Sunday, April 01, 2012

5th Annual Canadian Book Challenge- 8th Update

March has come and gone and collectively we added 70+ books to the Canadian Book Challenge total. Not our best, but certainly an impressive number. 19 people have already reached the 13 goal, and while most are continuing on, the rate usually starts to decrease after that. But we've also had a few participants join in recent months and they seem to be renewing the energy. Plus, those participants who are content to chug along at a healthy pace are also nearing the end-- 3 months to go. In March, some of the highlights, imho, were:
1. Medea's review of Down by Jim Long's Stage (This was a book she won for the Canadian Book Challenge, and a book from my childhood in Newfoundland)
2. Gavin's review of Through Black Spruce and Sarah's review of The Other Side of the Bridge-- both are reviews of sequels that I've put off reading for way too long, even though I really enjoyed the first one.
3. Jennifer's review of Kenneth Oppel's This Dark Endeavour. Like Jennifer, I've not read Oppel's wildly popular Silverwing series, and I always felt like I should start my Oppel reading there. But I've been eyeing This Dark Endeavour for a while, especially as I --unlike Jennifer-- was a fan of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and This Dark Endeavour revolves around that tale. Given Jennifer's positive review, This Dark Endeavour may just jump the queue.

Of course, I enjoyed reading all your reviews last month, as I hope you all did as well. What reviews stood out for you?

Moving onto the prizes, last month I asked readers to recommend some Canadian poetry and/or to review Canadian poetry. I was very happy with all the responses, and the winner, chosen randomly from all those who entered, was Eric. For his efforts, Eric will receive the following books generously donated by Brick Books:

1. Noble Gas, Penny Black by David O'Meara

2. Mortal Arguments by Sue Sinclair

3. Alien, Correspondent by Antony Di Nardo

4. Spirit Engine by John Donlan

A huge thank-you to Brick Books for this fabulous prize.

For next month's mini-challenge, it's a book reviewer scavenger hunt. Click on the links of the Canadian Book Challenge participants found in the sidebar and tell me who these descriptions fit:
1. "A small-town, country girl. A teacher and an artist."
2. "...a lawyer in Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada who enjoys reading, especially mysteries."
3. "a software developer and mother of two who enjoys reading, knitting and playing word games."
4. "live[s] in Toronto, Canada, with [her] husband, Gord, and [their] two kitties, Morgan and Crumpet."

If you can find out who these participants are, email me at jmutford (at) hotmail [dot] com, with the subject "Book Reviewer Scavenger Hunt." A winner will be chosen randomly from all those who qualify. Deadline is April 30th, 2012. The winner will receive the following fantastic prize pack kindly donated by Harbour Publishing:
1. The Odious Child and Other Stories (by Carloyn Black)
2. The Year of Broken Glass by Joe Denham
3. A Walk with the Rainy Sisters by Stephen Hume
Good luck!!!

Don't forget to add your April review links at the roundup post!


Perogyo said...

Thanks- Down by Jim Long's Stage has been a highlight for me too. My kids think it's hilarious.

I know who at least one of these people is, but I am determined to get all 4!

Teddy Rose said...

Congrats to Eric for winning!

I recently got a copy of Through Black Spuce, it's been on my TBR since it was first published.

pooker said...

Well perogyo, the challenge is on! Those look like such mighty fine books (and waayyyy more interesting than the tax guide I should be looking at today) that I think I ought join this scavenger hunt.