Tuesday, March 01, 2011

the Canadian Book Challenge 4- 8th Roundup!

February. You were too short, too cold, I was too busy, and too sick. I got so little reading done, my house is a mess, and did I mention it's too cold? I hate you February. Take it personally. Here's to March.

In the meantime, congrats to Emelie at C'est la vie! for winning February's mini challenge. For reading (and submitting her reviews via email) past or present Canada Reads contenders, she will receive a gift bag of all five of this year's contenders:

Special thanks to all who played along and to the producers at Canada Reads for the prize donation.

For March's prize Roderick Benns' has once again generously donated his latest book. From his Leaders & Legacies series, it's The Legends of Lake on the Mountain...

When a grizzled old man shoves a decades old treasure map into thirteen-year-old John A. Macdonald’s hands, he’s certain this will be the best summer ever. But that was before a humpback lake serpent is seen at twilight by the people of Stone Mills in the mysterious Lake on the Mountain. As people flee in panic, John knows his family might be next unless he can figure out what dwells in the lake in time. But does he have what it takes to confront something he can’t see clearly? Or will the serpent in the darkness win?

To be eligible to win this book, you must, as part of the Canadian Book Challenge, read and review another Canadian young adult OR children's book in March, then email me with a link to your review before April 1st. From all of those eligible, I will randomly pick a winner.

This month, I also wanted to get into a few ideas for the 5th annual Canadian Book Challenge that will begin in July, but quite frankly I'm too weak and ill to write a lengthy post tonight. But as it's the 5th annual edition, I think it's somewhat of a milestone, and I'd like to make it the biggest and best yet. So, while I have my own ideas of how to make this thing grow (keep in mind, I still need to be able to manage it!) and how to help it improve, I'd love to hear your ideas. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below or email me directly.

And finally, while we're all gathered here today: the roundup. What Canadian books did you read and review in February? Let everyone know in the comments below.

- Make sure you tell me how many you've completed so far so that I can record it in the sidebar progress report
- It doesn't count as complete until the review is done!
- When people leave links, try to visit one another's blogs and read what they had to say. Comment. Encourage. The discussion of Canadian books is what this challenge is all about.


John Mutford said...

Here's my 17th book, read in February:

From Lishamie by Albert Canadien

As I've decided to read at least one book from each province or territory, I think it's time I kept track of which I've covered.

NT- From Lishamie
NU- The Day Tuk became a Hunter
NS- The Bishop's Man, Before Green Gables
ON- the road to god knows..., Wild Ride, The Year of the Flood, Fear of Fighting, Northwest Passage, Captain Canuck, Pitouie, Pippin the Christmas Pig
BC- Song Over Quiet Lake, Hannah and the Spindle Whorl
AB- Mary Schaffer
NL- Canada and Other Matters of Opinion
SK- Jackrabbit Street

Still left to go:

Corey said...

And that makes 13.

11 - An Ordinary Decent Criminal by Michael Van Rooy

12 - Your Friendly Neighbourbood Criminal by Michael Van Rooy

13 - The Guardians by Andrew Pyper

Chrisbookarama said...

I thought you were awfully quiet. :)

I read one book for the challenge this month, Motorcycles & Sweetgrass:

That brings my total to 11.

Steve said...

My 9th is a quintessentially Canadian book that has nothing to do with leaky roofs:

A Sound Like Water Dripping

Anonymous said...

4 more, thus making 13. I'm an overachiever for the first time ever!

10. Maya Running by Anjali Banerjee

11. Song of India by Mariellen Ward

12. A Spy in the House by Y.S.Lee

13. The Body at the Tower by Y.S.Lee

Anonymous said...

You're joking? Am I really the winner? Thanks!
I'm laughing away here: no more excuse for not reading Essex County, then! I'm delighted :)

I have reviewed two books this month (The Birth House and The Best Laid Plans), so I think I'm on 12 now.
I'm also continuing my tour of Canada through short stories and I'm enjoying it a lot!


Gavin said...

Here is #11:

Buffalo Jump by Howard Shrier.

Shan said...

I only read one Canadian book this month. I feel bad about that, but I already have 4 lined up for March so I don't feel too bad anymore.

