Monday, May 21, 2012

Reader's Diary #829- Zoe Wicomb: In Search of Tommie

In Zoe Wicomb's "In Search of Tommie," a South African male and a British woman discover they are half-siblings, both resentful of an absent father, but are at least united in this resentment.

Mostly following the son, TS's perspective, and amidst the bitterness, a reader can learn more about South African culture (there were, for instance, a few slang words that I had to look up); though I don't think TS represents the average South African. His unique personality easily prevent him from being a cliched character.

 It took me a couple of paragraphs to get into the style of "In Search of Tommie," but it was well worth the effort to stick with it. It ends on just enough of a note to give the story a push away from the negative outlook that dominated the earlier story, a subtle switch in tone that to me makes the story worth reading.

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now that the weekend guests have left, reading short stories seem a fine activity for a holiday Monday.

By the way, you are one of the winners in the Blunderbusss give-away contest. CD coming your way.

Loni said...

I haven't read anything from South Africa, I don't think.

This week's short story:

Teddy Rose said...

It sounds like a story I would like to check out, for sure. I reviewed The Maladjusted:

Julie @ Read Handed said...

Sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for sharing. I read an Elizabeth Bowen quasi ghost story called "The Demon Lover."