Monday, January 28, 2013

Reader's Diary #940- Robert Sharp: Man May Love

(Not Robert Sharp)
I couldn't find any information about this week's Short Story Monday author Robert Sharp. I found his "Man May Love" at Flash Fiction Online, where it was featured a year ago as a Classic Flash. It first appeared in a collection called Short Stories From Life in 1916, which from what I could gather, was publication by Life Magazine as part of a contest called "The Shortest Story Contest." Flash fiction before the term was even coined. You can read the entire 81 stories here, if you're so inclined. The only author in the whole list that I recognize is John Kendrick Bangs, whose short story "The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall" I reviewed just last month. (If you decide to read the collection, the introduction is quite interesting in its discussion of what makes a short story and especially in how they use their cash payouts to encourage writers to cull their words.)

 Anyway, Robert Sharp's "Man May Love" is about a nurse named Claire who is not only tired of men in her care who propose to her, but of rejecting such men. With the latest, Geoffrey, Claire decides to make a deal, a deal that won't compromise her nursing ethics. If, a month after his discharge from the hospital, he is still interested she will consider his proposal.

I won't say how it ends, but it's a humourous tale, even it's somewhat old fashioned in its portrayal of women. I'd read more by Sharp, but I'm not sure if he ever wrote anything else! Kind of cool though that this is a contest entry from almost 100 years ago, and it still has life.

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