Monday, October 31, 2011

Reader's Diary #772- John R Little: Following Marla

John R. Little's "Following Marla" opens with a soon-to-be bride revealing to her soon-to-be groom that she had once faked her own death and changed her identity in order to get out of an abusive relationship. Remember that from Sleeping With the Enemy?

Silly Hollywood beginning, made even sillier when you realize it's not even essential to the plot of the rest of the story. Basically the bride, Marla needs to die in order for the rest of the story to happen. But at the hands of an abusive husband who had believed her dead and coincidentally on her wedding night? Good lord this is stupid.

Then there's rest of the story. I admit, he was beginning, ever so slightly, to draw me in at this point. The new husband, Andy, kills himself to go to the afterlife and get her back. But then I realized that premise too was ripped off from What Dreams May Come and that John R. Little needs to watch less movies.

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Teddy Rose said...

Yikes, I'm going to stay away from this one! Thanks for the warning! It sounds like he at the very least should stay away from bad movies, who wants to rib those off? LOL!

Sorry I missed last week. I still have to go and see what you read. I hate to miss out on the possibilities of good short recommendations!

Here's what I reviewed:

Julie @ Read Handed said...

Sounds disjointed and a little far-fetched. I read Kafka's "The Coal-Scuttle Rider" for today.