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The 6th Canadian Book Challenge- July Roundup (Sticky Post— Scroll down for most recent post)

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Reader's Diary #847- Michelle Wan: Deadly Slipper

Have you seen Adaptation (otherwise known as the last good movie Nicolas Cage was in)? It was my first exposure to the idea that something as... well, I won't say boring... much as a non-thought as orchids, could be the center of a mystery. Actually many mysteries. It turns out that orchids inspire a lot of fanaticism, and where there's fanaticism, there's potential for all sorts of trouble.

Over at Flashlight Worthy, Leah Smith has compiled a whole list of orchid mysteries. Michelle Wan of Guelph, Ontario has based her entire writing career around orchid mysteries. Deadly Slipper is the first of four books in her Death in the Dordogne series, set in the Dordogne region of France, which is how I came upon this book. Back in March I was loading up my eReader with books to read while in France, looking especially for books that also had a Canadian connection. Michelle Wan lives in Guelph, plus both the primary victim and sleuth of Deadly Slipper are Canadian, so it fit the bill. (The other book I chose was Vimy, by Pierre Berton). Unfortunately I wasn't able to fit it in until now.

Deadly Slipper was fun. Anyone reading my blog over the past year might remember that my forays into the mystery genre have been less than successful. That attitude led me to not have the highest of expectations where Deadly Slipper was concerned. However, just coming off a really serious holocaust memoir, I was in need of a diversion and Deadly Slipper fit that bill quite nicely. I mean, it still deals with murder, but it's entertaining murder. The game of potential suspects kept me on my toes, which is all I really ask. That it was set in France and now I have some memories of the place (though not the Dordogne region, specifically), was an added attraction.

Deadly Slipper involves a Canadian woman named Mara Dunn investigating the disappearance of her twin sister in the Dordogne region nearly twenty years prior. All she has to go on is a set of poor quality photos from a camera she believes belonged to her sister. One of those photos is of an orchid, so she enlists the help of a local orchid expert to help her investigate.

It's not a perfect book. It starts to stall a little toward the middle, but fortunately picks up again. My other beef might make me sound nitpicky, but nonetheless it decreased my enjoyment. In one scene, Mara sneaks into a house to look for clues about a suspect. In his medicine cabinet she comes across some pills labeled acétaminophène. She emails a friend to have her look into what it might be used for. Seriously? Is there a Canadian that wouldn't recognize acetaminophen? Of course it turns out to be headache medication, no different than Tylenol, but it's a failed attempt at a red herring. To make matters worse, it appears that it would be unlikely to be labeled as such anyway in France. According to the websites I've come across, they usually refer to the drug as paracetamol, not acetaminophen or acétaminophène. Now if a Canadian woman were to come across paracetamol and be curious as to what it was used for, that would have made more sense. Small detail, but an annoying distraction nonetheless.

Otherwise, a pleasant summer mystery.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Reader's Diary #846- Leïla Marouane, translated by Alison Anderson: Is This How Women Grow Up?

Leïla Marouane's "Is This How Women Grow Up?" reminded me somewhat of Betty Mahmoody's Not Without My Daughter. I say somewhat because despite the similarities (a woman being oppressed by a society and then being betrayed by a man she trusted), "Is This How Women Grow Up?" is the better written of the two.

 "Is This How Women Grow Up?" begins with a rather odd scene, leaving readers to guess what is going on. The unveiling is measured out in calculated doses and it remains fascinating, even after you finally piece it all together.

Fascinating, but tragic as well. Set in Algeria, "Is This How Women Grow Up?" was part of the Arab Spring edition of Words Without Borders a year ago.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reader's Diary #845- Tyler Heal: The Times Behind the Signs Yellowknife

I started Tyler Heal's The Times Behind the Signs back in June. At only 72 pages, it seems like a long time. But I have an excuse.

The Times Behind the Signs, written by then high school student Tyler Heal in 2005, tells the stories and history behind the street names of Yellowknife. I'm certainly interested in the history of my town, but I also used it as my biking guide. With the street names listed in alphabetical order, I'd read through a letter or two, then ride to them in the same order. In total it took me 531km, including starting and returning from my own address. Three flat tires. Some days stuck in the rain. But I managed to make it to every street, and photograph the signs-- those that had signs anyway (a handful were missing). It was a really neat way to see the city, though I suspect many wondered why I was crisscrossing across the city so often. Well, because Ward Crescent and Watt Drive are at opposite ends, that's why! Still Yellowknife is a perfect size for such a task. You couldn't really do this in a large city, unless you planned on doing it over a few years, and any place smaller would probably be too quick.

Heal's book was quite well researched and somewhat interesting, though anyone with even a passing knowledge of Yellowknife history would not find it surprising that the majority of streets were named after aviation pioneers and miners. But there were a handful that didn't fit either of these categories and some were not named after people at all.

I hope Heal eventually does an updated issue to include some of the newer street names (such as Angel Street) or to include some of the few that he overlooked for some reason (Tachee Tili, Trails End, and Hershman Street, for example). I'd also suggest that in the map printed at the front, he should add a grid and coordinates to easily find the streets being described. And while he didn't include any of the numbered streets (I rode to them anyway), I'm curious to read an explanation as to why the lowest numbered street I could find was 41st street and the highest was 57th. Were there streets 1-40, and if so, do they correspond with any streets now? Did it ever go beyond 57? Not that anyone but a local would care!

Below are some photos from my rides:

Boffa Dr- the most scenic part of town, IMHO, is Old Town

Ragged Ass Road- The sign was so popular it was often stolen. Hence this one has been bolted to a large rock.

Sikyea Tili- Signs in N'Dilo all have a yellow knife at the top, to represent the Yellowknives Dene who live there.
MacDonald Dr- In some cases, when street signs were missing, I looked for businesses that had the address posted.
Lois Lane- Though Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the Christopher Reeves' Superman movies did live in Yellowknife for a short time, this street is actually named for Lois Little, another Yellowknife resident.
Weaver Dr- Weaver was one half of a business partnership that began a popular store called Weaver & Devore that still exists today. Oddly there is no street named after Devore.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reader's Diary #844- Alison Weir: Anniversary

Debbie and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this past Saturday and so, with that in mind, I Googled "Short Story" and "anniversary" which is how I found Alison Weir's delightful "Anniversary."

By an unfamiliar author, with a rather innocuous title, and on the Woman & Home website, I admit that I was expecting a touching, relationship story-- which I would have been okay with as a change of pace.

And that's just the way it starts. Reading about a woman and her husband researching a good inn to stay in for an anniversary vacation reminded me a lot of Debbie and I-- we've gone through the whole hotel selection bit quite often.

But slowly it begins to change. And while it isn't the most original premise, it's certainly entertaining and far from my initial expectations.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reader's Diary #843- Keith Morgan with Ruth Kron Sigal: Ruta's Closet

I've often heard, but never really related to, people talking about "summer reads." The idea seemed to be that when the weather is hot, readers are not all that interested in exercising their brains, preferring entertaining books with little intellectual substance. As for me, I've never really changed my reading choices based on the weather. I was as inclined to read Stephen King in the winter as I was Margaret Laurence in the summer. Or vice versa.

But with Ruta's Closet, I question whether or not it would be a better winter read. A true story about the Nazi occupation of Lithuania, it's not exactly light fare. I'm usually reading several books at any given time, but usually do a better job balancing it. Maybe it was the high from the summer sun that made me often neglect Ruta's Closet in favour of the less depressing reads. And with Ruta's Closet, I really needed to focus. Focusing mostly on the memories on Ruth Kron Sigal (Ruta), it nonetheless features an abundance of characters and without paying close attention, I often found myself confused as to who was who.

This is a problem with me, the reader, not with Keith Morgan's writing. Morgan's writing was fine, opting for a narrative approach to make the scenes more personable. Sometimes he clearly took liberties with unknowable details (people's emotions, etc), but they were believable and when I was focused, gave me more of a connection with the facts. One problem that wasn't my fault was the abundance of typos. It's a self-published book and the stereotype about such books being rife with spelling mistakes and punctuation errors unfortunately hold true with this one. A good editor would have easily caught these. (Although as Charlotte Gray's Gold Diggers proved, publishing companies don't necessarily guarantee one of those either.)

In any case, Ruta's Closet is an interesting holocaust story, differentiating itself with the other holocaust stories I've heard mostly thanks to the setting. I've heard little about the Lithuanian Jewish population before and of their struggles not only with the Nazi invaders but also with their Russians "liberators."

(Disclaimer: Ruta's Closet was a review copy given to me by the author.)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Reader's Diary #842- Samantha Ball: ...!

