Tuesday, January 01, 2013

The 6th Annual Canadian Book Challenge- The Halfway Roundup

Happy New Year!!! 

Wow, that was a lot of reading! Only at the halfway point of the 6th annual Canadian Book Club and 13 people have already reached the quota for 13! Our author list runs from A-Z, but excludes X. Actually we had a lot of participants reading books by authors whose last names started with X, but those are not welcome here. Check out what books we read from July to January. Impressive isn't it?

Anyway, here's to 2013 and another successful year of reading. No doubt, we'll see some 2013 titles on the list before long. Any that you're looking forward to? How about New Year's reading resolutions?

Finally, if you're not already a participant of the Canadian Book Challenge, it's still not too late. As some of us have already proven, reading and reviewing 13+ books in 6 months is entirely possible. If you want to explore or celebrate Canadian literature, you're welcome aboard. (Find more information including how to sign up, here.)

Abbas, Adam
- A State, A Statue, A Statute (Rasiqra/Revulva)

Adamson, Gil
- The Outlander (Cat)

Afshin-Jam, Nazanin and Susan McClelland
- The Tale of Two Nazanins (Jen)

Aist, Jennifer
- Babes in the Woods (Irene)

Antonson, Rick
- To Timbuktu for a Haircut (Barb in BC)

Apostolides, Marianne
- Voluptuous Pleasure (Corey)

Arato, Rona
- Courage and Compassion (Irene)
- Design It (Irene)
- World of Water (Irene)

Arluk, Reneltta
- Thoughts and Other Human Tendencies (John)

Armstrong, Kelley
- 13 (Jules)
- The Invitation (Darlene)
- The New Guy (Darlene)
- Spellbound (Jules)
- Waking the Witch (Jules)

Armstrong, Luanne
- Jeannie and the Gentle Giants (Barb in BC)

Armstrong, Luanne and Zoe Landale (Editors)
- Slice Me Some Truth (Irene)

Arsenault, Elaine
- Doggie in the Window illustrated by Fanny (Irene

Atwood, Margaret
- Bodily Harm (Cat)
- Dancing Girls (Barb in BC)
- I'm Starved For You (Jules)
- In Other Worlds (Paulina)
- The Tent (Shan)
- Up in the Tree (Irene)

Bachman, Randy
- Vinyl Tap Stories (Barb in BC)

Barclay, Linwood
- Trust Your Eyes (Shonna, Luanne, Deb)

Bar-El, Dan
- Pussycat, Pussycat, Where HaveYou Been? illustrated by Rae Maé (Jen)

Basran, Gurjinder
- Everything Was Good-Bye (Teena)

Bassett, Nicole
- Chef in Your Backpack (Irene)

Bates, Jeremy
- White Lies (Nicola)

Beach, Kimmy
- Alarum Within (Eric)
- Fake Paul (Eric)
- In Cars (Eric)

Beck, Andrea
- Elliot's Christmas Surprise (Irene)
- Elliot's Noisy Night (Irene)
- Goodnight Canada (Irene)

Becker, Helaine
- Juba This, Juba That illustrated by Ron Lightburn (Irene)

Bender, Rebecca
- Don't Laugh at Giraffe (Jo)

Benison, C.C.
- Eleven Pipers Piping (Luanne)

Berton, Pierre
- Just Add Water and Stir (Barb in BC)
- The Secret World of Og (Claire, Barb in BC)

Betcherman, Michael
- Breakway (Sarah, Teena)

Bezmozgis, David
- Natasha and Other Stories (Jules)

- The Meagre Tarmac (Gavin)

Blaise, Marie-Claire
- tête blanche translated by Charles Fullman (Rasiqra/ Revulva)

Blake, Kendare
- Anna Dressed in Blood (Julie)

Blunt, Giles
- Forty Words for Sorrow (Gypsysmom)
- Until the Night (Luanne

Borrowman, Mary and Chloe O'Loughlin
- The Rescue of Nanoose illustrated by Jacqueline Wang (Jen)

Bourgeois, Paulette
- Franklin's Christmas Gift illustrated by Brenda Clark (Irene)

Boyden, Joseph
- Through Black Spruce (John)

Bradley, Alan
- I Am Half Sick of Shadows (Mary R, Raidergirl)
- A Red Herring Without Mustard (Raidergirl)
- The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (TracyK)
- The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie read by Jayne Entwistle (Jo)
- The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Gypsysmom, Raidergirl, Tracy K)
- The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag read by Jayne Entwistle (Jo)

Braithwaite, Max
- Never Sleep Three in a Bed (Claire)
- The Night We Stole the Mountie's Car (Claire)

Brandt, Peter A.
- 2066 (Sarah at Workaday Reads)

Brennan, Brian
- Leaving Dublin (Sharon)

Brink, Nicky and Stephen R. Bown
- Forgotten Highways (Shonna)

Brouwer,  Sigmund
- The Leper (Linda)
- The Orphan King (Lovesmukiwa)

Brown, Margaret Gillies
- From From the Rowan Tree (Barb in BC)

Brown, Peter and John Hughes
- Power of the Best (Irene)

Bruce, Renna and Robin Oakes
- Jazlyn J's Bad Hair Day (Irene)
- Jazlyn J's Birthday Celebration (Irene)

Bruck, Julie
- Monkey Ranch (Melwyk)

Burnford, Sheila
- The Fields of Noon (Barb in BC)
- One Woman's Arctic (Barb in BC)

Burns, Cliff
- The Last Hunt (Corey)

Callaway, Phil
- Jake and the Big Hairy Lie illustrated by Sharon Dahl (Nicola)

Camani, Andrew
- 100 Hikers, 100 Hikes (Irene)

Cameron, Dana
- Site Unseen (Riedel Fascination)

Cameron, Eleanor
- The Mysterious Christmas Shell (Barb in BC)

Carter, Anne Laurel and Ninon Pelletier
- Night Boy (Irene)

Celona, Marjorie
- Y (Luanne, Jules, Kate)

Christopher, Neil and Alan Neal
- Ava and the Little People illustrated by Jonathan Wright (John)

Comeau, Joey
- The Complete Lockpick Pornography (Corey)

Comer, Valerie
- Rainbow's End (Sharon)

Connor, Ralph
- Glengarry School Days (Claire)

Coupland, Douglas
- Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People, illustrated by Graham Roumieu (Nicola)
- Shampoo Planet (John)

Crewe, Gerry
- Cooking with Beer (Swordsman)

Croft, Philip
- Nature Diary of a Quiet Pedestrian (Barb in B.C.)

Crosbie, Lynn
- Life is About Losing Everything (Perogyo)

Davidson, Andrew
- The Gargoyle (John)

Davidson, Hilary
- The Next One to Fall (Swordsman)

Davies, Lauren B.
- Our Daily Bread (Jules)

Davies, Robertson
- Leaven of Malice (MaryR, Steve)
- A Micture of Frailties (MaryR, Steve)
- Tempest-Tost (MaryR, Steve)

Davis, Brian Joseph
- Portable Altamont (Rasiqra Revulva)

Dee, Gerry
- Teaching (Shan)

Delany, Vicki
- Gold Digger (Jo)
- Gold Fever (Jo)
- Gold Mountain (John)
- A Winter Kill (Jo)

Dennis, Chrissy M.
- The Lion Cubs (Linda)

Dickner, Nicolas
- Nikolski (Jules)

Doctorow, Cory
- Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (John)

Donoghue, Emma
- Astray (Luanne, Giraffe Days)

Draper, Clarissa
- The Sholes Key (Peggy Ann)

Ducharme, Lucy
- Spirit of the North (Linda)

Duncan, Sara Jeannette
- An American Girl in London (Barb in BC)
- The Simple Adventures of a Memsahib (Barb in BC)

Dunn, Victoria
- Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies (John)

Edugyan, Esi
- Half-Blood Blues (Sam)

Edwards, Wallace
- Uncle Wally's Old Brown Shoe (Irene)

Elliott, Lisa
- The Ben Ripple (Linda)

Erikson, Steven
- Deadhouse Gates (Sarah at Goodreads)
- Memories of Ice (Sarah at Goodreads)

Fagan, Cary
- My Life Among the Apes (Jules)

Fallis, Terry
- Up and Down (Shan, Daniel)

Faryon, Cynthia
- A War Bride's Story (Riedel Fascination)

Ferguson, Will
- 419 (Jules, Gypsysmom, Daniel, Barb in BC, Kate, Sarah)
- I Was a Teenage Katima-Victim (Barb in BC)

Findley, Timothy
- Headhunter (Eric)

Fleischmann, Arthur
- Carly's Voice with Carly Fleischman (Shonna)

Ford, Richard
- Canada (Sam, Bybee)

Fostaty, Gerry
- As You Were (Perogyo)

Francis, Brian
- Natural Order (Paulina)

Gammel, Irene
- Looking for Anne (Barb in BC)

Gardner, Scot
- The Dead I Know (Christa)

Ghatage, Shree
- Thirst (Shonna)

Ghomeshi, Jian
- 1982 (Raidergirl)

Gibson, Graeme
- Gentlemen Death (Eric)

Gilmour, David
- The Film Club (Raidergirl)

Gladwell, Malcolm
- Outliers (John)

Glennon, Paul
- Bookweird (John)

Godwin, Lara
- One Moon, Two Cats illustrated by Yoko Tanaka (Pussreboots)

Goobie, Beth
- Jason's Why (John)

Gossage, Carolyn
- Accidental Captives (Shonna)

Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
- Secret Daughter (Sarah)

Goyette, Linda
- Northern Kids (Perogyo)

Graham, Genevieve
- Under The Same Sky (Chris)

Greenwood, Barbara
- The Kids Book of Canada (Mary R)
- A Pioneer Christmas (Irene

Hamilton, Ian
- The Red Pole of Macau (Kathy)
- The Water Rat of Wanchai (Mysteries and More)

Hamilton, Lyn
- The Celtic Riddle (Riedel Fascination)
- Maltese Goddess (Riedel Fascination)
- The Moche Warrior (Riedel Fascination)
- The Xibalba Murders (Riedel Fascination)

Hammond, Charmaine
- On Toby's Terms (Teena)

Hammond, Charmaine and Debra Kasowski
- GPS Your Best Life (Teena)

Hargreaves, H.A.
- Growing Up Bronx (Nicola)
- North by 2000+ (Paulina)

Hartman, Rachel
- Seraphina (Christa)

Hay, Elizabeth
- Alone in the Classroom (Sam Lamb)
- Late Nights on Air (Raidergirl)
- Small Change (Jules)
- A Student of Weather (Sarah at Goodreads)

Heal, Tyler
- The Times Behind the Signs (John)

Hegerat, Betty Jane
- the Boy (Matilda Magtree)

Helm, Michael
- Cities of Refuge (Shonna)

Helwig, David
- Close to the Fire (John)

Heyer, Paul
- Titanic Century (Steve)

Hobbs, Will
- Far North (Nicola)

Hodgetts, Eileen Enwright
- Whirlpool (Nicola)

Hodgins, Jack
- The Honorary Patron (Barb in BC)
- Over 40 in Broken Hill (Barb in BC)

Hole, Lois
- Northern Flower Growing Bedding Plants (Sharon)

Hollingshead, Greg
- The Roaring Girl (Barb in BC)

Hood, Susan
- The Tooth Mouse illustrated by Janice Nadeau (Perogyo)

Hopkinson, Nalo
- Brown Girl in the Ring (Gavin, Chris)
- The Chaos (Shan)
- The New Moon's Arms (Melwyk)

Horvath, Polly
- Everything on a Waffle (Pussreboots)
- One Year in Coal Harbour (Pussreboots)

Hough, Robert
- Dr. Brinkley's Tower (Jules)

How, Douglas
- Night of the Caribou (Steve)

Hull, Maureen
- The View From a Kite (Barb in BC)

Hume, Stephen Eaton
- Frederick Banting (Irene)

Humphreys, C. C.
- Absolute Honour (Gypsysmom)

Humphreys, Helen
- The Lost Garden (Jules)

Hunter, Lauren
- The Coffee Shop (Sarah)

Hustak, Alan
- Titanic: The Canadian Story (Teena, Swordsman)

Iglauer, Edith
- Denison's Ice Road (John)

Itani, Frances
- Deafening (Jules)

Ivascu, Simon and Wesley Pop
The Price of Freedom (Linda)

