Monday, May 07, 2012

Reader's Diary #826- Mary Edward: Beyond Repair

With a title like "Beyond Repair" it should come as no surprise that Mary Edward's short story isn't an optimistic piece.

"Beyond Repair" begins with a woman accidentally running over a doll with her car. It's a simple set up, but the greatness of this story is the layering and unlayering that follows.

The more tragic "Beyond Repair" becomes, an element of danger also begins to appear and Edwards carefully uses both to challenge the reader's prejudices and pity.

Dark, but wonderfully written.

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Loni said...

Sounds really interesting. I don't know if I want to read it right away. I've read too many depressing stories lately (depressing for different reasons).

I read another of Katherine Mansfields stories for this week.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Good lawd, that's a disturbing story! Her suspicion of the scruffy man is a nice bit of misplaced direction. Nice find.

Teddy Rose said...

Beyond Repair sound like a story I would like. I'll have to download it.

I have been away and then trying to catch up but I did a short story review tonight: