Monday, November 21, 2011

Reader's Diary #778- Leena Krohn (translated by Anselm Hollo) : The Three Buddhas

As I mentioned yesterday I was contacted recently by a journalist named Verna Kuutti from Finland who was writing an article about Canadian literature. In return, it got me to thinking about Finnish authors.

Fortunately I was able to find a short story by Leena Krohn, a Finlandia Prize winner for literature, online. "The Three Buddhas" was originally written in Finnish but translated into English by Anselm Hollo.

Interestingly, much of the earlier part of the story is set in Japan. Still not down from the high of my Japan vacation two years ago, this was a pleasant surprise. It also had one of the best sentences I've read this year. Talking about Finland's stunted trees, she writes, "Their wood is dense and tough, their annual rings remain as narrow as engagement rings." I find that simile very poetic.

"The Three Buddhas" is an interesting story about believing in the supernatural, getting subtle messages or hints from some great beyond. As a skeptic who'd actually like to believe in magic, the story spoke to me. Rationalizing everything as a coincidence is my specialty. The most logical explanation usually isn't a ghost. But it would be nice.

I didn't love "The Three Buddhas" mostly because it felt like two stories in one, but the first half I quite enjoyed.

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Perogyo said...

I didn't read anything for short story Monday today, but this is right up my alley. Off to check it out!