Thursday, December 01, 2011

5th Annual Canadian Book Challenge- 5th Update

I guess the colder weather be credited with November's high book count. Over 120 Canadian books read and reviewed for the challenge, making last month the most successful month since we began back in July. Personally, I've slowed down. November is a very hectic time for me at work, plus I'm sort of stuck in a couple of clunkers at the moment. But it's nice to see everyone else picking up the slack. I'm really taken aback by how many people who have met their 13 quota already. If you haven't though, don't fret. There's 7 months left and as I hope I've gotten across by now, it's not meant to be a race.

While certainly not a new topic, in November there seemed to be an upsurge in people talking about the very definition of Canlit. The Globe and Mail pondered whether or not Canadian novels were Canadian enough, the CBC got in on it, and the discussion even went international, prompting a Finnish newspaper to interview a few of us Canadian book bloggers for our thoughts. While I doubt anyone is seriously looking for any resolutions, it's still a worthwhile conversation. I encourage you to check out the above links and add your two cents.

On a similar note, this month's prize pack celebrates Canadian immigrant writers. Shields, Ondaatje, Munsch-- it's hard to imagine our literary landscape without the contributions of such authors. And they're just a drop in the bucket. This month, if you're a Canadian Book Challenge participant and you read and review a book by a foreign-born Canadian author, let me know in the comments below and you'll be eligible to win this wonderful prize pack kindly donated by Cormorant Books:

Pablo Urbanyi's Silver:

Pan Bouyoucan's The Tattoo:

The winner of the Scholastic Canada prize pack last month was Shonna! Shonna will receive the following prize pack:

Dear Canada: That Fatal Night by Sarah Ellis

and also by Sarah Ellis: A Prairie as Wide as the Sea:

Prisoner of Dieppe by Hugh Brewster:

And Shot at Dawn by John Wilson:

And courtesy of Kids Can Press, the following people will receive copies of Franklin in the Dark, 25th anniversary edition (just in time for Christmas!): Kate, Gypsysmom, Melissa, and Medea. Could you all (and Shonna) please send me your mailing addresses?

If you celebrate Christmas, hopefully there'll be some Canadian books under your tree this year (my wishlist includes Scott Chantler's Two Generals and Esi Edugyan's Half-Blood Blues). And if you don't celebrate Christmas, I still hope you get a chance to get cozy with a Canadian title. Just don't forget to review them! Share your links at the round-up post here.


Chrisbookarama said...

I keep forgetting that I can leave links as soon as I'm done so I'm putting November's links in December (November is closed). I read 2 this month, bringing my total to 3.

Perogyo said...

That is a lot of books! I wonder if people will be able to keep this up in December or if there will be a lull because of the business of the season?

So happy I won! Off to shoot you a mail!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

After finally jumping on the blogwagon last month, I am determined not to be swayed by too many more non-Canadian books this month. Onward!

Shonna said...

Wow. That's a lot of reading. I'm madly reading Canadian for book award consideration as well as my other Canadian collecting. We've finalized our long list now, so I'm reading as many as I can from it before we meet January 20th.

Kate said...

Thank you for my copy of Franklin! It arrived in the mail last week (and at first I was confused, since I wasn't expecting any more online orders to be delivered at that point!). Now my big dilemma - do I keep it for myself (and any small-ish visitors to my home) or pass it on to my nephews and niece?

Melissa said...

Just got my copy of Franklin today!! Thanks so much! Wonderful of you to do this.

pooker said...

Hmmm, Michael Winter, author of This All Happened was actually born in England, so qualifies as "foreign born". He came to Canada as a very young child though, so it almost feels like cheating to offer him up. But, what the heck, I have no shame.

Kate said...

I just realized (thanks to your e-mail) that my review yesterday of The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje counts as a read/review of a book by a foreign-born Canadian author. Please enter my name in the draw! My review is here.

Melissa said...

Thanks for your email! Helen Humphreys was born in England - I had to do some google searching! You'll find my review of Coventry at this address:

Franklin said...

Hey John
I can't find the link but my book by foreign born Canadian is Tell It To the Trees by Anita Rau Badami.

Shan said...

For the contest, were we supposed to read the book this month or just any time during the contest?

If this counts, I read The Free World by David Bezmozgis back in November. He was born in Latvia.