypsysmom)
Ferguson, Will
- Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw (Kerri)
Files, Gemma
- The Book of Tongues (Claire)
Finch, Robert
- The Iambics of Newfoundland (Kailana)
Findley, Timothy
- Not Wanted on the Voyage (Chris)
Fleming, Ann Marie
- The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam (Lesley)
Fletcher, Katherine
- Capital Walks (Nathan)
Fleury, Theo
- Playing with Fire with Kirstie McLellan Day (Kerri)
Fowles, Stacey May
- Fear of Fighting (August, JK)
- She's Shameless anthology co-edited with Megan Griffith-Greene (Teena)
Fraser, Ivan
- Peggy of the Cove (Wanda)
Freedman, Benedict and Mary Freedman
- Mrs. Mike (Lesley)
Gabriele, Lisa
- Tempting Fate DiNapoli (Leya)
Galchen, Rivka
- Atmospheric Disturbances (B. Kienapple, Ariel)
Galloway, Stephen
- The Cellist of Sarajevo (Ariel, John, Bybee, Jules, Lahni)
Gardiner, Scott
- King John of Canada (Steve)
Gay, Marie-Louise
- When Stella was Very, Very Small (Teddy Rose)
Gibb, Camilla
- Sweetness in the Belly (Kailana)
Gibson, William
- All Tomorrow's Parties (August)
- Count Zero (August)
- Idoru (August)
- Mona Lisa Overdrive (August)
- Neuromancer (August)
- Virtual Light (August)
Giles, W. Mark
- Knucklehead and Other Stories (Patricia)
Gilmour, David
- The Film Club (Pooker)
Gladwell, Malcolm
- Blink (Mark)
- Outliers (Mark)
- The Tipping Point (Mark)
Glenn, Joshua and Mark Kingwell
- The Idler's Glossary (Rosalynn)
Glover, Douglas
- Elle (Matilda)
Goldstein, Jonathan
- Ladies and Gentlemen The Bible! (Ariel, Corey)
Gough, Laurence
- Heartbreaker (Gypsysmom)
Govani, Shinan
- Boldface Names (B. Kienapple)
Gowdy, Barbara
- Falling Angels (My Novel Reviews)
Grant, Jessica
- Come, Thou Tortoise (Scrat, Corey, John, JK)
Gray, Charlotte
- Nellie McClung (Raidergirl)
Greenwood, Barbara
- Gold Rush Fever (Nicola)
- The Last Safe House (Nicola)
- A Pioneer Story (Nicola)
- A Pioneer Thanksgiving (Nicola)
- A Pioneer Christmas (Nicola)
Greer, Darren
- Still Life With June (B. Kienapple)
Grescoe, Taras
- The Devil's Picnic (Eva)
Grissom, Kathleen
- The Kitchen House (Luanne)
Gruen, Sara
- Water for Elephants (Patricia)
Gunn, Carla
- Amphibian (Corey, JK)
Harasymchuk, Rob
- The Joining of Dingo Radish (Pooker)
Harvey, Kenneth J.
- Blackstrap Hawco (John)
Haworth-Attard, Barbara
- Haunted (Nicola)
Hay, Elizabeth
- Late Nights on Air (Geranium Cat, Wanda)
- A Student of Weather (Gavin)
Heidbreder, Robert
- Drumheller Dinosaur Dance illustrated by Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo (John)
Helm, Michael
- In the Place of Last Things (Rosalynn)
Hendley, Nate
- Toronto Book of Everything (Teena)
Heti, Sheila
- Ticknor (Sandra)
Heuer, Karsten
- Being Caribou (Kerri)
Hicks, Faith Erin
- The War at Ellsmere (Nicola)
Highway, Tomson
- The Rez Sisters (Eva, Susan)
- Fox on the Ice (Teddy Rose)
- Dragonfly Kites (Teddy Rose)
- Caribou Song (Teddy Rose)
Hill, Lawrence
- The Book of Negroes (Lahni, Ariel, John, Eva, Lesley, Debbie, Raidergirl)
Hitzer, Rolf
- Hoodoo Sea (Nicola, Gautami)
Hobbs, Will
- Jason's Gold (Nicola)
Hollingshead, Greg
