Sunday, July 04, 2010

Trivial Sunday- Hurry Hard! Curling up with Canadian Writers

It's summer, it's hot, and the rest of the world has caught World Cup fever. So I bring you curling trivia.

Answer as many as you can at home, but only answer one in the comments below. That way, nine others can play along. I admit it, it's a tough one this week...

1. Who wrote the Black Bonspiel of Willie MacCrimmon?

2. Which novelist shares writing credit for the story, but not the screenplay, of Men With Brooms with Paul Gross and John Krizanc?

3. Which curler did not author or co-author a book?
a. Russ Howard
b. Brad Gushue
c. Colleen Jones
d. Kevin Martin

4. According to the title of a book by sports journalist Peter Lefko, who was the Queen of Curling?

5. Who wrote Abby and the Curling Chicks, published by Pugwash Publishers?

6.Who wrote this award winning short film, directed by John Kerr:

AIM Hardcore Bonspiel from Nine40 on Vimeo.

7. According to Stuart McLean, who developed the curling scoreboard?
a. Someone who really didn't get the metric system
b. Some drunk in a kilt
c. Wayne and Schuster

8. In a quiz to test your level of Canadianness, these two brothers give 50 points for anyone who forgets whether or not they curled, because of drunkenness. Who are they?

9. Name the David Adams Richards book with this line, "When he got back on his feet again, Joe would sometimes go to the curling club to watch Rita curl."

10. This broadcaster, writer and curling historian has written two curling books: Canada Curls: The Illustrated History of Curling in Canada and Tales of a Curling Hack. Who is it?


Sycorax Pine said...

Wow. It is forcefully revealed to me (on the 4th of July, no less) that I am a novice Canadian and curling-obsessive, for I know none of these! Then again, I only moved to Halifax a year ago, and I have already made my way to the Brier, so I am doing my best!

Delightful quiz, by the by!

Jean Mills said...

1. W.O. Mitchell
2. the late Paul Quarrington
3. Kevin Martin
4. Sandra Schmirler
5. Jean Mills (and hey, thanks for the mention)
6. No clue
7. a (someone who didn't get the metric system)
8. Bob and Doug MacKenzie
9. Nights Below Station Street
10. the late Doug Maxwell

Great quiz! Had to guess (probably wrongly) at a few.

(writing this while vacationing in Dawson City, YT)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I did actually know that W.O. Mitchell was the answer to #1, and not just because I actually went to the Briar last year.

Suzanne said...

#8 has to be Bob and Doug McKenzie?

Geez, I didn't know there were that many books about curling ... better hurry hard check them out!

John Mutford said...

Pour of Tor: That's quite okay, it was a tough quiz this week.

Jean: Well, normally I say just answer one in the comments, in order to let others play along, but this was a tough week and there didn't seem to be a great deal of takers so I'll let your answers go. Here's how you did:
1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Correct- Now, can you name a book by any of the others?
4. Correct
5. Correct and you're welcome! When's the sequel coming out?
6. Incorrect. Hint: he writes fiction and nonfiction
7. Incorrect. Hint: Click on his name to hear a short story that contains the answer.
8. Incorrect. Hint: It's a pair of real brothers.
9. Correct.
10. Correct

How many of the above books do you own?

Barbara: Was Willie there?

Suzanne: See above. Though it's a wonderful guess, especially considering the beer drinking reference, it's not Bob and Doug. Coo roo coo coo coo coo coo coo.

raidergirl3 said...

I'm going to guess The Ferguson brothers for #8. (Will and his brother)

John Mutford said...

Raidergirl: That's it! (And the brother is Ian).

John Mutford said...

Hmmm. I had a response left here earlier, but it seems to have vanished.

Anyway, let's try again:

Jean: Normally I remind people that they are only to answer one question, so that others can play along. However, in this case, it seems to have been a more difficult week and so, I'll let it go. Here's how you did:
1. Correct
2. Correct
3. Correct
4. Correct
5. Correct (and you're welcome)
6. Incorrect (Hint: He's from BC and he writes fiction and nonfiction)
7. Incorrect (Click on McLean's name and listen to the story for the answer)
8. Incorrect (funny guess though) Coo roo Coo coo Coo coo coo coo.
9. Correct
10. Correct