Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The 2010 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology (BMSSSOA)

It's time once again to reflect upon the year that was. I love countdowns by the way. I've been especially enjoying the top 10-20-50-100 music lists that I've been finding on some of your blogs. It's the time of year I finally get my iPod updated with some great and decently recent tunes. While I'm not with it enough to do one of those music lists on my own, I am enjoying compiling and ranking my favourite reads of the past year (books and stories that I've read this year, not that were necessarily published this year).

Today, I'll countdown to my favourite online short story. This year, through my Short Story Mondays, I read and reviewed exactly one short story each week that I was able to find for free online. I'll begin with my least favourite of the lot and work my way down to my top 10. My top 10 this year is a pretty international lot.

To read my reviews, click on the story titles. To read the stories themselves, you can find links to each one within my reviews.

How many of these have you read?

52. Michael Winter- "Billy Bennett"
51. Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris- "A Crow Girls Christmas"
50. Abby Gaines- "So, how did you two meet?
49. Roberto Bolaño- "Gómez Palacio"
48. Terrence Chua- "Golem"
47. Mona Gardner- "The Dinner Party"
46. Heinrich von Kleist- "the Beggar Woman of Locarno"
45. Stacey May Fowles- "Three-Legged Dog"
44. Nasibu Mwanukuzi- "Days of Summer"
43. Lionel Kearns- "Victoria Day"
42. Heather O'Neill- "Riff-Raff"
41. Jesse Stuart- "Split Cherry Tree"
40. Nicola Slade- "My Dear Miss Fairfax"
39. Wayne Curtis- "My Mother's Christmas Art"
38. Selma Lagerlöf- "The Animal's New Years Eve"
37. Ring Lardner- "Haircut"
36. Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe- "Simon Learns His Vowels"
35. Fielding Dawson- "The Vertical Fields"
34. Gretchen McCullough- "Khamaseen"
33. Brayden Hirsch- "The Yellow Eye"
32. Manik Bandopadhyay- "Primal Passions"
31. Kelley Armstrong- "Recruit"
30. James Hurst- "The Scarlet Ibis"
29. William Gibson- "Johnny Mnemonic"
28. J.K. Rowling- "Harry Potter prequel"
27. Dashiell Hammett- "The Parthian Shot"
26. Liam O'Flaherty- "The Sniper"
25. Eva Moran- "He Wishes This Were Something Else"
24. Eugene Marckx- "Raven Steals the Light"
23. Charles G.D. Roberts- "The Cabin Door"
22. Nathaniel Hawthorne- "The Ambitious Guest"
21. Willy Vlautin- "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before"
20. Robert J. Sawyer- "Forever"
19. Sarah Prevatt- "The Plague"
18. Algernon Blackwood- "The Willows"
17. David Nickel- "Fly in Your Eye"
16. Yasunari Kawabata- "The Pomegranate"
15. Michael Redhill- "Breaking Fast"
14. Jonathan Franzen- "Two's Company"
13. Charlie Fish- "Death By Scrabble"
12. Sherry Isaac- "Sweet Dreams"
11. Malka Drucker- "The Widest Heart"

***THE TOP 10***
10. Téa Obreht- "The Sentry"
9. Edwidge Danticat- "Ghosts"
8. Michael Chabon- "The God of Dark Laughter"
7. John Scalzi- "Missives From Possibles Futures #1, Alternate History Search Results"
6. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichei- "Quality Street"
5. Haruki Murakami- "The Second Bakery Attack"
4. Gao Xingjian- "The Accident"
3. Joe Dunthorne- "You Are Happy"
2. Monica Kidd- "Still Life with Blake"
1. T.C. Boyle- "Chicxulub"


Gavin said...

Wow, thanks for all the links, John. I have read a few of these but none of the top ten.

Teddy Rose said...

I read 10 of those and some of the others on my TBR.

JoAnn said...

Thanks for this list. Chicxulub is my favorite story - ever! I've also enjoyed a few others on the list and look forward to reading more from your top 10. This wasn't a good short story year for me... hope to get back in the Short Story Monday habit in 2011.

Scribble A Day said...

Link for #51 takes me to a different post than one listed....

John Mutford said...

Gavin: Which ones had you read?

Teddy: I've enjoyed sharing stories back and forth with you this year!

JoAnn: Chicxulub is a wonderful piece of writing isn't it?

SeDress: Good catch! It should be fixed now.

Gavin said...

Ah, the Blackwood, Hammett, Gibson, Hawthorne and I think the O'Neill. I like stories but haven't been reading many lately. I have a backlog of New Yorkers and The Walrus sitting on my kitchen table. I am hoping to get to them soon:)