Iyengar, Sheena
- The Art of Choosing (Pussreboots)

Izzo, Kim
- The Jane Austen Marriage Manual (Sharon)

Jackson, Matt (editor)
Mugged by a Moose (Irene)

Jaden, Denise
- Never Enough (Darlene)

Jennings, Maureen
- Beware This Boy (Shan, Luanne)

Jennings, Sharon
- Franklin Forgives illustrated by Céleste Gagnon, Shelley Southern and Alice Sinkner (Irene)

Johnson, Harold
- The Cast Stone (Melwyk)

Kalman, Bobbie
- Splash It Swimming (Irene)

Kaufman, Andrew
- The Tiny Wife (Giraffe Days) 

Kearsley, Susanna
- The Shadowy Horse (Chris)

Keeney, Patricia
- First Woman (Rasiqra Revulva)

Kennedy, Des
- The Way of a Gardener (Barb in BC)

Kilanko, Yejide
- Daughters Who Walk This Path (Jules)

King, James
- Etienne's Alphabet (Melwyk)

Klassen, Jon
- I Want My Hat Back (Giraffe Days)

Klinck, Carl F. and Reginald E. Watters (editors)
Canadian Anthology, 3rd ed (Rasiqra Revulva)

Knowles, Mike
- In Plain Sight (Corey)

Kolpak, Diana
- Starfall photography by Kathleen Finlay (Perogyo)

Korman, Gordon
- This Can't Be Happening at Macdonald Hall! (Claire)

Kramer, Sarah
- La Dolce Vegan (Irene)

Kress, Adrienne
- The Friday Society (Christa)

Krykorka, Ian
- Silver Moon illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Claire)

Kulling, Monica
- Going Up! illustrated by David Parkins (Perogyo, Nicola)
- Lumpito and the Painter from Spain illustrated by Dean Griffiths (Perogyo)

Kusugak, Michael
- Baseball Bats for Christmas illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Heather, John)
- Hide and Sneak illustrated by Vladyana Krykorka (Jo)
- My Arctic 1, 2, 3 illustrated by Vladyana Krykorak (Jo)

Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
- The Low Down on Denim (Pussreboots)

Lam, Vincent
- The Headmaster's Wager (Sam Sattler)

Laukkanen, Owen
- The Professionals (Teena)

Laxer, James
- Tecumseh and Brock (Swordsman)

Lawson, Mary
- The Other Side of the Bridge (Caroline)

Layton, Irving
- Taking Sides (Resiqra/ Revulva)

Leacock, Stephen
- Behind the Beyond (Claire)

Lear, Edward
- The Owl and the Pussycat illustrated by Anne Mortimer (Pussreboots)

Ledger, Don and Chris Styles
- Dark Object (Steve)

Lee, Y.S.
- The Body at the Tower (Kim)
- A Spy in the House (Kim)
- The Traitor in the Tunnel (Kim)

Lemire, Jeff
- Lost Dogs (Nicola)
- Sweet Tooth: Out of the Woods (John)

Leavitt, Martine
- Keturah and Lord Death (Melwyk)

LePage, Robert and Marie Michaud
- The Blue Dragon art by Fred Jourdain (Eric)

Lint, Charles de
- Wildings: Under My Skin (Heather)

Livingston, Billie
- One Good Hustle (Jules)

Livingston, Lesley
- Starling (Christa)

Loomis, Ruth
- Small Stories of a Gentle Island (Barb in BC)

Lunn, Janet
- Laura Secord illustrated by Maxwell Newhouse (Nicola)

Lynes, Jeanette
- The Factory Voice (Gypsysmom)

Lyon, Annabel
- The Best Thing For You (Barb in BC)
- The Golden Mean (Giraffe Days, Jules, Barb in BC)

MacDonald, Ann-Marie
- The Way the Crow Flies (Danielle)

MacIntyre, Linden
- Why Men Lie (Kate)

MacLennan, Hugh
- Barometer Rising (Chris)

MacLeod, Alexander
- Light Lifting (Jules)

Maclear, Kyo
- Spork illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault (Pussreboots)

Maendel, Elma
- Marty's Colour Adventure illustrated by Cynthia Stahl (Linda)

Malone, Greg
- You Better Watch Out (John)

