Monday, April 18, 2011

Reader's Diary #703- Justin D. Anderson: Colloid

If you don't show some value in your experiment, isn't it a tad self-indulgent?

I couldn't shake that thought while reading Justin D. Anderson's "Colloid." I can see how the title makes sense, it's not so much a story as it is the floating particles of a story. Unfortunately, it makes for a pretty unsatisfying glass of milk.

The snippets are, in and of themselves, described well. There are some interesting turns of phrases and each piece has a clear tone. But after about the halfway mark-- the same point I realized these pieces were probably not going to connect-- I found myself actually getting angry reading it. I can't say for sure what Anderson was hoping to achieve, but contempt from a reader was surely not it. Simply being vague is not clever.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, sounds like one I'll skip.

I read another Nebula nominee today. It was disturbing.

Margot said...

The story sounds way over my head. I had to look up the word colloid. lol

It's been at least six months since I posted about a short story but I'm still reading them. I liked a Mark Twin story and my review is here: Joyfully Retired.

Hopefully, I post more often.

Teddy Rose said...

I feel no need to feel contempt, so I will stay clear of 'Colloid'. Thanks for the warning, LOL!

I read a gem by author and book blogger extraordinaire, Susan Helene Gottfried:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

These feel more like ideas for stories. Well written and compelling ideas, for the most part, but certainly not a cohesive piece, even if there are recurring characters.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: Exactly!