For my final pre-scheduled Short Story Monday post, I left Newfoundland and instead searched for an Ottawa writer— as in real life, we're spending the last few days of our vacation in Ottawa.

As the title of Samantha Ball's "...!" would suggest, there's a twist ending. In fact, unlike last week's short story choice in which the story would have held up without the twist at the end, "...!" depends on the twist in order for it to work. Therefore it's impossible to discuss the story without spoiling the whole shebang. So, if you think you might want to read it for yourself, I'd suggest doing so now before reading any further.

"...!" is amusing, but doesn't feel fleshed out enough. It's more like a joke, or actually, more like a commercial. Still, it's got one of those 6th Sense sort of endings, where you just have to go back and read it again now that you know the secret, to make sure it still makes sense. Fortunately, it's short enough to do so, and it does work.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

Reader's Diary #841- Trudy Morgan-Cole: Prevely in a Secrete Place

For my second pre-scheduled Short Story Monday post while I'm away in Newfoundland, I've chosen another story from a Newfoundland author: Trudy Morgan-Cole's "Prevely in a Secrete Place."

"Prevely in a Secrete Place" is about a grad student named Rachel who gets an arguably unhealthy obsession with Elizabeth Woodville, wife of King Edward IV, after happening upon her picture while doing research. For a while it seems that Woodville is just what Rachel needs in order to make sense of her own life, but it's the slide into fixation that keeps the story interesting.

I was quite impressed with the story; loved the feminist themes, love fiction and poetry based on works of art, and was amused by the mild twist at the end.

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Monday, July 02, 2012

Reader's Diary #840- Newfoundland Novelist: Winnie and Christopher Robin

In anticipation for my trip to Newfoundland, I've scheduled a few Short Story Monday posts to appear in my absence. The first story I've chosen is from an writer that simply goes by "Newfoundland Novelist," which is how I found him/her— by Googling "Newfoundland novelist." The results brought up a fan-fiction site.

I had my reservations. I'm not sure why. After all, I like the idea of fan-fiction. Someone riffing on someone else's creation? It's socialism meets art! I can totally get behind that. When I think about it, I've even read fan-fiction before: I've read Stephen King doing a Sherlock Holmes mystery. And then there's that whole crazy success of Fifty Shades of Grey, that began as Twilight fan-fiction.

But still. I'm also a believer and supportive of self-publishing, and quite frankly the majority of self-published books that I've attempted to read stinks to high heaven. Isn't most fan-fiction pretty much the same thing?

 In any case, I have an open mind and decided to give Newfoundland Novelist's "Winnie and Christopher Robin" a chance. Taking Christopher Robin into adulthood, "Winnie and Christopher Robin" is basically in praise of childhood imagination. It's sweet, maybe overly saccharine, but then again, so were Milne's stories. If you were a fan (I was always a little blasé about Pooh) you may still enjoy it. Though be forewarned: it does come across as amateurish. There are a few typos here and there, but most problematic for me was the lack of creative sentence structure. Almost every bit of dialogue is written as: "'Blah, blah, blah,' someone [said]" which gets boring fast. Still, it's pretty innocuous. It doesn't sell me on fan fiction, but it hasn't deterred me either.

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Happy Canada Day! Let the Challenge Begin!

Today I'll be somewhere high above Canada, making my way to Newfoundland from Yellowknife. But I just wanted to take a quick moment to wish you all a happy Canada Day and if you haven't already signed up, to invite you to join the 6th annual Canadian Book Challenge. More details here.

If you already signed up, please note the link-up at the top of this page to start posting all your Canadian book reviews. I'll start organizing all this better, including my email list, when I return!

The 5th Canadian Book Challenge- Wrap-up Post!

Here we are at the end of another successful year of reading and reviewing Canadian books. Let's take a look back at how the year has gone.

Back in June of last year, the Globe and Mail picked up on the story and participants were lining up from coast to coast and even overseas. Then, on July 1st, we officially started. A day later, 12 of us get a boost in our reading, with a 24 hour readathon. As it was the 5th edition of the challenge that I've hosted, I felt it was a bit of a milestone, and wanted it to the biggest and most exciting one yet. We were certainly off to a promising start-- but would the momentum hold up?

Let's see what the stats say:
- We've read and reviewed a total of 1034 books! That is way up from the previous year, but still not a record (that was set back in the 2nd edition at 1137). The grand total for all 5 years combined is 4138.
- Of the people 58 who participated, 34 finished (reached 13 or more books). Again, not a record in terms of numbers but the 59% success rate is.
- Shonna broke a record by reading and reviewing an even 100. Impressive!

This year we also had a record number of prizes donated. Enough in fact to have at least one challenge each month. A hearty thank-you goes out to the following individuals and publishers for donating books:
- Northern authors (Jamie Bastedo, Annelies Pool, Cathy Jewison, and Richard Van Camp)
- Arbeiter Ring Press
- Breakwater Books
- Ronsdale Press
- HarperCollins
- Scholastic Canada
- Kids Can Press
- Cormorant Books
- Random House
- Arsenal Pulp Press
- Brick Books
- Harbour Publishing
- The Workhosery
- Anansi Press
- Red Clover

And, as their generosity knew no bounds, I was able to hold back a book from each publisher to include in a final grand finale pack. From all of those who met the challenge requirements (i.e., read 13 or more), I drew a random name... And a hearty congratulations goes out to Eric! Eric will receive the following books:

Tragedy on Jackass Mountain by Charles Scheideman (Harbour Publishing)
Persitence edited by Ivan E. Coyote and Zena Sharman (Arsenal Pulp Press)
Monoculture by F.S. Michaels (Red Clover)
Great Village by Mary Rose Donnelly (Cormorant Books)
The Far Side of the Sky by Daniel Kalla (HarperCollins)
Pitouie by Derek Winkler (The Workhorsery)
The Sea Captain's Wife by Beth Powning and Galore by Michael Crummey (Random House)
Quiet Reformers by Ian MacDonald and Betty O'Keefe (Ronsdale Press)
Where Old Ghosts Meet by Kate Evans (Breakwater)
Slow Moving Target by Sue Wheeler (Brick Books)
Franklin in the Dark by Paulette Bourgeois (Kids Can Press)
Picture a Tree by Barbara Reid (Scholastic Canada)
The Listener by David Lester (Arbeiter Ring Press)
Stories From Yellowknife by Randy Freeman (Down North Tales)

Before I leave you with links to every book reviewed for the 5th Canadian Book Challenge, here are a few more stats:

- The most reviewed book was Patrick DeWitt's The Sisters Brothers, with 14 reviews. The most reviewed author was Alan Bradley with 16 reviews. The most prolifically reviewed author was Margaret Atwood, with 11 different titles reviewed.

The 5th annual Canadian Book Challenge - Final reviews:

Abdou, Angie
- Anything Boys Can Do (Pooker)
- The Bone Cage (John)
- The Canterbury Trail (Corey, Raidergirl)

Adamson, Gil
- The Outlander (Melissa, Ann)

Aguirre, Carmen
- Something Fierce (Paulina, Shan)

Aihoshi, Susan
- Torn Apart (Nicola)

Alexis, André
- Childhood (Jules)

Almond, Paul
- The Deserter (Shonna)
- The Survivor (The Survivor)

Amaral, Joe
- Understanding Jesus (Sharon)

Anderson, T.
- Monad 12. 21. 12 (Sarah)

Anderson-Dargatz, Gail
- Turtle Valley (Melissa, Jules)

Anthony, Joelle
- Restoring Harmony (Pussreboots)

Apostolides, Marianne
- The Lucky Child (Shonna)

Aquin, Hubert
- Next Episode (Jules)

Archbold, Rick
- Canada, Our History (Nicola)

Arden, Jann
- Falling Backwards (Shan, Medea)

Armstrong, Kelley
- Frostbitten (Jules)
- The Gathering (Pussreboots, Darlene)
- Living With The Dead (Jules)
- No Humans Involved (Jules)
- Personal Demon (Jules)
- Waking the Witch (Sarah)

Arthurson, Wayne
- Fall From Grace (Shonna. Ann)

Ashenburg, Katherine
- The Dirt on Clean (Jocelyne)

Assiniwi, Bernard
- The Beothuk Saga (John)

Atwood, Margaret
- The Blind Assassin (Sarah)
- Bluebeard's Egg (Jules)
- Cat's Eye (Eric)
- The Edible Woman (Anita)
- The Handmaid's Tale (Buried in Print)
- In Other Worlds (Shonna)
- Moral Disorder (Bybee)
- Oryx and Crake (Neal, Bybee)
- The Penelopiad (Jules)
- Wilderness Tips (Bybee)
- Year of the Flood (Bybee)