Malone, Jean M.
- No Room at the Inn illustrated by Bryan Lango (Irene)

Mant, Janice MacDonald
- The Next Margaret (Jo)

Marshall, James
- Ninja Vesrsus Pirate Featuring Zombies (Corey)

Martel, Yann
- Helsinki Roccamatios (Eric)

Martinez, Jessica
- The Space Between Us (Giraffe Days)

McIntosh, D. J.
- The Witch of Babylon (Christa)

McKay, Ami
- The Virgin Cure (Cat, Sam Lamb)

McKay, Sharon E.
- Charlie Wilcox (John)

McKenzie, Catherine
- Forgotten (Teena, Kate)

McLean, Stuart
- Revenge of the Vinyl Cafe (Julie)

Meisterman, Bruce
- Arn? Narn. (Nicola)

Mendez, Antonio
- Argo (Swordsman)

Mercer, Rick
- A Nation Worth Ranting About (Shan, Swordsman)

Meshake, Rene Andre
- Moccasin Creek (Heather)

Micallef, Shawn and Patrick Cummins
- Full Frontal T.O. (Teena, Swordsman)

Michaels, F. S.
- Monoculture (Pussreboots)

Milway, Katie Smith
- Mimi's Village illustrated by Eugenie Fernandes (Perogyo)

Miron, Molly
- "Some Kind of Piggery Jokery" (Nicola)

Montgomery, Lucy Maud
- Anne of Green Gables (Sharon, Resiqra/Revulva, Honest Variety Books)
- The Blue Castle (Barb in BC)
- The Blythes Are Quoted (Gypsysmom)
- Jane of Lantern Hill (Barb in BC)
- Kilmeny of the Orchard (Nan, Christine, Barb in BC)
- Rilla of Ingleside (Sharon)
- The Story Girl (Barb in BC)
- A Tangled Web (Barb in BC)

Moodie, Susanna
- Roughing it in the Bush (John, Christine)

Moore, Lisa
- February (Sam Lamb)

Morgan, Keith
- Ruta's Closet with Ruth Kron Sigal (John)

Morrissey, Donna
- The Deception of Livvy Higgs (Luanne)

Mowat, Farley
- The Boat Who Wouldn't Float (Heather)
- The Dog Who Wouldn't Be (Peggy Ann)

Mucz, Michael
- Baba's Kitchen Medicines (Melwyk)

Munro, Alice
- The Progress of Love (Danielle)
- Runaway (ChrisHarding)
- Too Much Happiness (Barbara)
- Vintage Munro (Jules)

Munsch, Robert
- Finding Christmas illustrated by Michael Martchenko (John)
- Up, Up, Down illustrated by Michael Martchenko (Giraffe Days)

Nemat, Marina
- Prisoner of Tehran (Sarah)

Neufeld, Gordon and Gabor Maté
- Hold On to Your Kids narrated by Daniel Maté (Darlene)

Nielsen, Susin
- Dear George Clooney, Please Marry My Mom (Paulina)

Nightingale, Marie
- Out of Nova Scotia Gardens (Nan)

Nytra, David
- The Secret of the Stone Frog (Nicola)

Ogle, Jennifer, James Darcy, and Alison Beck
- The Ontario Seasonal Cookbook (Irene)

O'Grady, Rohan
- Let's Kill Uncle (Barb in BC)

Ohlin, Alex
- Inside (Jules, Daniel, Sam Lamb, Shan, Sarah)

O'Malley, Brian Lee
- Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness (Nicola)
- Scott Pilgrim Gets it Together (Nicola)
- Scott Pilgrim: Precious Little Life (Nicola)
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe (Nicola)
- Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (Nicola)

Ondaatje, Michael
- Secular Love (Resiqra/Revulva)

Ondaatje, Michael (Editor)
- From Ink Lake (Gavin)

Onstad, Katrina
Everybody Has Everything (Sam Lamb, Jules)

Oppel, Kenneth
- Emma's Emu (Nicola)
- The King's Taster (Nicola)
- Peg and the Whale (Nicola)
- Peg and the Yeti (Nicola)
- Such Wicked Intent (Nicola)

Panhuyzen, Brian
- Night is a Shadow Cast by the World (Teena)

