Monday, June 25, 2012

Reader's Diary #838- Fernando Iwasaki, translated by Jeremy Osner: To Troy, Helen

"To Troy, Helen" begins with a man returning home unexpected, expecting to catch his wife in the act. It's clear this man is not overly impressed with the way his life has turned out. Following last week's short story which dealt with daddy issues, a midlife crisis story could have proven to be too much for me. I'm not intentionally trying to delve this deeply into the male psyche at this point. Fortunately, the flip side of "To Troy, Helen" deals with the wife's state of unhappiness. If it's a midlife crisis story, at least both sexes are represented.

 It's also quite a sexual story. While Iwasaki is originally from Peru, and I know there's a stereotype of overt sexuality in South American culture, I'm not sure if that helps put this story into any context that matters. It might help rationalize the ending, but it's hard to say if the ending is not simply a character's individual decision. It's a somewhat odd ending-- believable, but odd.

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