Monday, December 31, 2012

The 2012 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology

Here it is, the 2012 Book Mine Set Short Story Online Anthology, ranked from my least to my most favourite. All my reviews, as well as links to the stories themselves (all found for free online), can be accessed by clicking on the story titles. I hope you check at least some of them out. Maybe in the New Year you'll consider joining me every Monday for Short Story Monday.

I was surprised when I compiled this list to find 53 stories. I reviewed one a week, and there are

53. Newfoundland Novelist- "Winnie and Christopher Robin"
52. Jason Lawson- "The Date"
51. T. S. Arthur- "The April Fool"
50. Thorton Wilder- "Chefoo, China"
49. E. Craig McKay- "Abel Clarke; At Sea in a River Boat"
48. Samantha Ball- "...!"
47. Karen L. Abrahamson- "Coyotes, Cats and Other Creatures"
46. Cyrus Macmillan- "Rabbit and the Moon Man"
45. Stephen Leacock- "The New Food"
44. Dawn Curtis- "Low Hanging Fruit"
43. Charles Morris- "Vineland and the Vikings"
42. Togueyadji Mindengar and Maurice Fournier- "The Sheep, The Dog and The Goat"
41. Alison Weir- "Anniversary"
40. John Frederick Bangs- "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall"
39. Louis Becke- "The Fisher Folk of Nukufetau"
38. Fernando Iwasaki, translated by Jeremy Osner- "To Troy, Helen"
37. David Parker- "Harlan's Finger"
36. Graham Masterton- "Eric the Pie"
35. Khushwant Singh- "Karma"
34. Kayden Kross- "Plank"
33. John Polidori- "The Vampyre"
32. Alexander MacLeod- "The Number Three"
31. Richard Harding Davis- "Somewhere in Paris"
30. Frederick Forsyth- "The Shepherd"
29. Katarína Hybenová- "When My Grandpa Worked in Kazakhstan"
28. Daniel Woodrell- "Night Stand"
27. Marguerite Duras- "The Bible"
26. Alina- "Transatlantic New Year's Eve"
25. Josef Essberger- "The Winepress"
24. Hugh Garner- "The Father"
23. Isaac Asimov- "The Machine that Won the War"
22. Gertrude Atherton- "The Striding Place"
21. Charles Stross- "Overtime"
20. Leïla Marouane, translated by Alison Anderson- "Is This How Women Grow Up?"
19. Matt Rees- "Damascus Trance"
18. Clea Young- "Dock Day"
17. Zoe Wicomb- "In Search of Tommie"
16. Alain Mabanckou, translated by Helen Stevenson- "Chez Janette"
15. William S. Burroughs- "The 'Priest' They Called Him"
14. William Trevor- "Men of Ireland"
13. Tayeb Salih- "A Handful of Dates"
12. Johan Harstad, illustrated by Deborah Dawkin and Erik Skuggevik: "To"
11. Martha Wilson- "A Short Story About Nova Scotia"

The Top 10!!!
10. Kurt Vonnegut- "Harrison Bergeron"
9. Maggie Taojakin- "The Long March"
8. Weird Al Yankovic- "Trapped in the Drive-Thru"
7. Trudy Morgan-Cole- "Prevely in a Secrete Place"
6. D.H. Lawrence- "The Rocking Horse Winner"
5. Laura Boudreau- "The Meteorite Hunter"
4. Mojca Kumerdej, translated by Gregor Timothy Čeh- "Hepatica"
3. Mary Edward- "Beyond Repair"
2. Teolinda Gersão, translated by Margaret Jull Costa- "The Woman Who Stole the Rain"
1. Kerry Clare- "Georgia Coffee Star"

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