Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Year in Review 2011- Nonfiction

I love end of year lists-- other people's end of year lists. My own lists just reflect how out of touch I am with anything new. But I'll happily use your best of 2011 reading/ music/ movie lists to influence what I read/ listen to/ watch in 2012. Trendsetter, I am not.

The following list, therefore, is merely a ranking of what I've read in nonfiction this year. Very few were actually published in 2011. From worst to best, in my lowly opinion, here they are:

15. Karen Connelly- Burmese Lessons
14. Dr. Abdallah Daar and Dr. Peter Singer- The Grandest Challenge
13. Alex Debogroski- King of the Road
12. Ray Price- Yellowknife
11. Alice Blondin-Perrin- My Heart Shook Like a Drum
10. Nils Andrew Thompson- Looking For Momo in Tomo Domo
9. Albert Canadien- From Lishamie
8. Charlotte Gray- Gold Diggers
7. Annelies Pool- Iceberg Tea
6. Sandra Dolan- Wooden Boats and Iron People
5. John Gallant- Bannock, Beans, and Black Tea illustrated by Seth
4. Pierre Berton- Prisoners of the North
3. Miriatu Kamara- The Bite of the Mango
2. Ernie Lyall- An Arctic Man
1. John Vaillant- The Tiger

Stay tuned for fiction, graphic novels/comics, and short stories...


Barbara Bruederlin said...

You are being too modest. Firstly your non-fiction list is longer than my entire read list, regardless of genre. Secondly, you have recommended some dang fine books to me over the years.

John Mutford said...

Barbara: And yet you still managed to read Room before me!

Sandra said...

I read all of your reviews here. The Bite of the Mango is already on my tbr list. The rest don't excite me much although I gave my husband The Tiger and he was over the moon about it. I must tell you that I couldn't believe how much you disliked Burmese Lessons (I understand and agree to a point on all your arguments), so I made a point of reading it, well about 50 pages to go, and I've enjoyed it. Please John, do yourself a favour - forget who wrote it and read The Lizard's Cage. I also read Random Passage after you mentioned Bernice Morgan and I'm glad I did.

John Mutford said...

Sandra: Well, I'm glad you've enjoyed Burmese Lessons. I definitely know I'm in the minority opinion on that one! Maybe someday I'll give The Lizard's Cage a shot, though it's queued up behind a lot of others at the moment.