Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2011 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

52 weeks, 52 short stories. Here, ranked from least favourite to favourite, are the 52 stories I read in 2011-- or links to my reviews of them. Everyone of these stories were available for free online at the time I read them, and embedded in each review are links to the stories themselves, but no promises that all the links are still active. If you'd like to read more short stories in 2012, I hope you consider participating in Short Story Mondays.

52. John R. Little- "Following Marla"
51. Owen Wister- "Mother"
50. Justin D. Anderson- "Colloid"
49. Oonah V. Joslin- "A La Descartes"
48. Daniachew Worku- "The Voice"
47. Sherry D. Ramsey- "Little Things"
46. Hayden Trenholm- "Like Monsters of the Deep"
45. Michael J. Cunningham- "Family Thanksgiving"
44. Stephen Crane- "A Dark Brown Dog"
43. Alice Dunbar-Nelson- "Violets"
42. Langston Hughes- "Thank You, M'am"
41. Guy de Maupassant- "A New Year's Gift"
40. Helene Christaller- "Brother Robber"
39. Anton Chekhov- "Easter Eve"
38. Joan Sennette- "Amanda's Special Gift"
37. Ania Vesenny- "Lace"
36. Evan Hunter- "The Last Spin"
35. Sharon Erby- "Parallel"
34. José Eduardo Agualusa- "If Nothing Else Helps, Read Clarice"
33. Clarice Lespector- "The Hen"
32. Eden Robinson- "Minnows"
31. Badriyah Al Bishr- "The Well"
30. Arthur Conan Doyle- "Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle"
29. Song Zelai- "Jingzhen, Taiwan 1978"
28. Kate Chopin- "Old Aunt Peggy"
27. Dorothy Parker- "A Telephone Call"
26. David Barthelme- "City of Churches"
25. Gaustave Flaubert- "A Simple Heart"
24. Isak Dinesan- "The Blank Page"
23. Wayne Johnston- "Catechism"
22. Luigi Pirandello- "War"
21. Margaret Atwood- untitled doctor/ corpse story
20. Steven Mayoff- "Milk, Milk, Lemonade"
19. Leena Krohn- "The Three Buddhas"
18. Poppy Z. Brite- "Marisol"
17. Donna Tartt- "A Garter Snake"
16. John Geddes- "Only Five Minutes"
15. Alexandre Dumas- "Solange"
14. John Buchan- "Skule Skerry"
13. Charlotte Perkins Gilman- "The Yellow Wallpaper"
12. Lawrence Hill- "Meet You at the Door"
11. William Lychak- "Stolpestad"

The Top 10!!!

10. Wame Molefhe- "Where is the Rain?"
9. Kathleen Winter- "Madame Poirier's Dog"
8. Ray Bradbury- "The October Game"
7. Stephen King- "Herman Wouk is Still Alive"
6. Nicole Krauss- "The Last Words on Earth"
5. Susan D. Rogers- "A Poor Boy's Piano"
4. Sarah Selecky- "This Cake is for the Party"
3. Barbara Bruederlin- "Buona Sera, Kiss Me Goodnight"
2. Tim Waggoner- "When God Opens a Door"
1. Panu Trivej- "The Sky Blue Jar"

(*not including short stories I read in anthologies)


Barbara Bruederlin said...

That's a lot of stories to rank! I remember reading many of them, but would have a hard time rating them.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: It's surprisingly not as difficult as I thought it would be. With a few exceptions, I'd simply start the list then work my way through it, going I like it less than that one, less than that one, more than that one, stop. I did have to refresh myself on some stories, but most of those ended up mid-list. The ones that I remembered most were either really good or really not.

Gavin said...

Thanks so much for all these fabulous links, John!

Loni said...

So glad Herman Wouk Is Still Alive made your top ten. I thought it was a great story.