Auxier, Jonathan
- Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes (Nicola, Heather, Pussreboots)

Awumey, Edem
- Dirty Feet (Amy)

Babiak, Todd
- The Garneau Block (Pooker)

Bacher, John
- Two Billion Trees and Counting (Shonna)

Bachman, Randy
- Vinyl Tap Stories (Teena)

Badami, Anita Rau
- Tell It To The Trees (Franklin, Shonna, Kathy)

Badoe, Adwoa
- Pot of Wisdom illustrated by Baba Wagué Diakité (Buried in Print)

Baker, Jacqueline
- The Horseman's Grave (Melissa)

Bainbridge, Susan
- Hoarfrost and Cherry Blossoms (Shonna)

Barclay, Linwood
- The Accident (Luanne, Teena, Paulina, Shonna)
- Clouded Vision (Jennifer)
- Never Look Away (Kristin)

Barfoot, Joan
- Exit Lines (Anita)

Bastedo, Jamie
- Tracking Triple Seven (John)

Bates, Jeremy
- White Lies (Jan)

Bates, Judy Fong
- Midnight at the Dragon Cafe (Teena)

Bauer, A.C.E.
- No Castles Here (Pussreboots)

Beaton, Bruce
- Little Athletes, Big Leaders (Irene)

Beaton, Kate
- Hark! A Vagrant (Chris)

Becker, Helaine
- The Big Green Book of  The Big Blue Sea illustrated by Willow Dawson (Medea)

Behrens, Peter
- The O'Briens (Shonna)

Beiser, Kim
- The Very Fine Frog illustrated by Rachel Berman (Irene)

Bell, William
- Only in the Movies (Shonna)

Benison, C.C.
- Twelve Drummers Drumming(Luanne, Raidergirl)

Benns, Roderick
- The Legends of Lake on the Mountain (Wanda)
- The Mystery of the Moonlight Murder (Mysteries and More)

Beresford-Kroeger, Diana
- The Global Forest (Shonna)

Bergen, David
- The Time In Between (Wanda)

Berry, Michelle
- This Book Will Not Save Your Life (Shonna)

Berton, Pierre
- Cats I Have Known and Loved (Pooker)
- Vimy (Medea, John)

Bezmozgis, David
- The Free World (Shonna, Shan, Buried in Print, Jules, Gavin, Eric)

Bidini, Dave
- On a Cold Road (Pooker)

Bidulka, Anthony
- Dos Equis (Mysteries and More)

Billinghurst, Jane
- Growing Up Royals (Irene)

Birdsell, Sandra
- Aggasiz Stories (Jules)

Bissoondath, Neil
- Innocence of Age (Eric)

Blair, Peggy
- The Beggar's Opera (Shonna, Shan)

Blaise, Claire
- The Meagre Tarmac (Buried in Print)

Blunt, Giles
- By the Time You Read This (Melissa)

Bobet, Leah
- Above (Shannon, Christa)

Bociurkiw, Marusya
- Halfway to the East (Melwyk)

Boersma, Heather
- Dream Big (Sharon)

Bogart, Jo Ellen
- Big and Small, Room for All illustrated by Gillian Newland (Medea)
- Capturing Joy: The Story of Maud Lewis (Nicola, Medea)

Booker, Fred
- Adventures in Debt Collection (Eric)

Bos, Katrina
- What If You Could Skip the Cancer? (Irene)

Bourgeois, Paulette
- Franklin in the Dark illustrated by Brenda Clark (Medea)
- Franklin Rides a Bike illustrated by Brenda Clark (Jen)

Bow, Erin
- Plain Kate (Heather)

Bowen, Gail
- Deadly Appearances (Mysteries and More)
- Kaleidoscope (Mysteries and More)

Bowering, Ian
- The Art and Mystery of Brewing in Ontario (Swordsman)

Bowers, Vivien
- Hey Canada! illustrated by Milan Pavlovic (Nicola, Jen)

Boyden, Joseph
- Three Day Road (Jules, Kathy)
- Through Black Spruce (Kathy, Gavin, Teddy)

Bradley, Alan
- I Am Half-Sick of Shadows (Luanne, Nicola, HRO, Chris, John, Shonna, Amy, Melissa)
- A Red Herring Without Mustard (Kristin, Amy Reads, Melissa, Pussreboots)
- The Sweetness at the Bottom the Pie (Pussreboots)
- The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Kerrie, Pussreboots, Melissa)

Braid, Kate
- To This Cedar Fountain (Melwyk)

Brand, Dionne
- Ossuaries (John)

Brett, Brian
- Trauma Farm (Melissa)

Brewster, Hugh
- Deadly Voyage (Nicola)
- Prisoner of Dieppe (Nicola)

Briesbois, Carol
- Her Sparrow (Pooker)
- Trip (Pooker)

Brooks, Martha
- Queen of Hearts (Paulina)

Brown, Chester
- Louis Riel (Jocelyne)

Brown, Ian
- The Boy in the Moon (Pooker)

Bruce, Charles
- The Township of Time (Steve)

Bruce, Harry
- Page Fright (Anita)

Brunanski, Nick
- Burnt Out (Mysteries and More)

Buchanan, Cathy Marie
- The Day the Falls Stood Still (Ann)

Buckler, Ernest
- Ox Bells and Fireflies (Steve)

Burgess, Tony
- Idaho Winter (Corey)
- Pontypool Changes Everything (Corey)
- Ravenna Gets (Buried in Print)

Burnard, Bonnie
- Suddenly (Pooker)

Butler, Gayle Goodson
- Gardening Made Simple (Irene)

Callaghan, Morley
- A Fine and Private Place (Eric)
- They Shall Inherit the Earth (Gypsysmom)

Cameron, Elspeth
- And Beauty Answers (Buried in Print)

Cameron, Elspeth and Janice Dickin (editors)
- Great Dames (Melissa)

Cannon, Kevin
- Far Arden (John)

Carr, Emily
- Klee Wyck (Gypsysmom)

Caulfield, Timothy
- The Cure For Everything! (Swordsman)

Chantler, Scott
- The Sign of the Black Rock (Franklin)
- Tower of Treasure (Franklin)
- Two Generals (Franklin, John)

Chilton, David
- The Wealthy Barber Returns (Teena)

Cho, Michael
- Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes (Amy)

Choy, Wayson
- The Jade Peony (Jules, KS, Melissa, Anita, Kristin)

Choyce, Lesley
- The End of the World as We Know It (Pooker)
- Raising Orion (Melwyk, Shonna)
- The Republic of Nothing (Chris)

Christie, Michael
- The Beggar's Garden (Buried in Print, Sarah)

Christmas, Jane
- What the Psychic Told the Pilgrim (Ordinary Reader)

Chypchar, E. Y.
- The Lake Como Girls (Paulina)

Clarke, George Elliott
- Whylah Falls (Buried in Print)

Clarkson, Adrienne
- Room for All of Us (Shonna)

Coady, Lynn
- The Antagonist (Shonna, Shan, Buried in Print, Jules)
- Play the Monster Blind (John, Gavin)

Coakley, Lena
- Witchlanders (Christa)

Cohen, Leonard
- The Energy of Slaves (Melissa)

Cohen, Matt
- Emotional Arithmetic (Gypsysmom)

Cohen, Tish
- Town House (Teena)

Cole, Trevor
- Practical Jean (Suzanne)

Collins, Gerard
- Moonlight Sketches (Raidergirl)

Comeau, Joey
- One Bloody Thing After Another (Shonna, Buried in Print)
- Overqualified (Buried in Print)

Compton, Wade
- 49th Parallel Psalm (Eric)
- After Canaan (Eric)

Compton, Anne
- Opening of the Island (Irene)

Compton, Valerie
- Tide Road (Raidergirl)

Conlin, Christy Ann
- Heave (Ordinary Reader)

Connelly, Karen
- Burmese Lessons (John)

Cook, Lyn
- The Secret of Willow Castle illustrated by Judith Goodwin (Kate)

Cooke, Darwyn
- Catwoman: Selina's Big Score (Franklin)

Cooper, Afua
- The Hanging of Angélique (Buried in Print)

Cooper, Cheryl
- Come Looking for Me (Shonna)

Cooper, Thea
- Breakthrough (Swordsman)

Copeland, Lori and Virginia Smith
- Lost Melody (Shonna)

Coren, Michael
- Heresy (Nicola)

Coupland, Douglas
- Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People illustrated by Gordon Roumieu (Shan)
- Microserfs (Franklin)
- Player One (Anita, Gavin)

Couture, Dani
- Algoma (Teena)