- The Healer (Scrat)
Hooton, Matthew
- Deloume Road (Luanne, Raidergirl)
Hopkinson, Nalo
- The New Moon's Arms (Chris)
Horvath, Polly
- My One Hundred Adventures (Pussreboots)
Humphreys, Helen
- the Lost Garden (Geranium Cat, Kailana)
- The Frozen Thames (Heather)
Hyde, Anthony
- The Red Fox (Susan)
Ilsley, George K
- ManBug (Corey)
Itani, Frances
- Leaning, Leaning Over Water (Pooker)
- Remembering the Bones (Nathan, Lesley, Raidergirl)
Jameson, Anna Brownell
- Winter Studies and Summer Ramblings (Susan)
Janes, Percy
- House of Hate (Steve)
Jarman, Mark Antony
- 19 Knives (Pooker)
- Salvage King, Ya! (Steve)
Jarratt, Melynda
- War Brides (Kailana)
Jewison, Cathy
- The Ugly Truck and Dog Contest and Other Stories (John)
Jocelyn, Marthe
- Would You (Lahni, Joanne)
Joel, Mitch
- Six Pixels of Separation (Mark)
Johnson, P.J.
- Rhymes of the Raven Lady (John)
Johnston, Basil
- By Canoe & Moccasin (Heather)
- Crazy Dave (Heather)
Johnston, Wayne
- Human Amusements (My Novel Reviews)
Jones, Amy
- What Boys Like & Other Stories (Pooker)
Joyce, Ron
- Always Fresh (Teena)
Jumbo, Sheyenne and Mindy Willett
- Come and Learn With Me photography by Tessa Macintosh (John)
Kaslik, Ibi
- Skinny (Kerri)
Kaufman, Andrew
- All My Friends Are Superheroes (Remi)
- The Waterproof Bible (Corey, Scrat, Clair)
Kelly, Michael (editor)
- Apparitions (Mark)
Kelly, Michael and Carol Weeks
- Ouroboros (Mark)
Kennedy, Ellen
- Silent Watch (Linda)
Kenyon, Michael
- The Beautiful Children (John)
Kidd, Monica
- Beatrice (Pooker)
Kimber, Stephen
- Sailors, Slackers, and Blind Pigs (Teena)
King, Thomas
- Green Grass Running Water (Eva, Rosalynn)
Kirkby, Mary-Ann
- I Am Hutterite (Patricia)
Klassen, Sarah
- Simone Weil, Songs of Hunger and Love (John)
Knowles, Mike
- Darwin's Nightmare (Corey)
Kogawa, Joy
- Obasan (Eva)
Kusugak, Michael
- The Littlest Sled Dog illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Debbie)
Lake, Nick
- The Secret Ministry of Frost (GeraniumCat)
Lam, Vincent
- Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures (Barbara, Leya)
Lane, Dawn Beaumont
- Fairy Glade (Pussreboots)
Lane, Patrick
- Red Dog Red Dog (Ariel, Kerri)
Lansens, Lori
- The Wife's Tale (Nathan, Luanne, Kate, Pooker, Lesley)
Lau, Evelyn
- Runaway (Debbie)
Laurence, Margaret
- A Bird in the House (Gautami)
- The Diviners (Remi)
Lawless, Kathleen
- Wicked Night Games (Heather)
Lawson, Hope
- Mercury (Chris)
Lawson, JonArno
- Think Again (Matilda)
Lawson, Mary
- Crow Lake (Patricia)
Leacock, Stephen
- Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town (Steve)
Lee, Dennis
- Alligator Stew: Favourite Poems (Nicola)
Lee, Y.S.
- A Spy in the House (Nicola)
Lemire, Jeff
- The Country Nurse (Wanda, John)
- The Nobody (John)
- Tales from the Farm (John, Debbie, Wanda)
- Ghost Stories (Wanda, John)
Leslie, Mark (editor)
- Campus Chills (Mark)
- North of Infinity II (Nathan)
Lester, David
- The Gruesome Acts of Capitalism (Debbie)
Little, Jean
- Exiles from the War (Nicola)
- The Sweetest One of All illustrated by Marisol Sarrazin (Kate)
Livesay, Dorothy
