Monday, August 01, 2011

Reader's Diary #741- Ania Vesenny: Lace

In what almost seems like a lifetime ago, I was reminded this week of my old writer's group in Iqaluit. There weren't many of us and even fewer of us were what I'd call regulars: Carolyn, Seth, Matty and this week's featured short story author, Ania. It was a supportive group, but mostly what I got out of it is that to be a writer you need to be disciplined. They were, I was not. I'm still not, and I've since stopped referring to myself as a writer, not even while throwing in the "wannabe" as I used to do to make myself feel better.

A few days ago I was going through my hit counter and noticed that someone had reached me via a link on Ania Vesenny's blog. Though it was a supportive group, we didn't really hangout beyond it all that much and I'd lost touch since moving away, so it was nice to get this reminder, to check out her blog, and discover that she's still writing as much as ever. "Lace" is one of her published flash fiction stories, at Ekleksographia.

"Lace," I don't think, would necessarily sell anyone on the idea of flash fiction as there isn't so much of a conclusion and I've often heard naysayers complain that flash seems like more of a suggestion of a short story than the "real" deal. However, I'm a big fan of flash fiction and I enjoyed this one despite an ambiguous ending. Ania has made some very provocative word choices and I thought there was a very subtle hint of danger lurking at the borders.

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Julie @ Read Handed said...

I do enjoy some flash fiction - I think it is such an interesting and challenging genre. But I do agree with you that this piece doesn't seem to be a story, but rather a suggestion of a story. It leaves me with more questions than anything else, though I enjoyed the writing itself. I participated in Short Story Monday once again - my post is here.

Teddy Rose said...

I have enjoyed the flash fiction I have read so I'll have to take a look at Lace.

I was out of town for a family emergency, which I explained on my blog. I am so far behind in reviews and haven't even posted about the 5th Canadian Book Challenge yet. I did do 2 short story reviews though:

Barbara Bruederlin said...

She does set the scene in an interesting fashion. But I agree that not only does the story not have a conclusion, I felt like it didn't really get started. Good atmosphere though!