Cox, Daniel Allen
- Krakow Melt (Buried in Print)

Coyote, Ivan
- Loose End (Teddy)
- Missed Her (John, Buried in Print)

Crewe, Megan
- The Way We Fall (Christa, Jen)

Cross, Kady
- The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (Christa)

Croza, Laurel
- I Know Here illustrated by Matt James (Medea)

Crummey, Michael
- Galore (Gavin)

Cummins, Patrick and Shawn Micallef
- Full Frontal T.O. (Amy)

Daar, Abdallah and Peter Singer
- The Grandest Challenge (John)

Daher, Anita
- Racing For Diamonds (John)

Dallaire, Romeo
- They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children (Paulina)

Dalton, Sheila
- The Girl in the Box (Christa)

Daughan, George C.
- 1812 (Swordsman)

Davidson, Andrew
- The Gargoyle (Christa, Melissa)

Davies, Robertson
- The Cunning Man (Steve)
- A Leaven of Malice (Kate)
- A Mixture of Frailties (Kate)
- The Rebel Angels (Kate)
- Tempest-Tost (Kate, Gypsysmom)

Davis, Tanya
- At First, Lonely (Amy)

Dawson, Willow
- Hyena in Petticoats (Nicola)

Day, Frank Parker
- Rockbound (Jules)

Degrace, Anne
- Flying With Amelia (Melwyk, Shonna)

Delany, Vicki
- Among the Departed (Shonna)

De Lint, Charles
- Eyes Like Leaves (Teena)
- Under My Skin (Sarah)

Den Hartog, Kristen
- And Me Among Them (Shonna)

Desjardins, Martine
- Maleficium (Melwyk)

Desrochers, Suzanne
- Bride of New France (Shonna)

Deverell, William
- April Fool (Kerrie)
- I'll See You in my Dreams (Mysteries and More)
- Snow Job (Mysteries and More)

DeWitt, Patrick
- The Sisters Brothers (Christa, Michelle, Giraffe Days, Corey, Shan, Bybee, Buried in Print, Swordsman, Jennifer, Jules, Raidergirl, Melissa, Sarah, Franklin)

Dickinson, Arlene
- Persuasion (Teena)

Dickner, Nicholas
- Nikolski translated by Lazer Lederhendler (Ordinary Reader, Jocelyne)

Dimaline, Cherie
- Red Rooms (Pooker)

Di Vito, Tina
- 52 Ways to Wreck Your Retirement (Teena)

Dixon, Sean
- The Many Revenges of Kip Flynn (Shonna)

Doctor, Farzana
- Stealing Nasreen (Buried in Print)

Doctorow, Cory
- Little Brother (Sarah, Heather)

Dolan, Sandra
- Wooden Boats and Iron People (John)

Donlan, John
- Spirit Engine (Eric)

Donoghue, Emma
- Room (Jules, Barbara, Irene)

Donsky, Andrea and Randy Boyer
- Unjunk Your Junk Food (Irene)

Dryden, Ken
- The Game (John)

Dubé, Marcelle
- The Shoeless Kid (Shonna)

Dugan, Melanie
- Dead Beautiful (Chris)

Duncan, Elizabeth J.
- A Killer's Christmas in Wales (Shonna)

Dunklee, Annika
- My Name is Elizabeth illustrated by Matthew Forsythe (Medea)

Dyer, Alan
- Space (Jen)

Eamer, Claire
- The World in Your Lunch Box illustrated by Sa Boothroyd (Medea)

Echlin, Kim
- The Disappeared (Gavin)

Ede, Amatoritsero
- Globetrotter & Hitler's Children (Amy)

Edmondson, Jill
- The Lies Have It (Bill)

Edson, Jerrod
- The Making of Harry Cossaboom (Wanda)

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- Half-Blood Blues (Buried in Print, Shonna, Shan, Christa, Jules, Medea, Raidergirl, HRO, Melissa, John, Sarah, 1morechapter, Franklin)

Einarson, John
- Four Strong Wings with Ian Tyson and Sylvia Tyson (Shonna)

Elder, Joanne
- Spectra (Pussreboots)

Ellis, Deborah
- The Heaven Shop (Heather)
- No Ordinary Day (Amy)

Ellis, Sarah
- That Fatal Night (Nicola)

Elton, Sarah
- Locavore (Melissa)

Emery, Anne
- Death at Christy Burke's (Shonna)

Endicott, Marina
- Good to a Fault (Jules)
- The Little Shadows (Buried in Print)

Epperly, Elizabeth Rollins
- The Fragrance of Sweet Grass (Claire)

Espino, Stacey
- Catch Me If You Can (Heather)

Evans, Jon
- Beasts of New York (Shonna)

Fadiman, Anne
- Ex Libris (Ordinary Reader)

Fairfield, Leslie
- Tyranny (Pussreboots)

Faith, Karlene
- Unruly Women (Amy)

Fallis, Terry
- The Best Laid Plans (Ann)
- The High Road (Jennifer)

Farrow, John
- City of Ice (Pooker)
- River City (Jennifer, Shonna)

Featherstone, Charlotte
- Pride and Passion (Giraffe Days)
- Seduction and Scandal (Giraffe Days)

Ferguson, Will
- 419 (Heather, Sarah, Shan, Luanne)
- Coal Dust Kisses (Irene)
- Why I Hate Canadians (Irene)

Ferguson, Will and Ian Ferguson
- How To Be a Canadian (Irene)

Ferguson, Ted
- Strange Days (Teena, Swordsman)

Files, Gemma
- A Rope of Thorns (Corey)

Findlay, Jamieson
- The Summer of Permanent Wants (Heather)

Findley, Timothy
- Elizabeth Rex (Eric)
- Spadework (Buried in Print)
- Stones (Jules)
- The Wars (Eric)
- You Went Away (April)

Fitzgerald, James
- What Disturbs Our Blood (Buried in Print)

Flanigan, Dalene
- The Truth About Us (Sarah)

Fleming, Ann Marie
- The Magical Life of Long Tack Sam (John)

Flowers, Frankie
- Get Growing (Irene)

Fontaine, Theodore
- Broken Circle (Pooker)

Forler, Nan
- Winterberries and Apple Blossoms illustrated by Peter Etril Snyder(Two Canadian Readers)

Foster, Darlene
- Amanda in Arabia (Darlene)

Fotheringham, Scott
- The Rest is Silence (Shannon)

Fradkin, Barbara
- Beautiful Lie the Dead (Shonna)

Francis, Brian
- Natural Order (Kathy, Shonna, Teena, Jennifer, Corey)

Freeman, Randy
- Stories From Yellowknife (John)

Frutkin, Mark
- Walking Backwards (Shonna)

Fung, Mellissa
- Under an Afghan Sky (Shonna, Melissa)

Gallant, John
- Bannock, Beans and Black Tea illustrated by Seth (Wanda, John)

Gallant, Mavis
- Paris Stories (John)

Galloway, Steven
- The Cellist of Sarajevo (KS, Melissa, Sarah)
- Finnie Walsh (Steve)

Gamble, Jessa
- The Siesta and the Midnight Sun (John)

Gammel, Irene
- Making Avonlea (Claire)

Garner, Hugh
- Cabbagetown (Steve)

Gartner, Zsuzsi
- Better Living Through Plastic Explosives (Buried in Print, Shan, Shonna, Jules, Eric, Sarah)

Gaston, Bill
- The Cameraman (Pooker)
- The Good Body (Steve)

Gay, Marie-Louise
- Stella, Princess of the Sky (Pussreboots)

Gerson, Carole and Gwendolyn Davies
- Canadian Poetry (Buried in Print)

Gibb, Camilla
- The Beauty of Humanity Movement (Teddy, Kathy)

Gibson, William
- Distrust That Particular Flavor (Shonna)
- Zero History (Gavin)

Gibson, William and Bruce Sterling
- The Difference Engine (Canuckoid)

Gilmour, David
- The Perfect Order of Things (Shonna)

Glass, Eleri
- The Red Shoes illustrated by Ashley Spires (Erin)

Glew, Frank
- I Need a Hug illustrated by the Marna Twins (Irene)
- Little Ladybug Earns Her Spots illustrated by the Marna Twins (Irene)
- That Chickadee Feeling illustrated by the Marna Twins (Irene)

Godwin, Laura
- One Moon, Two Cats (Nicola)

Goodfellow, Margaret and Phil Goodfellow
- A Guidebook to Contemporary Architecture in Toronto (Buried in Print)

Gopnik, Adam
- Winter (Buried in Print)

Goreski, Brad
- Born to be Brad (Shan)

Gould, John
- Seven Good Reasons Not to be Good (Shonna)