- Journey With My Selves (Buried in Print)
London, Jack
- Call of the Wild (Jacki)
Lotz, Jim
- Killing in Kluane (Gypsysmom)
Ludwig, Sidura
- Holding My Breath (Melanie)
Lunn, Janet
- Larger Than Life (Nicola)
Lush, Laura
- Going to the Zoo (Pooker)
Lyon, Annabel
- The Golden Mean (Kate, Gavin)
- Oxygen (My Novel Reviews)
MacDonald, Ann-Marie
- Fall on Your Knees (Sandra, JK, August, B. Kienapple)
MacGregor, Roy
- The Dog and I (Jacki)
MacIntyre, Linden
- The Bishop's Man (Raidergirl, Kate, Debbie, Scrat)
MacLean, Stuart
- Vinyl Cafe Diaries (Raidergirl)
MacLennan, Hugh
- The Watch That Ends The Night (Remi)
Macleod, Alison
- Wave Theory of Angels (Ariel)
MacLeod, Alistair
- No Great Mischief (Saray)
MacLeod, Elizabeth
- Alexander Graham Bell: An Inventive Life (Nicola)
- Helen Keller: A Determined Life (Nicola)
Macnab, Sophia
- The Diary of Sophia Macnab (Nicola)
MacPherson, Andrea
- Beyond the Blue (Leya)
Maffini, Mary Jane
- Death Loves a Messy Desk (Nathan)
Maharaj, Rabindranth
- The Amazing Absorbing Boy (Corey)
Major, Kevin
- Ann and Seamus (Wanda)
Malone, Stephens Gerard
- I Still Have A Suitcase in Berlin (Wanda)
- Miss Elva (Scrat)
Mandel, Emily St. John
- Last Night in Montreal (Mark)
Martel, Yann
- Beatrice & Virgil (Kate, Corey, Lahni)
- Life of Pi (Jules)
Mayor, Chandra
- Cherry (Pooker)
McAdam, Colin
- Fall (Kate)
McAlpine, Mary
- The Other Side of Silence: a Life of Ethel Wilson (BuriedInPrint)
McEnzie, Catherine
- Spin (Luanne, Lynn)
McEnzie, Grant
- Switch (Nicola, Teena, Mark)
McKay, Ami
- The Birth House (Steve)
McLeod, Tom and Mindy Willett
- The Delta is My Home (Heather)
McNaughton, Janet
- Dragon Seer (Heather)
Mercer, Jeremy
- Time Was Soft There (Lesley)
Metcalf, John
- Shooting the Stars (Pooker)
Michaels, Anne
- Fugitive Pieces (Pooker)
- the Winter Vault (Scrat, Kate)
Millar, Margaret
- How Like and Angel (Heather)
Mitchell, Shandi
- Under This Unbroken Sky (Melanie, B. Kienapple)
Mitchell, W.O.
- Jake and The Kid (Corey)
Montgomery, L. M.
- Anne of Green Gables (Chris, Nathan)
- The Blue Castle (Lynn)
- The Blythes are Quoted (Charlotte)
- Kilmeny of the Orchard (Becky)
- A Tangled Web (Gypsysmom)
Moore, Jeffrey
- The Memory Artists (Kerri)
Moore, Linda
- Foul Deeds (Gypsysmom, Teena)
Moore, Lisa
- February (Heather, Remi, Matilda)
Moore, Marsha
- 24 Hours London (Luanne)
Morgan, Anna and Dr. Rachel Turkienicz
- My (Worse) Best Sleepover Party (Heather)
Morgan, Bernice
- Random Passage (Sandra)
Morrissey, Donna
- What They Wanted (Barbara)
Morton, Alexandra
- In The Company of Whales (Gavin)
Moss, John
- Still Waters (Geranium Cat)
Mowat, Farley
- The Dog Who Wouldn't Be (Jacki, Geranium Cat)
- Grey Seas Under (Pussreboots)
- Never Cry Wolf (Geranium Cat)
Munday, Evan
- Quarter Life Crisis (B. Kienapple)
Munce, Alayna
- When I Was Young and In My Prime (Remi)
Munro, Alice
- Too Much Happiness (Kate, Rosalynn)
- The View from Castle Rock (Raidergirl, 3M)
Munroe, Jim
- Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask (Pooker)
Munsch, Robert
- From Far Away with Saoussan Askar and illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Teddy Rose)
