Monday, July 16, 2012

Reader's Diary #842- Samantha Ball: ...!

For my final pre-scheduled Short Story Monday post, I left Newfoundland and instead searched for an Ottawa writer— as in real life, we're spending the last few days of our vacation in Ottawa.

As the title of Samantha Ball's "...!" would suggest, there's a twist ending. In fact, unlike last week's short story choice in which the story would have held up without the twist at the end, "...!" depends on the twist in order for it to work. Therefore it's impossible to discuss the story without spoiling the whole shebang. So, if you think you might want to read it for yourself, I'd suggest doing so now before reading any further.

"...!" is amusing, but doesn't feel fleshed out enough. It's more like a joke, or actually, more like a commercial. Still, it's got one of those 6th Sense sort of endings, where you just have to go back and read it again now that you know the secret, to make sure it still makes sense. Fortunately, it's short enough to do so, and it does work.

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Julie @ Read Handed said...

Very interesting. Imaginative title! Hope you're enjoying your vacation! Today I read a little known short story by one of the US's greatest poets: Robert Frost. It's called "The Question of a Feather".

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Okay, you have me intrigued. Off to see what this twist is all about!