Gowdy, Barbra
- We So Seldom Look on Love (Pooker)
- The White Bone (Anita)

Goyette, Sue
- Lures (Wanda)

Graham, Georgia
- The Lime Green Secret (Heather)

Graham, Gwethalyn
- Earth and High Heaven (Claire)

Granfield, Linda
- Out of Slavery (Nicola)

Gray, Charlotte
- Gold Diggers (John)
- Mrs. King (Melissa)

Graves, Judith
- Under My Skin (Amy Reads)

Green, Lyndsay
- Teens Gone Wired (Irene)

Greenslade, Frances
- Shelter (Shonna, Paulina)

Gregory, Leland
- Canaduh (Teena)

Griggs, Terry
- Invisible Ink (Buried in Print)
- The Silver Door (Buried in Print)

Gruen, Sara
- Water for Elephants (Medea)

Gunn, Genni
- Solitaria (Buried in Print)

Hagarty,  Jim
- Home Again (Irene)
- Poor Daddy (Irene)

Hale, Amanda
- The Reddening Path (Giraffe Days)

Hamilton, Ian
- The Disciple of Las Vegas (Shonna, Buried in Print, Kathy)
- The Water Rat of Wanchai (Kristin, Heather, Shonna, Kathy, Buried in Print)
- Wild Beasts of Wuhan (Buried in Print)

Hamilton, Lyn
- The Xibalba Murders (HRO)

Hanrahan, Maura
- Sheilagh's Brush (Shonna)

Harris, Amy Lavender
- Imagining Toronto (Buried in Print)

Harris, Doug
- YOU comma Idiot (Corey)

Harris, Marjorie
- How to Make a Garden (Irene)

Hart, Jillian
- No One But You (Sharon)

Hartt-Sussman, Harriet
- Noni Says No illustrated by Geneviève Côté (Irene)

Harvey, Alyxandra
- Haunting Violet (Heather, Sarah)

Harvey, Kenneth J.
- Blackstrap Hawco (Pooker)
- Inside (Ann)

Hawley, Linda
- Dreams Unleashed (Sarah)
- Guardian of Time (Sarah)

Hay, Elizabeth
- Alone in the Classroom (Kathy, Shonna, Judi, Jules, Melissa)
- Late Nights On Air (Barbara, Ann)

Hayes, Derek
- The Maladjusted (John, Shannon, Jen, Teddy)

Haze, Angel
- War of the Witch (Sarah)

Heard, Christopher
- The Suite Life (Teena)

Heidbreder, Robert
- Drumheller Dinosaur Dance illustrated by Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo (Medea)

Heighten, Steven
- The Dead Are More Visible (Shonna)

Helm, Michael
- Cities of Refuge (Franklin)

Helwig, David
- Saltsea (Ordinary Reader)

Helwig, Maggie
- Girls Fall Down (Kathy)

Hemmings, David
- Laura Ingersoll Secord (Swordsman)

Hibb, Nora, Sheryl and Simon Shapiro
- Slither, Slide, What's Outside? (Jen)

Hicks, Faith Erin
- Friends With Boys (Nicola)
- Zombie Calling (Nicola)

Highway, Tomson
- The Rez Sisters (John)

Hill, Lawrence
- The Book of Negroes (Judi)

Holdstock, Pauline
- Into the Heart of the Country (Buried In Print)

Hopkinson, Nalo
- Brown Girl in the Ring (Canuckoid)
- The Chaos (Darlene)

Horvath, Polly
- The Pepins and Their Problems illustrated by Marylin Hafner(Pussreboots)

Horwood, Harold
- Evening Light (Sharon)

Hossack, Darcie Friesen
- Mennonites Don't Dance (Shonna, Jules)

Hough, Robert
- Dr. Brinkley's Tower (Buried in Print)

Houston, James
- Running West (Gypsysmom)

Houston, Nancy
- Fault Lines (Workaday Reads)

Humphreys, Helen
- Afterimage (HRO)
- Coventry (Raidergirl)
- Coventry (Melissa)
- The Reinvention of Love (HRO, Raidergirl)

Hutchins, Hazel
- A Second is a Hiccup illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton (Medea)

Hutchins, Hazel and Gail Herbert
- Mattland illustrated by Dusan Petricic (Medea)

Hay, Elizabeth
- Alone in the Classroom (Jennifer B)

Hayes, Derek
- The Maladjusted (Shonna)

Holborn, Hannah
- Fierce (April)

Hooton, Matthew
- Deloume Road (Gavin)

Hossack, Darcie Friesen
- Mennonites Don't Dance (Paulina)

Howard, Blanche
- Dreaming in a Digital World (Melwyk)

Hutchison, Margaret
- Tamarac (John)

Itani, Frances
- Deafening (Kathy)
- Requiem (Shonna, Sarah)

Izzo, Kim
- The Jane Austen Marriage Manual (Shan)

Jacob, Suzanne
- Fugitives (KS)

Jacques, Edna
- My Kitchen Window (Gypsysmom)

Jiles, Paulette
- The Color of Lightning (Nicola)

Johnston, A. J. B.
- Endgame 1758 (Swordsman)

Johnston, Wayne
- the Colony of Unrequited Dreams (Melissa, Jules, Ordinary Reader, Ann)
- A World Elsewhere (Shonna, Buried in Print)

Joyce, G.B.
- The Code (Steve)

Juby, Susan
- Nice Recovery (Teena)
- Woefield Poultry Collective (Teena)

Kalla, Daniel
- The Far Side of the Sky (Shonna)

Kamara, Mariatu
- The Bite of the Mango with Susan McClelland (John)

Kaner, Etta
- Have You Ever Seen a Duck in a Raincoat? illustrated by Jeff Szue (Medea

Kats, Jewel
- Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair illustrated by Richna Kinra (Irene)
- What Do You Do to Help Your Body? illustrated by Richna Kinra (Irene)

Katz, Anne
- Girl in the Know illustrated by Monika Melnychuk (Irene)

Kay, Guy Gavriel
- The Fionavar Tapestry (Claire)
- The Lions of Al-Rassan (Claire)
- A Song For Arbonne (Claire)

Kearsley, Susanna
- Mariana (Claire)
- The Rose Garden (Claire)
- The Shadowy Horses (Claire)
- The Winter Sea (Claire)

Keefer, Janice Kulyk
- The Green Library (Wanda)

Keith, Esme Claire
- Not Being on a Boat (Shonna)

Keller, Betty
- A Thoroughly Wicked Woman (Shonna)

Khan, Rukhsana
- Big Red Lollipop illustrated by Sophie Blackall (Pussreboots)

Kielburger, Craig and Marc Kielburger (editors)
Living Me to We (Irene)

Kim, Susan and Laurence Klavan
- City of Spies illustrated by Pascal Dizin (Pussreboots)

King, James
- Etienne's Alphabet (Buried in Print)

Kinsella, W.P.
- Butterfly Winter (Corey)
- Miss Hobbema Pageant (Medea)
- The Moccasin Telegraph (Medea)

Kirshner, Lauren
- Where We Have To Go (Shan)

Kok-Shurgers, G. Pauline
- The Remains of War (Nicola)

Kostash, Myrna
- Prodigal Daughter (Melwyk)

Kostick, Ken
- The $10 Gourmet (Irene)

Kroetsch,  Robert
- Alibi (Eric)
- Badlands (Eric)
- Gone Indian (Eric)
- The Man From The Creeks (Eric)
- The Puppeteer (Eric)
- The Studhorse Man (Eric)
- What the Crow Said (Eric)
- The Words of My Roaring (Eric)

Kuipers, Alice
- 40 Things I Want to Tell You (Christa)

Kulling, Monica
- In the Bag! illustrated by David Parkins (Nicola)
- It's a Snap! illustrated by Bill Slavin (Nicola)

Kupesic, Rajka
- The White Ballets (Nicola)

Kusugak, Michael
- Baseball Bats for Christmas illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Teddy)
- The Curse of the Shaman (John)
- Hide and Sneak illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Teddy)
- Northern Lights and Soccer Trails illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Teddy)

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
- 50 Underwear Questions (Nicola)

Laferrière, Dany
- The Return translated by David Homel (Buried in Print, Shonna)

Lafleche, Isabelle
- J'adore New York (Sharon)

Lam, Vincent
- The Headmaster's Wager (Shan, Shonna)

Lamb, James B.
- The Corvette Navy (Steve)

Lane, Patrick
- There is a Season (Teddy)

Lang, John
- Lone Hawk (Nicola)

Lansens, Lori
- The Girls (Kathy)
- Rush Home Road (Pooker)
- The Wife's Tale (Raidergirl)