Citizens of Nowhere: From Refugee Camp to Canadian Campus by Debi Goodwin

That puts my total at 16.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I've proudly tucked Canadian book #4 under my belt:
Seeing Lessons - Catherine Owen

I'm pretty sure you've read it, but just in case you somehow missed, you could do far worse than to read Miriam Toews' A Complicated Kindness to fulfill your MB book needs.

Now get better!

Swordsman said...

February is too short. I am 30 pages shy of finishing my only Canadian book for the month. One more day and I would have had it.

Guess that will now be my March entry.

Stuck at 13!

Suzanne said...

I have two "almost" done but the reviews won't be up until March.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should have mentioned that here: I'm giving away a copy of Atwood's The Blind Assassin this week.

Melwyk said...

I've only reviewed two books for the challenge in February --

The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou (thanks to Canada Reads and Twitter for getting me on to this book)

Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk

That brings my total up to 19 books, 14 by women and 5 by men.

Anonymous said...

I've got a review up about Bruce Meyer's Alphabet Table, a touching memoir about growing up bookish.

Anonymous said...

This time with the link:

gypsysmom said...

I read two of the Canada Reads contenders this month but forgot about sending the reviews to you. Congratulations to Emelie for her win.

I read The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis, which eventually won the challenge and Essex County which I had an issue with and so I'm relieved it didn't win.

As for books from Manitoba to read for your challenge I suggest you look at Corey's post in which he reviews two books by Michael van Rooy who was lost to us much too soon.

Buried In Print said...

February's reads:
31. Robert Kroetsch’s What the Crow Said (1978)
32. Jeff Lemire’s Essex County, Collected (2009) Chatter. More chatter.
33. Angie Abdou’s The Bone Cage (2007)
34. Darren Greer’s Still Life with June (2003)
35. Thomas King’s Truth and Bright Water (1999)
36. Michael Ondaatje’s In the Skin of a Lion (1987)
37. Adwoa Badoe’s Between Sisters (2010)
Looking forward to this month's reviews!

Nikki in Niagara said...

Just one book for me last month. But it was a unique one I picked up secondhand:

49. Falcons Gold: Canada's First Olympic Hockey Heroes by Kathleen Arnason

Good thing I just started a Canadian YA today! Just one email for one entry per person?

Teena in Toronto said...

I read one Canadian book in February, bringing my total to 26:

"Still Missing" (2010) Chevy Stevens - it is a mystery set on Vancouver Island and I enjoyed it!

Lahni said...

I'm up to 10 with
Room by Emma Donoghue

Luanne said...

Oh John can I empathize! I've had the flu twice since January and have just gotten rid of the head cold from hell. February is an ugly ugly month.

So I read two this month bringing my total to 14.

13. A Red Herring Without Mustard by Alan Bradley

14. The Midwife of Venice by Roberta Rich

Teddy Rose said...

Congrats to Em!

Here's my 13th:

Hope your feeling better John!!

Bybee said...

February was a good month for me. I have now completed 6 books for this challenge.

raidergirl3 said...

17. Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis

18. Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod

Amy said...

My 16th book was Rebel Women of the Gold Rush by Rich Mole.

Jules said...

Read my 12 book so close, to reaching 13, I think I can safely say I'll finishing the challenge, and go past it.

This month's read was Unless by Carol Shields - My Review

I avidly watched Canada's Reads, first time with it. And I had a lot of thoughts on it, just no time to post - just gave a quick round-up in my month wrap up.

John if you haven't read him yet
David Adams Richards - Nights Below Station Street, Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace are both set in NB.

Heather said...

I"m so very slow that I'll now wait till the end of March to add my reads. By the way, I should be at 7 from Januarys (?) update.

Love this challenge John. As for suggestions for next year. Somehow should include 5. 5 books by the same author, 5 books from 5 difference provinces and territories, 5 books on the same theme, book titles with the numbers 1-5, etc.

Zoë said...

5- Room:

6- Bride of New France:

7- Beatrice and Virgil:

8- The Penelopiad:

I'm up to 11 in books read but the others don't have reviews posted yet- next month!