Saturday, July 02, 2011

R's review of Ted Stauton's Morgan's Secret (illustrated by Bill Slavin)

A guy named Charlie told his best friend Morgan his secret ...that he loved
a girl and told him not to tell ANYONE but he ended up telling. The problem was
Charlie got so mad that they weren't friends anymore. But to fix it he told his secret!

Ted Staunton's writing was funny. He used words like "blabbed" instead of "told."

The author did not do anything I did not like.

I liked that Bill Slavin did funny things like draw somebody tied to a pole.

Of course I would read something else by Ted Staunton because I've read 2 of his books and enjoyed them.


Anonymous said...

Love your review, R! Sounds like an entertaining book; I'm sure I would have enjoyed it many years ago :)

Wanda said...

Hmmm, I wonder what Morgan's secret could be if it was enough to "fix" the first secret that was told? Funny is good, glad you enjoyed this one, R!bilimp

Wanda said...

Um? *bilimp* was my word verification ... no idea how it ended up tagged on to the end of my comment?!