Friday, July 01, 2011

The 5th annual Canadian Book Challenge- Let's Begin!

Happy Canada Day everyone, and welcome to day 1 of the 5th Annual Canadian Book Challenge! July 2011-July 2012

What is the Canadian Book Challenge?

The Canadian Book Challenge is an online reading challenge in which participants from Canada and around the world aim to read and review 13 or more Canadian books in a one year span: Canada Day to Canada Day. Reviews must be posted online and participants are asked to share links to their reviews with other participants. More on reviews and other FAQ's here.

How will we record our progress this time? Last time around we read our way to the highest peaks of each province and territory, this time I thought we'd take a wetter route. How about the largest freshwater lakes of each province or territory? Just for the record, I chose this theme admittedly trying to get everyone to end up in the Northwest Territories, thinking that Great Bear Lake would win out. Lake Superior is bigger, yes, but it's not entirely within Ontario. According to The Atlas of Canada, Lake Superior has 28,700 square kilometers within Canada, whereas Great Bear Lake has 31, 328. However, using the same source, I have to concede that Lake Huron's 36,000 square kilometers tops the list. Enough of a geography lesson, here's how your progress will look:

1 book: MacLure's Pond, PEI
2 books: Grand Lake, New Brunswick
3 books: Kluane Lake, Yukon
4 books: Bras D'or Lake: Nova Scotia
5 books: Lake Claire, Alberta
6 books: Williston Lake, British Columbia
7 books: Lac Mistassini, Quebec
8 books: Nettilling Lake, Nunavut
9 books: Smallwood Reservoir, Newfoundland and Labrador
10 books: Lake Athabasca, Saskatchewan
11 books: Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba
12 books: Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
13 or more books: Lake Huron, Ontario

As soon as your first book is read, add a link to your review using the provided linking tool at the top of this page, and I'll add your name and progress to the sidebar.

We've got so many fantastic prizes to give away this year, I hardly know where to begin. So why not start at the beginning? The very first person to add a link to a book reviewed for the 5th annual book challenge will get a prize pack generously donated by Arbeiter Ring Publishing. Arbeiter Ring Press, located in Winnipeg, was founded by musician (and 2X Canada Reads winning panelist) John K. Samson and writer/editor Todd Scarth. The prize pack includes:

1. John S. Saul's Revolutionary Traveler

2. Susan Close's Framing Identity

3. Caelum Vatnsdal's They Came From Within

This is a fantastic collection of nonfiction! For more info on each book, click on either the title or cover image. Good luck!

Now, curl up with a Canadian book, have a plate of toutons smothered in Saskatoon berry jam, and a nice mug of Red Rose tea. It's going to be a great year of reading, reviewing, and celebrating Canadian books.


Teena in Toronto said...

Looking forward to it!

Amy said...

Oooohhhhh I just linked a review!!

Anonymous said...

I am going to sign up again this year, but I propose a further achievement category: The Bathroom Sink, for people who don't read any books in the challenge, despite pledging to do so, year after year. (Perhaps I should be calling it The Bathroom Mirror? *grin*)

Happy Canada Day, everyone! Read on! :)

Wanda said...

Can't wait to go swimming — Happy Canada Day!

Amy said...

*happy dance* Thank you!!!

Heather said...

I started off this morning with a novel by Cory Doctorow. Admittedly it's an anudio book, but they definitely count.

Luanne said...

I'm definitely in again! And I've posted about # 5 as well. Looking forward to it (and the Mr. Linky will save me from looking at my html cheat sheet every month!)

Kerrie said...

I've put an initial summary post here and my updating will occur on my Reading Challenges Update page

Shonna said...

Sounds like a great way to get some focus on all the great Canadian books that exist.
I'm in.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

surprised and delited to find your challenge button at the bookworm's blog! have now added it at FHC and will begin to add my reads... thx!
the button is an eyecatcher and always proud to see that red & white!

Anonymous said...

Canuckoid, alright 4 of 13 reviews!

Genevieve Graham said...

Can I recommend my books to anyone needing to add to their list? Penguin published my first two novels, "Under the Same Sky" and "Sound of the Heart" in 2012 (January and May). They're Historical Romance/Adventure.

Thank you!!!
- Genevieve
(tiny town, Nova Scotia)