- The Paperbag Princess illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Teddy Rose, Bybee)
- The Sand Castle Contest illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Lesley)
- Stephanie's Ponytail illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Teddy Rose)
- Where is Gah-Ning? illustrated by Helene Desputeaux (Teddy Rose)
Murphy, Dennis Richard
- Darkness at the Stroke of Noon (Gypsysmom)
Murray, Anne
- All of Me (Teena)
Nadir, Leilah
- The Orange Trees of Baghdad (Kate)
Narsimhan, Mahtab
- The Silver Anklet (Nicola)
Newfeld, Frank
- Drawing on Type (Charlotte)
Nielsen, Susin
- Word Nerd (JK)
Norman, Howard
- The Bird Artist (Gypsysmom, Steve)
- My Famous Evening (Lesley)
- The Northern Lights (Steve)
North, Dick
- The Lost Patrol (John)
North, Suzanne
- Seeing is Deceiving (Gypsysmom)
Novik, Mary
- Conceit (Sandra)
Obamsawim, Diane
- Kaspar (Chris)
Ohi, Ruth
- Chicken, Pig, Cow on the Move (Teddy Rose)
Olson, Sheree-Lee
- Sailor Girl (Kate)
O'Malley, Bryan Lee
- Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Joanne)
- Scott Pilgrim vs The World (Joanne)
- Scott Pilgrim & Infinite Sadness (Joanne)
- Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together (Joanne)
- Scott Pilgrim vs The Universe (Joanne)
Ondaatje, Michael
- Divisadero (Bybee)
O'Neill, Heather
- Lullabies for Little Criminals (Heather)
O'Neill, Paul
- Fish For Dinner (Chris)
Onstad, Katrina
- How Happy to be (August, Charlotte)
Oppel, Kenneth
- Airborn (Lahni, Charlotte)
- A Bad Case of Ghosts (Nicola)
- A Crazy Case of Robots (Nicola)
- Skybreaker (Lahni)
- A Strange Case of Magic (Nicola)
O'Reilly, Terry
- The Age of Persuasion with Mike Tennant (Barbara, Raidergirl)
Ostenso, Martha
- Wild Geese (Melwyk, Charlotte, August)
Pacey, Desmond
- Ethel Wilson (BuriedInPrint)
Page, Kathy
- The Find (GeraniumCat)
Patterson, Kevin
- Consumption (Wanda)
Pattison, Brad
- Synergy and Training Between Man and Dog (Jacki)
- Unleashed (Jacki)
Peacock, Shane
- Death in the Air (Nicola)
- Vanishing Girl (Nicola)
Pearson, Patricia
- A Brief History of Anxiety (Clairification)
Pelley, Chad
- Away From Everywhere (Wanda, Corey)
Penny, Louise
- The Brutal Telling (Gautami, Leya)
- The Cruellest Month (Raidergirl)
- Dead Cold (Raidergirl)
- The Murder Stone (Leya)
- Still Life (Raidergirl, Gavin, Eva)
Phelan, Susan
- The Cure (Heather)
Phillips, Edward O.
- Queen's Court (Lynn)
Pitt, Stephen
- My Life and Other Lies (Heather)
Pohl-Weary, Emily
- A Girl Like Sugar (Teena)
Poliquin, Daniel
- A Secret Between Us (Ariel)
Powning, Beth
- The Sea Captain's Wife (Scrat, Luanne, Chris)
Preston, Allison
- Cherry Bites (Gypsysmom)
Pullinger, Kate
- Mistress of Nothing (B. Kienapple, Kate)
Pynn, Susan
- The Colours of My Home illustrated by Nancy Keating (Wanda)
Pyper, Andrew
- The Wildfire Season (Wanda)
Quarrington, Paul
- Galveston (Kerri)
- The Spirit Cabinet (Pooker)
Raddall, Thomas H.
- Halifax: Warden of the North (Steve)
- The Nymph and the Lamp (B. Kienapple)
Rayner, Mark A.
- Marvellous Hairy (Corey)
