Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Year in Review 2012- Nonfiction

13. Edith Iglauer- Denison's Ice Road
12. Mike Vlessides- The Ice Pilots
11. Ken Dryden- The Game
10. Keith Morgan with Ruth Kron Sigal- Ruta's Closet
9. Randy Freeman- Stories From Yellowknife
8. Tyler Heal- The Times Behind the Signs
7. Greg Malone- You Better Watch Out
6. Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman- No One Here Gets Out Alive
5. Susanna Moodie- Roughing it in the Bush
4. Jessa Gamble- The Siesta and the Midnight Sun
3. Hartmut Lutz (Editor)- The Diary of Abraham Ulrikab
2. Malcolm Gladwell- The Outliers
1. Pierre Berton- Vimy

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