Saturday, July 02, 2011

R's review of Frieda Wishinsky's Arctic Storm

My book Arctic Storm was a Canadian Flyer by Frieda Wishinsky. Arctic Storm is
about a girl named Emily and a boy named Matt. The two friends travel to the arctic on a magic sled. I think they traveled to Great Slave Lake in this one. But I know one thing-- that they were in Yellowknife!

I really liked the book because they travel to Yellowknife and I like adventure books.

But if I could have one wish about the book it would be I WISH THAT THERE WERE MOVIES OF THE CANADIAN FLYER BOOKS!


Anonymous said...

What is a Canadian Flyer book? Is it a collection? a publisher?

A book with a character named Emily is bound to be good ;)


Wanda said...

Yay for Canadian Flyer books! My daughter read and loved these books too. :)

John Mutford said...

Em: Canadian Flyer is a series published by Maple Tree Press about a magic sled that transports a couple of kids to various places and times throughout Canadian history.

Melwyk said...

Glad to hear that you enjoyed this book, R. Always nice when a book has some action in our own hometown! I agree, this series would make a fantastic tv show or movie. Great idea!

Gavin said...

Yea for book that take place in your hometown. This one sounds like fun!