Saturday, July 02, 2011

R's review of Frieda Wishinsky's Danger, Dinosaurs!

Danger Dinosaurs is about Emily and Matt, the same children in Arctic Storm...
except in this one they go back in time to when dinosaurs were living. Emily
did not want to go but found a baby dinosaur named Peep.

I liked the book because I like all Canadian Flyer books and I enjoy learning about dinosaurs. Although I have one question: what happened to the T. Rex? Like, did he end up eating the other dinosaurs?


Anonymous said...

Someone is flying through this read-a-thon!
Well done to you!
I'm off to bed to dream about some great adventures, but will be back tomorrow to check on everybody.
Good luck!

Perogyo said...

Oh this one looks great! I have to get it for my kids.