Redekop, Corey
- Shelf Monkey (Scrat)
Redhill, Michael
- Consolation (Remi)
Rees, Kent Allan
- Molly Withers and the Golden Tree (Jules)
Reid, Mark
- 100 Photos That Changed Canada (Teena)
Reichs, Kathy
- 206 Bones (Kate)
- Bones to Ashes (Susan)
Remington, Robert and Sherri Zickefoose
- Runaway Devil (Debbie)
Ricci, Nino
- Origin of the Species (Wanda)
Richardson, Bill
- Oddball @ Large (Pooker)
Richardson, C.S.
- The End of the Alphabet (Jules, Lynn)
Richardson, Evelyn
- We Keep a Light (Steve, Teena)
Richler, Mordecai
- Barney's Version (Remi)
- Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang (Mark)
Ritter, Erika
- The Dog Beside the Table, the Serpent Beneath (Jacki)
- The Secret Life of Humans (Jacki)
Robertson, Ray
- Moody Food (August, Charlotte)
- What Happened Later (Matilda)
Robinson, Eden
- Bloodsport (Heather)
Robinson, Peter
- The Penguin Book of Short Stories Vol. II editor (Luanne)
- The Price of Love and Other Stories (Luanne)
Rooke, Leon
- The Last Shot (Steve)
Ross, Sinclair
- As For Me and My House (Melwyk)
Rotenberg, Robert
- Old City Hall (Lynn)
Rothman, Claire Holden
- The Heart Specialist (Ariel, Linda)
Rubin, Jeff
- Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller (August)
Salamon, Daria
- the Prairie Bridesmaid (Pooker)
Sandham, James
- The Entropy of Aaron Rosclatt (Sandra)
Sawler, Harvey
- Last Canadian Beer: The Moosehead Story (Mark)
Sawyer, Robert J.
- Flashforward (Susan)
- Wake (Nathan)
- Watch (Nathan, Mark)
Schnitzer, Deborah
- An Unexpected Break in the Weather (Pooker)
Schoemperlen, Dianne
- At a Loss for Words (Matilda)
Schroeder, Karl
- The Sunless Countries (Pussreboots)
- Sun of Suns (Pussreboots)
Schultz, Emily
- Heaven is Small (Heather, Corey, JK)
Seymour, David
- Inter Alia (John)
Shatner, William
- Up Till Now (Nicola)
Shields, Carol
- Unless (3M)
- Defenders of the Scroll (Nicola)
Shrier, Howard
- Buffalo Jump (Teena)
- High Chicago (Teena)
Shirriff, Charles W.
- Spirits of a Feather (Pooker)
Shubin, Neil
- Your Inner Fish (Pussreboots)
Simpson, Anne
- Falling (Raidergirl)
Singh, Jaspreet
- Chef (Gavin)
Sinnett, Mark
- The Carnivore (B. Kienapple)
Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk
- Stolen Child (Nicola)
Slade, Arthur
- The Hunchback Assignments (Kailana, Nicola)
Slade, Michael
- Red Snow (Luanne, Lynn, Mark)
Smith, Ray
- Century (August)
Smith, Russell
- Girl Crazy (Remi, Kate)
- Muriella Pent (Rosalynn)
Snopek, Roxanne Willems
- Great Dog Stories (Jacki)
Snyder, Carrie
- Hair Hat (Charlotte, August)
Spires, Ashley
- Binky the Space Cat (Nicola)
Stanger-Ross, Ilana
- Sima's Undergarments for Women (Teena)
Stegner, Wallace
- Wolf Willow (Pussreboots)
Steltzer, Ulli
- The Spirit of Haida Gwaii (John)
Stephens, Jay
- Monsters! Draw Your Own Mutants, Freaks & Creeps (Pussreboots)
Stouck, David
- Ethel Wilson: A Critical Biography (BuriedInPrint)
Strube, Cordelia
- Lemon (B. Kienapple, Pooker)
Sweatman, Margaret
- The Players (Corey)
Szumigalski, Anne
- When Earth Leaps Up (John)
Tamaki, Mariko
- Skim illustrated by Jillian Tamaki(Pussreboots, Eva, John)