- The Tiptoe Guide to Teaching Fairies illustrated by Christa Unzer (Irene)

Pashley, Nicholas
- Cheers! (Swordsman)

Peacock, Shane
- Becoming Holmes (Nicola)
- Eye of the Crow (Kim)
- "The Man Who Walks on the Sky" (Nicola)

Pearson, Kit
- The Daring Game (Barb in BC)
- The Lights Go On Again (Claire)
- Looking at the Moon (Claire)
- The Sky is Falling (Claire)

Peck, Dale
- The Lost Cities (Pussreboots)

Penny, Louise
- The Beautiful Mystery read by Ralph Cosham (Shonna)
- The Beautiful Mystery (Luanne, Sam Sattler, Bill, Bill, Raidergirl)
- The Cruelest Month (Jo)
- A Fatal Grace (Jo)
- Still Life read by Ralph Cosham (Jo)
- Still Life (Kathy, Peggy Ann)
- A Trick of the Light (Mary R)

Petersen, Christian
Let the Day Perish (Barb in BC)

Piatigorsky, Anton
- The Iron Bridge (Giraffe Days)

Pick, Alison
- Far To Go (Christine, Sharon)

Pitt, Steve
- To Stand and Fight Together (Perogyo)

Poast, Lloyd
- Blink (Sarah)

Porter, Pamela
- I'll Be Watching (Melwyk)

Powning, Beth
- The Hatbox Letters (Riedel Fascination)
- The Sea Captain's Wife (Sarah)

Price, Steven
- Omens in the Year of the Ox (Melwyk)

Proulx, Monique
- Wild Lives translated by David Homel and Fred A. Reed (Melwyk)

Pullinger, Kate
- The Mistress of Nothing (Jules, Sam Lamb)

Quarrington, Paul
- Whale Music (Resiqra/Revulva)

Quinlan, Patricia
- Anna's Red Sled (Nicola)

Rakoff, David
- Half Empty (Bybee)

Rayner, Mark A.
- Pirate Therapy and Other Cures (Corey)

Redekop, Corey
- Husk (John)

Reichs, Kathy
- Bones Are Forever (Kate, John)

Reid, Barbara
- Picture a Tree (Perogyo)

Reisman, Rose
- Choose It and Lose It (Shonna)

Rhodes, Morgan
- Falling Kingdoms (Christa)

Richards, David Adams
- Mercy Among the Children (Sam Lamb)

Richardson, C.S.
- The Emperor of Paris (Jules, Shonna)

Richardson, Jael Ealey
- The Stone Thrower (Shan)

Richler, Nancy
- The Impostor Bride (Gypsysmom, Jules, Daniel, Shan)

Rideout, Tanis
- Above All Things (Giraffe Days)

Ripley, Catherine
- How? illustrated by Scot Ritchie (Jen)

Rivard, Émilie and Anne Claire-Delisle
- Really and Truly (Irene)

Robinson, Peter
- Before the Poison (Mysteries and More)
- Watching the Dark (Luanne, Shonna)

Rodriguez, Sonia and Kurt Browning
- T is for Tutu illustrated by Wilson Ong (Irene)

Rotenberg, Robert
- Old City Hall (Mary R)

Rothman, Claire Holden
- The Heart Specialist (Jules)

Round, Jeffrey
- The Honey Locust (Shonna)
- Lake on the Mountain (Gypsysmom)

Rowe, Michael
- Enter, Night (Pussreboots)

Rowen, Michelle
- Blood Bath and Beyond (Jo)
- Demon Princess (Kim)

Roy, Gabriel
- Garden in the Wind/ Enchanted Summer (Gypsysmom)
- The Road Past Altamont (Jules)
- Street of Riches (Jules)
- Windflower (Danielle)

Roy, Zoe S.
- Butterfly Tears (Nicola)

Salivarová, Zdena
- Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down (Claire)

Sands, Lynsay and Jeaniene Frost
The Bite Before Christmas (Giraffe Days)

Sapergia, Barbara
- Blood and Salt (Melwyk)

Saracuse, Tara
- Island Kids (Perogyo)

Saunders, Margaret Marshall
- Beautiful Joe (Peggy Ann)

