Friday, August 05, 2011

Kanadians on Kindle (or should that be Canadians on Cindle?)

Medea, a book blogger and Canadian Book Challenge participant who lives in Japan, has trouble finding Canadian books. The nearest English bookstore is about an hour away and finding a Canadian book amongst the offerings is slim pickin's. So, she turned to Kindle. Seems brilliant, right? But, while they did offer some Canadian books, they weren't labeled as such and so she wasted a lot of searching-- time that could have been spent reading. Egad.

Fortunately, Medea doesn't want you to spend hours searching for Canadian content now that she's done all the leg work, so she's prepared a Canadian Kindle Bookstore at Amazon. Check it out!* And if you know of many other Canadian books available for Kindle, feel free to make your own list or list them right here in the comment section.

(Medea wishes to advise you that if you buy anything from her store, she gets a small percentage. I'd call that a win-win.)


John Mutford said...

I know when I looked for books for my Sony eReader earlier this year, they had loads of Mordecai Richler books. Though I also ran into some issues where other books that appeared to be offered in their store, were not available here in Canada. Stupid digital rights laws.

Miriam said...

I'm not sure how Japanese rights work, but the Canadian books I've purchased via for my Canadian Kindle are: Joan Thomas's, Curiosity; Michael Crummey's Galore; Jo Walton - Among Others; Guy Gavriel Kay - Under Heaven; Zero History - William Gibson; Carol Shields - Unless; Joseph Boyden - Through Black Spruce; Will Ferguson - Beauty Tips from Moosejaw. And most recently Barney's Verion by Richler, but he's mentioned in the previous comment.

I have no problem with sending links to books as I find them, so if Medea wants she can send me her email.

Every year I want to participate, but most of reviews are in GoodReads, or in a forum and I think both are unlinkable (I think - at least the forum is for sure). But maybe this year I'll get my act together and post regularly to a blog . . .

Miriam said...

Badly edited and incorrect. My apologies. I just finished re-reading the rules, and you do mention GoodReads as an option, and you mention that you'll post my review. I will explore both options.

Plus, another Canadian writer available in the Kindle store is William Deverell.

Perogyo said...

John- thanks for posting!

Miriam- what great list! Most of these are not available for me to add to the store, but I've added them to my tbr list so I can order them in book form.

Would you friend me on Goodreads so I can stalk your reading list there?