Tardif, Cheryl Kaye
- The River (Gypsysmom)
Taylor, Drew Hayden
- Motorcycles & Sweetgrass (Luanne, Raidergirl)
Theis, Leona
- The Art of Salvage (Melanie)
Thomas, Joan
- Reading by Lightning (B. Kienapple, Pooker, Gavin)
Tibbo, Gilles
- Where's My Hockey Sweater? illustrated by Bruno St-Aubin (John)
Toews, Miriam
- A Boy of Good Breeding (Bybee)
- a complicated kindness (Kerri)
- The Flying Troutmans (Rosalynn, Scrat, Nicola, Wanda)
Torres, J.
- Allison Dare: Little Miss Adventures illustrated by J. Bone (Nicola)
Towell, Ann
- Grease Town (Teddy, Nicola)
Trail, Gayla
- Grow Great Grub (Chris)
Tremblay, Michel
- The Fat Woman Next Door is Pregnant (Tanabata)
- Therese and Pierrette and the Little Hanging Angel (Charlotte)
Trofimuk, Thomas
- Waiting for Columbus (Luanne, Lynn)
Turner, Max
- Night Runner (Becky, Heather)
Urquhart, Jane
- L.M. Montgomery (Buried in Print)
Van Camp, Richard
- The Moon of Letting Go and other stories (Pooker)
Vanier, Jean
- Our Life Together (Kate)
Van Keuren, Luise
- Raven, Stay By Me (Debbie)
Van Rooy, Michael
- An Ordinary Decent Criminal (Teena)
Vassanji, M.G.
- The Book of Secrets (Gavin, Kate)
Viswanathan, Padma
- The Toss of a Lemon (B. Kienapple)
Von Kampen, Bettina
- Blue Becomes You (Melanie)
Vreeland, Susan
- The Forest Lover (Eva)
Wake, Val
- White Bird Black Bird (John)
Wales, Dirk
- Jack London's Dog (John)
Wallace, Frederick William
- Blue Water (Steve)
Walton, Jo
- Farthing (Clair)
- Half a Crown (Clair)
- Ha' Penny (Clair)
- Tooth and Claw (Susan)
Warren, Dianne
- Cool Water (Luanne, Melwyk)
- A Reckless Moon (Melwyk)
Wasserman, Bryna
- The Naked Island (Scrat)
Watts, Irene N.
- Good-Bye Marianne illustrated by Kathryn E. Shoemaker (Wanda)
Watt, Melanie
- Chester (Susan)
- Scaredy Squirrel (Susan)
Watts, Peter
- Blindsight (Clair)
West, Michelle
- City of Night (Heather)
- The Hidden City (Heather)
- Hunter's Oath (Charlotte)
Wheeler, Jordan and Dennis Jackson
- Christmas at Wapos Bay (Heather)
Whittal, Zoe
- Holding Still for as Long as Possible (B. Kienapple, Remi)
Wiersema, Robert J
- Before I Wake (Claire
- The World More Full of Weeping (Gavin, Lynn, Claire, Nathan)
Willis, Deborah
- Vanishing & Other Stories (Pooker)
Wills, Gabriele
- The Summer Before the Storm (Teddy)
Wilson, Ethel
- The Equations of Love (BuriedInPrint)
- The Innocent Traveler (BuriedInPrint)
- Love and Salt Water (BuriedInPrint)
- Mrs. Golightly and Other Stories (BuriedInPrint)
- Stories, Essays and Letters edited by David Stouck (BuriedInPrint)
- Swamp Angel (BuriedInPrint)
Windley, Carol
- Home Schooling (Pooker)
Winter, Michael
- All This Happened (Remi)
With, Cathleen
- Having Faith in the Polar Girls' Prison (John)
Wolfe, Inger Ash
- The Calling (Nicola)
- The Taken (Luanne, Nicola)
Wright, L.W.
- Prized Possessions (Susan)
Wright, Richard B
- Clara Callan (Raidergirl)
- October (Jules)
Young, Terence
- Rhymes With Useless (Pooker)
Zelinski, Ernie J.
- How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free (Teena)
Zipp, Steve
- Yellowknife (Gavin, Kerri, Luanne, MyNovelReviews, Kate)

