Monday, July 30, 2012

Reader's Diary #846- Leïla Marouane, translated by Alison Anderson: Is This How Women Grow Up?

Leïla Marouane's "Is This How Women Grow Up?" reminded me somewhat of Betty Mahmoody's Not Without My Daughter. I say somewhat because despite the similarities (a woman being oppressed by a society and then being betrayed by a man she trusted), "Is This How Women Grow Up?" is the better written of the two.

 "Is This How Women Grow Up?" begins with a rather odd scene, leaving readers to guess what is going on. The unveiling is measured out in calculated doses and it remains fascinating, even after you finally piece it all together.

Fascinating, but tragic as well. Set in Algeria, "Is This How Women Grow Up?" was part of the Arab Spring edition of Words Without Borders a year ago.

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