Sunday, January 20, 2013

Reader's Diary #936- The New King James Version Bible: The Book of Jonah

Finally another recognizable tale! Getting toward the end of the Old Testament, people and stories that I recognize are getting fewer and fewer. But who hasn't heard of Jonah and the whale (or fish, or sea monster, whatever it was supposed to be).

Reading it through this time, however, I was oddly finding myself amused at Jonah, the reluctant hero. God says he wants Jonah to share a prophesy but Jonah doesn't want any part of it. But this is God he's refusing. When Jonah sleeps at the bottom of a boat and God sends a storm his way? I don't know why, but I find that sort of funny. I even imagine God smiling over that one. This seems like a movie waiting to happen. Maybe the next one in the Almighty franchise. Jonah Hill could play Jonah.

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