Special thanks to the following companies and individuals for their support in making the 3rd Canadian Book Challenge possible, through donations, promotion, and more: Random House, Brick Books, Chris@Bookarama, Val Wake, Theresa Kishkan, the National Post, the Yellowknifer, Johnna Abdou, and of course, you, the readers of Canadian books.

I've had so much fun again this time around. It was wonderful to have challenge regulars participate with some new faces. There were books by some well-knowns authors (Atwood, Davies, and Coupland) and books by lesser known authors (Kenyon, Bishcoff, and Phelan). Lots of books about dogs. Books by Anne Murray, Theo Fleury, William Shatner, and Emily Carr. Books about retirement. Books by and about Ethel Wilson. Graphic novels, picture books, YA, nonfiction, genre fiction, literary fiction, short story collections, plays and poetry. Even a "how to draw monsters" book. Books by Canadians, books about Canadians. Canada Reads titles. Governor General and Giller Prize winners. Books from every province and territory. All reviewed by participants from Canada and around the world. I hope to see you all again, along with your friends, for the Canadian Book Challenge 4!

Exploring, celebrating, and promoting Canadian books. Together.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

What an incredible list of books! I am impressed.

John Mutford said...

The numbers above will change slightly as I've gotten a few more reviews trickling in. I'm currently visiting a friend in Chetwynd, BC but I'll update all the changes when I get back. In the meantime, happy Canada Day everyone!

Luanne said...

Wow! Congratulations to everyone! John - thank you for all the time and effort you have put into this challenge - it is much appreciated. This was my first year participating and I'm looking forward to the next!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Steve said...

Wow John, that's some list. Thanks and congrats for another successful year of Canadian reading.

I've now gotten my mitts on 6 of the other 7 finalists for "Canada Also Reads," and the one I enjoyed the most was The Last Shot by Leon Rooke. That brings my final total to 16.

My Novel Thoughts said...

Wow - impressive list! Thanks for all the hard work you've done.

Happy Canada Day!

matilda said...

What a wonderful resource, this list! Many thanks for all the work you've put into it.

B.Kienapple said...

Wow John I can't believe you compiled this list! What a headache this must have been. Thanks so much for hosting once again and promoting Canadian books! Can't wait for the 4th go round.

Gavin said...

John - Thanks for all your hard work and for compiling this fabulous list, and congratulations to all the readers!

Gavin said...

John - Thanks for all your hard work and for compiling this fabulous list, and congratulations to all the readers!

Nikki in Niagara said...

Wow! I can't believe I won the Baker's Dozen; I was sure someone was going to come up form behind at last minute and leave me in the dust!

I've only read one of the books in the pack and that was years ago so I'm up for a re-read. Thanks John and others who donated the books!

Here's to Round 4!

Teddy Rose said...

Wow, we really covered a lot of variety of Canadian books. Congratulations to every one who participated and to the winners of the prizes. I'm looking forward to #4!

Buried In Print said...

What a fantastic way of compiling the results (and undoubtedly fantastically time consuming)! Really interesting to see which books and authors were most widely read. Thanks very much for hosting!

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic list of books, and an amazing number of reviews to read!

Melwyk said...

I love each year's final Roundup -- so many books to choose from! It's a wonderful resource to find and to share great Canadian reading. Thanks again, John!