Lapena, Shari
- Happiness Economics (Melwyk)

Larabee, Ann
- The Dynamite Fiend (Steve)

Laukannen, Owen
- The Professionals (Luanne)

Laurence, Margaret
- A Bird in the House (Gypsysmom)
- Dance on the Earth (Bybee)
- The Fire-Dwellers (Jules, Gypsysmom, Pooker)
- A Jest of God (Anita)
- Long Drums and Cannons (Amy)
- The Prophet Camel's Bell (Anita)
- This Side Jordan (Anita)
- The Stone Angel (Kate, Debbie, Anita, Sarah)
- The Tomorrow-Tamer (Anita)

Lawson, Mary
- The Other Side of the Bridge (Melissa, Sarah)

Laycock, Marcia Lee
- Cassie (Sarah)

Leacock, Stephen
- Sunshine Sketches of a Small Town (Eric)

Leavey, Peggy Dymond
- Mary Pickford (Swordsman)

Leavitt, Sarah
- Tangles (Shonna)

Leckie, Keith Ross
- Coppermine (Shonna, Pooker)

Lee, Jen Sookfong
- The Better Mother (Shonna)

Lee, Y. S.
- The Traitor in the Tunnel (Nicola)

Lemire, Jeff
- Essex County (Claire)
- Sweet Tooth: Animal Armies (Teddy, Buried in Print)
- Sweet Tooth: Endangered Species (Buried in Print)
- Sweet Tooth: In Captivity (Buried in Print)
- Sweet Tooth: Out of the Woods (Buried in Print)

Leveille, J. R.
- Setting Lake Sun (Pooker)

Levy, Joanne
- Small Medium at Large (Christa)

Lewis, Laurie
- Little Comrades (Melwyk)

Lindquist, N.J. and Nelles, Wendy Elaine (editors)
- Hot Apple Cider (Sharon, Irene)
- A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider (Irene)

Little, Jean
- Brothers Far From Home (Nicola)

Lockhett, Jerry
- Captain James Cook in Atlantic Canada (Swordsman)

London, Jack
- The Call of the Wild (Anita)

Ludwig, Sidura
- Holding My Breath (Pooker)

Lunn, Janet
- Shadow in Hawthorne Bay (Medea, Kate)

Lyall, Ernie
- An Arctic Man (John)

Lynes, Jeanette
- The Factory Voice (Ordinary Reader, Pooker)

Mac, Carrie
- The Opposite of Tidy (Teena)

MacDonald, Ann-Marie
- Fall on Your Knees (Jules)
- Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) (Claire)

Macdonald, Jake
- With the Boys (Pooker)

MacFarlane, David
- Summer Gone (AvidAnita)

MacGregor, Roy
- The Last Season (Steve)

MacIntyre, Linden
- The Bishop's Man (Kristin)
- Why Men Lie (Christa)

Maclear, Kyo
- The Letter Opener (Medea)
- Spork illustrated by Isabelle Arseneault (Medea)
- Stray Love (Medea)
- Virginia Wolf illustrated by Isabelle Arseneault (Medea)

MacLennan, Hugh
- Barometer Rising (Eric)
- The Watch That Ends The Night (Melissa)

MacLeod, Alexander
- Light Lifting (Pooker)

MacLeod, Alistair
- As Birds Bring Forth the Sun (Raidergirl)
- The Last Salt Gift of Blood (Jules)

MacLeod, Hilary
- Mind Over Mussels (Shonna, Chris)
- Revenge of the Lobster Lover (Chris)

Macpherson, Margaret
- Body Trade (John)

Maddock, Saskia
- Swimming to the Surface (Heather)

Maffini, Mary Jane
- Speak Ill of the Dead (Shonna)

Maharaj, Rabindranath
- The Amazing Absorbing Boy (Buried in Print)

Major, Alice
- Intersecting Sets (Melwyk)

Major, Kevin
- New Under the Sun (Shonna)

Manguel, Alberto
- A Reader on Reading (Claire)

Manicom, David
- Anna's Shadow (Melwyk)

Marrelli, Nancy and Simon Dardick
-Cheap Thrills Montreal (Irene)

Martel, Yann
- Beatrice and Virgil (Sarah, Jules)

Martinez, Jessica
- Virtuosity (Christa)

Mason, Mike
- The Blue Umbrella (Nicola)

Matas, Carol
- Behind Enemy Lines (Nicola)

Mayor, Chandra
- All the Pretty Girls (Pooker)

Mayr, Suzette
- Monocerous (Buried in Print)

McCaig, Joann
- The Textbook of the the Rose (Melwyk)

McCarthy, Julia
- Return from Erebus (Melwyk)

McCaslin, Susan
- Demeter Goes Skydiving (Melwyk)

McCay, Sharon
- Our Canadian Girl Penelope (Anita)

McClarty, Sheila
- High Speed Crow (Pooker)

McClintock, Norah
- Victim Rights (Shonna)

McCole, Caitlin
- All About Eve (Sarah)
- Ex Cineribus Resurge (Sarah)

McDonald, Anne
- To The Edge of the Sea (Shonna)

McCourt, Edward
- Wooden Sword (Pooker)

McKenzie, Catherine
- Forgotten (Luanne, Sarah)

McGoogan, Ken
- How The Scots Invented Canada (Shonna)

McIntosh, D. J.
- The Witch of Babylon (Kristin)

McKay, Ami
- The Birth House (Medea)
- The Virgin Cure (Luanne, Amy, Shonna, Kathy, Melissa, Teena)

McKenzie, Catherine
- Spin (Heather)

McLean, Stuart
- Extreme Vinyl Cafe (Raidergirl)

McNicoll, Sylvia
- Crush. Candy. Corpse. (Shonna)

McWatt, Tessa
- Viltal Signs (Shonna)

McLean, Stuart
- Stories From the Vinyl Cafe (Melissa)

McNaughton, Janet
- Dragon Seer's Gift (Nicola)

Meades, Christopher
- The Last Hiccup (Corey)

Meister, Soizick and Kallie George
- Mr. M (Shonna)

Mercer, Jeremy
- Time Was Soft There (Ordinary Reader)

Michaels, F.S.
- Monoculture (Buried in Print)

Mitchell, Shandi
- Under This Unbroken Sky (Gavin)

Mitchell, W.O.
- Who Has Seen the Wind? (Ordinary Reader)

Mofina, Rick
- The Burning Edge (Kerrie)
- In Desperation (Kerrie)

Molloy, Kathleen
- Dining With Death (John)

Moloney, Susie
- The Thirteen (Corey, Luanne, Jen)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
- Akin to Anne (Medea)
- Anne of Avonlea (Sharon)
- Anne of Green Gables (Pussreboots)
- Christmas With Anne (Raidergirl)
- Jane of Lantern Hill (Shannon)
- Kilmeny of the Orchard (Sharon)
- A Tangled Web (Shannon)

Moodie, Susanna
- Roughing it in the Bush (Chris)

Moore, Brian
- The Luck of Ginger Coffey (Buried in Print)

Mootoo, Shani
- Valmiki's Daughter (Jules)

Moroney, Shannon
- Through the Glass (Anita)

Morton, Wendy
- Six Impossible Things To Do Before Breakfast (Irene)

Mowat, Farley
- Bay of Spirits (Ordinary Reader)

Munday, Evan
- The Dead Kid Detective Agency (Corey)

Munro, Alice
- Lives of Girls and Women (Anita)
- Runaway (Barbara)
- Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You (Buried in Print)
- Who Do You Think You Are? (Anita, Jules)

Munsch, Robert
- Andrew's Loose Tooth illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Bybee)
- Boo! illustrated by Michael Martchenko (John)
- The Fire Station illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Medea)
- Get Out of Bed! illustrated by Alan and Lea Daniel (Bybee)
- I Have to Go! illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Bybee)
- The Paper Bag Princess illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Eric)
- Show and Tell illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Bybee)
- Thomas' Snowsuit illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Bybee)

Murphy, Derryl
- Napier's Bones (Sarah)

Murray, Terry
- Faces on Places (Teena, Swordsman)

Narsimhan, Mahtab
- The Tiffin (Nicola)

Nason, Jim
- The Girl on the Escalator (Shonna, Buried in Print)
- Narcissus Unfolding (Buried in Print)

Nason, Riel
- The Town that Drowned (Melwyk, Chris)

Nattel, Lillian
- Web of Angels (Shan)

Nickel, Barbara
- Hannah Waters and the Daughters of Johann Sebastian Bach (Ann)

Nickle, David
- Eutopia (Corey)
- Rasputin's Bastards (Corey)

