Monday, February 21, 2011

Reader's Diary #688- Sherry D. Ramsey: Little Things

Fans of Terry Pratchett would probably enjoy Sherry D. Ramsey's short story, "Little Things." I am not a fan of Terry Pratchett but what's this? I kind of, sort of, half, maybe enjoyed Ramsey's "Little Things." Perfect title, by the way, not just for the connection to the story, but also for my lukewarm enthusiasm for the tale. It's a fantasy tale. And for the hundredth time, I'm not really a sci-fi, fantasy guy but once again, they're about the only group of authors who put their stuff online and seem to really get that it's a great way to connect to readers and introduce them to their work.

"Little Things" is about a sorcerer's apprentice, who like all sorcerer's apprentice's I suppose, wants to get ahead. However the story is mostly about the feud between the sorcerer and another village magician. I especially liked the setting and Ramsey's exploration of the etiquette in this fictional world. It's a huge faux-pas, for instance, to undo another sorcerer's spells. However, if you don't consider yourself a fan of fantasy, the familiar set-ups get annoying. How come fantasy worlds have so many throwbacks to the middle ages and yet people are named Zipnax and Albettra? When I'm cranky, I find it really hard to think fantasy is anything but silliness. When I'm in a better mood I see them more like fairy tales for adults, but I guess my mood is somewhere in the middle at the moment. Such is February.

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Teddy Rose said...

Yeah, I'm not a fantasy kind of gal, myself. It is great how the genre's authors do share their work and connect with readers though.

I took your advice and read 'The Fly' this week:

Loni said...

I actually really like fantasy, but I do agree that some of it is very formulaic. I'm not a fan of Terry Prachett though, so I'm not sure I'd bother with this story.

Here's my post for the week.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Is there a link to the story?

But I'm not a fantasy fan either, so please don't bother on my account.

Anonymous said...

Meh! Not tempted!

New Brunswick this week:


John Mutford said...

Teddy: Oh good! I'm off to read your review.

Loni: Then, I guess if they veered too far away from the formula, it wouldn't be fantasy.

And I think you accidentally linked to this post. Here's yours:

Barbara: There is now. And you don't have to read it of course, but everyone should probably make up their own minds.

Emeire: Oh well. I hope you had better luck!

Loni said...

Oops! I totally didn't notice. I was very sleep deprived on Monday. I blame my pregnancy and my toddler :)

Sherry said...

Hey John, thanks for the mention and for reading my story. Any review that would even mention me and Terry Pratchett in the same sentence makes my heart flutter. :) If you drop by my site anytime in the future, you might try The Ambassador's Staff. It's a kind of sci-fi/detective noir story and a bit more for grown-ups, so you might enjoy it more. Thanks again for dropping by!