Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Great Wednesday Compare #6- Libraries VERSUS Short Stories

The winner of last week's Great Wednesday Compare (Libraries VERSUS Book Blogs), with a final score of 9-1 is libraries.

I knew before posting last week's question what the outcome would have been had it proposed to the general population. However, I did think that here, on a book blog, with book blogging readers and writers, that book blogs would have fared a little better. But they didn't. I was also surprised to find that some people looked at it as a choice between reading or reading about reading. I initially didn't see how they drew that conclusion, but then I realized that those people might get most, if not all, their books from libraries. Therefore, no libraries would mean no reading. For me, the loss of a library wouldn't slow me down any. I've lived in a town where the library was so bad it was pointless anyway (sorry Summerford, Newfoundland, it's true) and I didn't stop reading. It's with that in mind that I would have wrestled with last week's question. If I was voting selfishly, I would have gone for book blogs. I'm addicted to blogging and reading blogs. The withdrawal would rival Leonardo Dicaprio's in the Basketball Diaries. Since I'm the only one that saw it, I'll describe it: tears, snot, spit, and occasional cursing. Not pretty. BUT, if I was voting for humanity (see in my delusions of grandeur, I fancy that these little competitions matter), I'd have to go for libraries. Would someone please think of the children?! Yes. Yes, I will. You see, I understand that not everyone can afford books. I understand that not everyone has a quiet place to read. I understand that some people just love libraries. I don't hate libraries. I like libraries. I wouldn't say, "mrrgllll libraries," but they're alright.

Now for another completely impossible, hypothetical, and pointless debate. If you could save one from complete and utter annihilation, which you save?

Vote in the comment section below before August 10th. (I'm on vacation in Newfoundland so please forgive the delay. They've got their own time zone, you know.)


Lahni said...

Well since I'm not a huge fan of short stories, I'm going to have to go with libraries once again.

Becky said...


Loni said...

Short Stories. They're a great way to test an author out before looking for them in a library. Plus, some authors are better at writing short stories than they are at novels.

Nikki in Niagara said...

I can live without short stories but not gonna live without libraries.

So Libraries again for me.

Nikki Neurotic said...

Libraries, short stories are okay but usually are unsatisfying in the end.

Teddy Rose said...

You have put me into an impossible position John. I love my library but I love short stories.

I would still lean toward library in hopes that a few short story collections would be there, or at least fictional essays.

I don't frequent my library as much as I did before I started book blogging because I can a lot of the books I want from publishers, however I can't imagine a world without libraries, especially for those who can not afford to buy books.