Norris, Laurie Glenn
- Haunted Girl (Chris)

Oatley, Keith
- Therefore Choose (Ordinary Reader)

O'Bannon, Mark
- The Dream Crystal (Sarah)

O'Connell, Grace
- Magnified World (Teena)

Off, Carol
- Bitter Chocolate (Buried in Print)

Ohi, Ruth
- Chicken, Pig, Cow (Medea)
- Chicken, Pig, Cow's First Fight (Medea)

Oliver, Craig
- Oliver's Twist (Shonna)

Oliver, Lauren
- Liesl and Po (Heather)

O'Malley, Bryan Lee
- Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (John)

O'Meara, David
- Noble Gas, Penny Black (Eric)

Ondaatje, Michael
- Anil's Ghost (Jules, Sarah)
- The Cat's Table (Jules, Shan, Buried in Print, Gavin, Shonna)
- Divisadero (KS)
- The English Patient (Kate, Raidergirl)
- Running in the Family (Bybee)

O'Neill, Fifi
- Romantic Prairie Style (Sharon)

O'Neill, Heather
- lullabies for little criminals (Raidergirl, Jocelyne)

Onstad, Katrina
- Everybody Has Everything (Shan)

Oppel, Frank (compiled by)
- Tales of the Canadian North (John)

Oppel, Kenneth
- This Dark Endeavour (Jennifer B)

O'Reilly, Sean
- The Missing Mummy (Nicola)
- Monster Beach (Nicola)

O'Reilly, Sean and Kevin Hanna
- The Clockwork Girl (Nicola)

Owens, Ann-Maureen and Jane Yealland
- Canada's Maple Leaf illustrated by Bill Slavin and Esperanca Melo (Nicola)

Page, Kathy
- The Find (Shonna)

Palmisano, Richard
- Journeys into the Unknown (Teena)
- Overshadows (Teena)

Parkinson, Curtis
- Man Overboard! (Nicola)

Pasricha, Neil
- The Book of Awesome (Teddy)

Peacock, Shane
- Bone Beds of the Badlands (Nicola)
- Eye of the Crow (Pussreboots)
- Monster in the Mountains (Nicola)
- The Dragon Turn (Nicola, Christa, Two Canadian Readers)

Pelley, Rhonda
- Island Maid photography by Sheilagh O'Leary (Medea)

Penny, Louise
- Bury Your Dead (Raidergirl)
- The Cruelest Month (Buried in Print)
- Dead Cold (Buried in Print)
- A Trick of the Light (Mysteries and More, Shonna, Raidergirl)

Perkyns, Dorothy
- Last Days in Africville (Wanda)

Phillips, Edward O.
- Queen's Court (Melwyk)

Pick, Allison
- The Dream World (Jules)
- Far to Go (Suzanne)

Pilkey, Brent
- Lethal Rage (Shonna)

Pitt, Steve
- To Stand and Fight Together (Swordsman)

Pittman, Al
- Down By Jim Long's Stage illustrated by Pam Hall (Medea)

Pool, Annelies
- Iceberg Tea (John, Melwyk)

Porter, Pamela
- I'll Be Watching (Buried in Print)

Poulin, Jacques
- Autumn Rounds (Irene)
- My Sister's Blue Eyes (Irene)
- Volkswagen Blues (Irene)

Preston, Allison
- Sunny Dreams (Pooker)

Price, Ray
- Yellowknife (John)

Price, Steven
- Into That Darkness (Shonna)

Primeau, Liz and Steven A. Frowine
Gardening Basics For Dummies (Irene)

Proulx, E. Annie
- The Shipping News (Pussreboots)

Pyper, Andrew
- The Guardians (Jennifer B)

Rachman, Tom
- The Imperfectionists (Judi)

Raddall, Thomas H.
- Hangman's Beach (Steve)
- The Nymph and the Lamp (Steve)

Redfern, Christine and Caro Caron
- Who is Ana Mendieta? (Amy)

Rehner, Jan
- Missing Matisse (Shonna)

Reno, Tosco
- The Eat-Clean Diet (Teena)

Reynolds, James*
- An American Prisoner at Fort Malden and Quebec in the War of 1812 *author's name speculated (Swordsman)

Ricci, Nino
- The Origin of the Species (Ann)

Rice, Waubgeshig
- Midnight Sweatlodge (Pooker)

Rich, Roberta
- The Midwife of Venice (Shonna)

Richards, David Adams
- Facing the Hunter (Shonna)
- For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down (John, Jules)
- Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul (Shonna)
- River of the Brokenhearted (Ann)

Richardson, Bill
- Bachelor Brothers' Bed and Breakfast (Ordinary Reader)

Richardson, C.S.
- The End of the Alphabet (Pussreboots)

Richler, Mordecai
- The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (Neal)
- The Incomparable Atuk (Eric)
- Joshua Then and Now (Bybee)

Richler, Nancy
- The Imposter Bride (Sarah)

Ritchie, Charles
- An Appetite for Life (Claire)
- Diplomatic Passport (Claire)
- The Siren Years (Jules)
- Storm Signals (Claire)

Robertson, Ray
- Why Not? (Pooker)

Robinson, Peter
- Bad Boy (Kerrie, Shonna)
- Before the Poison (Luanne, Shonna, Kerrie)
- Gallows View (Heather)

Robinson, Spider
- Callahan's Con (Canuckoid)

- The French Fry King translated by Alison Morgan (Jen)

Rosenblum, Rebecca
- The Big Dream (Pooker)
- Once (Pooker)

Rotenberg, David
The Placebo Effect (Mysteries and More, Sarah)
- Stray Bullets (Teena, Mysteries and More, Kathy, Shonna)

Round, Jeffrey
- Lake on the Mountain (Shonna)

Roy, Zoe S.
- The Long March Home  (Shonna, Nicola)

Ruby-Sachs, Emma
- The Water Man's Daughter (Shonna)

Ruddock, Nicholas
- The Parabolist (Giraffe Days)

Russell, S. Thomas
- A Battle Won (Swordsman)
- Under Enemy Colors (Swordsman)

Sale, Medora
- The Spider Bites (Teena)

Sandilands, Al
- Birds of Ontario (Irene)

Sands, Lynsay
- Hungry For You (Giraffe Days)

Sapergia, Barbara
- Dry (Pooker)

Sawyer, Robert J.
- Flashforward (Canuckoid, Swordsman, Teena)
- Triggers (Corey, Christa)
- Wake (Jules, Canuckoid, Sarah)
- Watch (Canuckoid)
- Wonder (Canuckoid)

Schabas, Martha
- Various Positions (Shonna)

Schroeder, Karl
- Pirate Sun (Canuckoid)
- Queen of Candesce (Canuckoid)
- The Sunless Countries (Canuckoid)
- Sun of Suns (Canuckoid

Schultz, Judy
- Freddy War (Shonna)

Scowcroft, Ann
- The Truth of Houses (Melwyk)

Seelig, Adam
- Every Day in the Morning (Slow) (Buried in Print)

Seesequasis, Paul
- Tobacco Wars (Suzanne)

Segura, Mauricio
- Black Alley (Shonna)

Senior, Olive
- Birthday Suit illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes (Medea)

Shatner, William
- Shatner Rules with Chris Regan (Shonna, Swordsman)

Sherrard, Valerie
- Watcher (Teena)

Shields, Carol
- The Box Garden (Raidergirl, Michelle)
- Happenstance (Raidergirl)
- Jane Austen (Melissa)
- Larry's Party (Anita)
- The Orange Fish (Eric)
- Small Ceremonies (Raidergirl)
- Swann (Raidergirl)
- Unless (KS, Melissa)
- Various Miracles (Eric)

Shrier, Howard
 - Boston Cream (Luanne)

Siebert, Melanie
- Deepwater Vee (Irene)

Sikoryak, Robert
- Masterpiece Comics (Buried in Print)

Simonds, Merilyn
- The Convict Lover (Melissa)
- A New Leaf (Shonna)

Simpson, Jeffrey, Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers
- Hot Air (Amy)

Singh, Jaspreet
- Chef (Buried in Print)

Skibsrud, Johanna
- The Sentimentalist (Gavin)

Skrypuch, Marsha Forchuk
- Enough illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Irene)
- Making Bombs for Hitler (Nicola)
- Prisoners in the Promised Land (Nicola)
- Silver Threads (Nicola)

Slater, Sean
- The Survivor (Kristin)

Smallman, Phyllis
- A Brewski for the Old Man (Kerrie)

the Smart Cookies
- The Smart Cookies' Guide to Making More Dough and Getting Out of Debt (Melissa)

