Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year in Review- Comics and Graphic Novels

Finally, my graphic novel and comic reads from 2010. Yesterday I remarked that the number of novels and nonfiction books I read in 2010 was down. But, as it turns out, my graphic novel reads have just about doubled. While much of that credit goes to Jeff Smith's Bone series, I managed to check off a few more classic graphic novels. Without further ado, here's my list, ranked from least to most favourite:

21. Richard Comely (Writer) and George Freeman (Illustrator)- Captain Canuck, Vol. 1
20. Jeff Smith with Tom Sniegowski- Tall Tales
19. Jeff Smith (Writer) and Charles Vess (Illustrator)- Rose
18. Jeff Smith- Bone 5: Rock Jaw
17. Robert Louis Stevenson (Writer), Alan Grant (Adapted by), and Cam Kennedy (Illustrator)- Kidnapped
16. Jeff Smith- Bone 4: The Dragonslayer
15. Jeff Smith- Bone 7: Ghost Circles
14. Jeff Smith- Bone 6: Old Man's Cave
13. Jeff Smith- Bone 2: The Great Cow Race
12. Daniel Clowes- Ghost World
11. Alan Moore (Writer) and Dave Gibbons (illustrator)- The Watchmen
10. Jeff Smith- Bone 9: The Crown of Horns
9. Jeff Smith- Bone 8: Treasure Hunters
8. Art Spiegelman- Maus I
7. Jeff Lemire- The Country Nurse
6. Scott Chantler- Northwest Passage
5. Mariko Tamaki (Writer) and Jillian Tamaki (illustrator)- Skim
4. Jeff Smith- Bone 3: Eyes of the Storm
3. Art Spiegelman- Maus II
2. Katsuhiro Otomo- Akira Volume 1
1. Jeff Lemire- Ghost Stories


Barbara Bruederlin said...

With your suggestion for a graphic novel on the Canada Reads list this year, it looks as though 2011 will be an even bigger year for comics.

Dale said...

That's an impressive list! I've only read Watchmen and Maus. I should really give Ghost World a go as well since I loved the film so much. Happy New Year!

Michael said...

Dear John,

I see that you like Bone books. You must not have the Bone handbook. It is basically telling you about Bone and at the end of it there is some awesome pictures about the book.

Where can I get the Ghost Stories book? Which series is it in? You say it was the best one, so I want to read it.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: In Canada at least. The Japanese have been appreciating the form for years.

Dale: I haven't seen the film yet-- guess I should Zip it. The version I read included the screenplay.

Michael: No, I don't have the handbook, but I'm curious about it. The Ghost Stories book isn't a Jeff Smith book, it's Jeff Lemire and it's part of his Essex County series. However, it's aimed at adults and I'm not sure if you'd find it terribly exciting.