Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Writer's Diary #52- Spense

Spense’s chore, the odd chore that for some reason we masochistically enjoy, was mowing the lawn. Maybe there was something to that whole pressure point theory because something about the soft vibration charging through his palms and up his forearms got him to contemplating. It was during one of these mowing sessions, a balmy July day, cutting a diagonal across the front lawn, that Spense made a life changing decision: he was going to quit teaching and become a mechanic. He’d always loved working with his hands and... that’s when he ran over his daughter’s skipping rope which almost instantly wrapped itself around the blades, which in turn came to a grinding halt. It’s at this point of the story that everyone assumes what’s coming next. But Spense would have made an excellent mechanic as he knew safety comes first. He unplugged the lawnmower and then flipped it over to untangle the mess beneath. Unfortunately, at that very moment a drunk driver came whizzing around the corner, lost control, jumped the curb and crushed Spense’s head between the car’s chassis and the blades of the mower.

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