Smart, Elizabeth
- By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (Gypsysmom)

Smith, Alisa and J. B. McKinnon
- The 100-Mile Diet (Melissa)

Smith, Brad
- Red Means Run (Luanne, Chris, Corey)

Smith, Joshua
- Battle for the Bay (Swordsman)

Smith, Michelle
- dear Hermes... (Melwyk)

Smith, Rick and Bruce Lourie
- Slow Death by Rubber Duck (Buried in Print)

Spicer, Maggie and Richard Thompson
- When They Are Up... (Irene)

Spires, Ashley
- Larf (Medea)

Soan, Hazel
- 10 Minute Watercolours (Melissa)

Socken, Paul G. (editor)
- Intimate Strangers (Anita)

Soo, Kean
- Jellaby (Nicola)
- Jellaby: Monster in the City (Nicola)

Sooley, Jill
- Widows of Paradise Bay (Melwyk, Raidergirl)

Sorensen, Sue
- A Large Harmonium (Melwyk)

Soucy, Gaétan
- Atonement (HRO)

Speers, Megan
- Wanderlust (Melwyk)

Staunton, Ted
- Morgan's Secret (R)

Stevens, Chevy
- Never Knowing (Shonna, Luanne, Sarah)

Stinson, Kathy
- Red is Best illustrated by Robin Baird Lewis (Medea)

Stocks, Cassie
- Dance, Gladys, Dance (Pooker, Melwyk)

Strange, Marc
- Follow Me Down (Shonna)

Sutherland, Kate
- All in Together Girls (Irene)

Swanson, Diane
- Canada's Bugs (Irene)

Sylvester, Kevin
- Splinters (Heather)

Tamaki, Mariko
- Emiko Superstar illustrated by Steve Rolston (Medea)

Tardif, Cheryl Kaye
- Skeletons in the Closet (Kerrie)

Taylor, Cora
- Buffalo Hunt (Chris)

Taylor, Drew Hayden
- Bootlegger Blues (Heather)

Taylor, Patrick
- A Dublin Student Doctor (Jules)
- An Irish Country Doctor (Jules)

Taylor, Timothy
- Stanley Park (Erin, Anita)

Theriault, Denis
- The Postman's Round (Irene)

Thisdale, François
- Nini (Irene)

Thomas, Audrey
- Isobel Gunn (Melissa)
- The Wild Blue Yonder (Buried in Print)

Thomson, Sarah L.
- Imagine a Night illustrated by Rob Gonsalves (Pussreboots)
- Imagine a Place illustrated by Rob Gonsalves (Pussreboots)

Thornley, Scott
- Erasing Memory (Kristin)

Thurston, Tom
- Strongman (Swordsman)

Thúy, Kim
- Ru (Jules, Shan)

Tidball, Lee
- Princess Reborn (Irene)

Toews, Miriam
- a complicated kindness (Anita)
- The Flying Troutmans (Geranium Cat, Ann, Franklin)
- Irma Voth (Shonna, Sharon, Sarah, Franklin)
- Swing Low (Amy)

Toten, Teresa
- Me and the Blondes (Ann)

Townsin, Troy
- Canadian Jingle Bells illustrated by Jennifer Harrington (John)
- A Moose in a Maple Tree illustrated by Jennifer Harrington (John)
- The Night Before a Canadian Christmas by Jennifer Harrington (John)

Trafford, Matthew J.
- The Divinity Gene (Pooker)

Treggiari, Jo
- Ashes, Ashes (Sarah, Heather)

Tremblay, Michel
Crossing the Continent translated by Sheila Fischman (Shonna)

Trenholm, Hayden
- Defining Diana (Darlene)

Tsiang, Sarah
- Dogs Don't Eat Jam illustrated by Qin Leng (Medea)

Turner, Wesley B.
- The Astonishing General (Shonna, Swordsman)

Twain, Shania
- From This Moment On (Irene)

Urquhart, Jane
- A Map of Glass (Jules)
- Sanctuary Line (Buried in Print)
- Storm Glass (Jules)
- The Stone Carvers (Kathy)

Vaillant, John
- The Golden Spruce (Anita)
- The Tiger (John)

Van Camp, Richard
- Angel Wing Splash Pattern (April, John)
- The Lesser Blessed (Shannon)

Van Herk, Anitha
- Places Far From Ellesmere (Amy)

Vanderhaeghe, Guy
- A Good Man (Buried in Print)

Van Rooy, Michael
- An Ordinary Decent Criminal (Bill)
- Your Friendly Neighbourhood Criminal (Gypysmom)

Vasil, Adria
- Ecoholic Body (Shan)

Vassallo, Jonathan Ryan
- The Kingstonians (Christa)

Vernon, Steve
- The Lunenberg Werewolf and Other Stories (Chris)
- Sinking Deeper (Nicola)

Viswanathan, Latha
- Lingering Tides (Teddy)

Voskamp, Ann
- One Thousand Gifts (Sharon, Sarah)

Vyleta, Dan
- The Quiet Twin (Buried in Print)

Wagamese, Richard
- Indian Horse (Pooker)

Wagler, Ira
- Growing Up Amish (Sharon)

Walker, George A.
- A Book of Hours (Melwyk)

Walton, Jo
- Among Others (Claire)
- Farthing (Claire)
- Half a Crown (Claire)
- Ha'Penny (Claire)
- Tooth and Claw (Claire)

Ward, Don (editor)
- Bush Dweller (Mysteries and More)

Wardell, Heather
- Blank Slate Kate (Sarah)

Warner, Charles Dudley
- Baddeck, and That Sort of Thing (Chris)

Warner, Jody Nyasha
- Viola Desmond Won't Be Budged illustrated by Richard Rudnicki (Medea)

Warren, Dianne
- Cool Water (Pooker, Ordinary Reader, Gavin)

Warwaruk, Larry
- Bone Coulee (Melwyk

Watkins, R.W.
- View From the Cellar (Bybee)

Watt, Mélanie
- Scaredy Squirrel (Medea)

Watts, Peter
- Starfish (Canuckoid)

West, Brian
- Pilgrim's Progress (Sharon)

Westerhof, Patricia
- Catch Me If I Fall (Sarah)

Westoll, Andrew
- The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary (Franklin)

Weston, Robert Paul
- Dust City (Heather)

Wharton, Thomas
- The Fathomless Fire (Nicola)
- Icefields (Buried in Print)

Whitall, Zoe
- Holding Still For as Long as Possible (Amy, Teena)

Whiteford, Jennifer
- Grrrl (Jocelyne)

Wiersema, Robert J.
- Bedtime Story (Pooker, Paulina)

Williams, Ian
- You Know Who You Are (Buried in Print)

Wilson, John
- Shot at Dawn (Nicola, Shonna)

Wilson, Robert Charles
- Spin (Canuckoid)

Winter, Kathleen
- Annabel (Raidergirl, Corey)

Winter, Michael
- The Death of Donna Whalen (Kathy)
- This All Happened (Pooker)

Wiseman, Adele
- The Sacrifice (Anita)

Wiseman, Eva
- The Last Song (Medea, Paulina)
- Puppet (Nicola)

Wishinsky, Frieda
- Arctic Storm (R)
- Crazy for Gold (R)
- Danger, Dinosaurs! (R)

Withers, Pam
- First Descent (Nicola)

Wiwa, Ken
- In the Shadow of a Saint (Buried in Print)

Wolfe, Inger Ash
- The Taken (Mysteries and More)

Woods, Bruce A.
- Between Two Worlds (Irene)

Wright, Laurali R.
- Acts of Murder (Kerrie)
- Love in the Temperate Zone (Gypsysmom)
- The Suspect (Kerrie, Mysteries and More)

Wright, Richard B.
- Adultery (Kathy)
- Clara Callan (Erin, John, Ann)
- The Age of Longing (Irene)

Wylie, Betty Jane
- Enough (Irene)
- Something Might Happen (Irene)
- The Write Track (Irene)

Wynne-Jones, Tim
- Blink & Caution (Nicola)

Ye, Ting-xing and William Bell
- Throwaway Daughter (Pooker)

Yee, Paul
- Blood and Iron (Nicola)

York, Allisa
- Fauna (Buried in Print, Gavin)
- Mercy (Sarah)

York, Sarah Kathryn
- Anatomy of Edouard Beaupré (Melwyk)

Young, Moira
- Blood Red Road (Sarah)

Zentner, Alexi
- Touch (Shan, Buried in Print, Jules)

Zeppa, Jamie
- Every Time We Say Goodbye (Shonna, Medea)

On that note, I hope to see you return for the 6th edition of the Canadian Book Challenge!!!