Sawyer, Robert J.
- Factoring Humanity (Braedonnal)
- Frameshift (Braedonnal)
- Hybrids (Braedonnal)
- Iterations (Braedonal)
- Mindscan (Swordsman)
- Relativity (Braedonnal)
- WWW:Watch (Sarah at Workaday Reads, Braedonnal)
- WWW: Wonder (Braedonnal)

Schabas, Martha
- Various Poistions (Barb in BC)

Scharf-Dessureault, Roswitha
- Memories of a Life's Journey (Linda)

Schmidt, Jennifer
- Risking it All (Giraffe Days)

Schrier, Howard
- High Chicago (Gavin)

Schultz, Emily
- The Blondes (Shan, Corey, Christa)

Scott, David E. (edited by)
- Great Canadian Fishing Stories That Didn't Get Away (Irene)

Selecky, Sarah
- This Cake is for The Party (Jules)

Serres, Alain
- I Have a Right to be a Child illustrated by Aurélia Fronty (Irene)

Shaben, Carol
- Into the Abyss (Julie)

Shields, Carol
- Larry's Party (Raidergirl)
- Unless (Sarah)

Shrimpton, Tiffany
- The Search for Almighty Voice (Gypsysmom)

Sinclair, Sue
- Breaker (Eric)
- Mortal Arguments (Eric)

Skibsrud, Johanna
- The Sentimentalists (Jules)

Skvorecky, Josef
- The Engineer of Human Souls (Eric)

Smart, Elizabeth
- By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (Rasiqra Revulva)

Smith, Brad
- Crow's Landing (Luanne)
- Red Means Run (Sarah at Workaday Reads)

Smucker, Barbara
- Underground to Canada  (Barb in BC)
- White Mist (Barb in BC)

Snyder, Carrie
- The Juliet Stories (Irene, Jules)

Spalding, Andrea
- Seal Song illustrated by Pascal Milelli (Perogyo)

Spalding, Linda
- The Purchase (Luanne)

Spires, Ashley
- Binky Takes Charge (Perogyo)
- Binky Under Pressure (Perogyo, Nicola)

Spoon, Rae
- First Spring Grass Fire (Barbara)

St. James, Simone
- The Haunting of Maddy Clare (Danielle)

Stockum, Hilda van
- Friendly Gables (Barb in BC)

Stratton, Allan
- Chanda's Wars (Shonna)

Suzuki, David
- The Autobiography (Barb in BC)
- The Legacy (Shan)

Svendsen, Linda
- Sussex Drive (Daniel, Giraffe Days)

Syjuco, Miguel
- Illustrado (Giraffe Days)

Tamaki, Mariko
- (You) Set Me On Fire (Teena)

Taylor, Joanne
- There You Are (Barb in BC)

Taylor, Kate
- Madame Proust and the Kosher Kitchen (Cat)

Taylor, Patrick
- An Irish Country Village (Jules)

Taylor, Timothy
- Stanley Park (Jules)

Thomas, Audrey
- Graven Images (Riedel Fascination)

Thúy, Kim
- Ru (Daniel, Gypsysmom, Raidergirl)

Tilly, Meg
- A Taste of Heaven (Teena)

Toews, Miriam
- A Complicated Kindness (Jules)

Tolle, Eckhart
- Guardians of Being art by Patrick McDonnell (Shonna)

Trueman, Stuart
- Cousin Elva (Barb in BC)

Turner, Michael
- American Whisky Bar (Rasiqra Revulva)
- Hard Core Logo (Resiqra Revulva)

Urquhart, Jane
- Sanctuary Line (Cat, Gavin)
- The Whirlpool (Jules)

Vanderhaeghe, Guy
- A Good Man (Gypsysmom)

Vassanji, M.G.
- The In-Between World of Vikram Lall (Jules)

Vaughan, Brian K.
- The Pride of Baghdad illustrated by Niko Henrichon (John)

Vaughan-Johnston, Sally
Best of Bridge Slow Cooker Cookbook (Teena)

Vlessides, Mike
- The Ice Pilots (John)

Wagamese, Richard
- Indian Horse (Gypsysmom)

Wagler, Ira
- Growing Up Amish (Bybee)

Waldner, Johannes
- Playing Like Timothy illustrated by Victor Kleinsasser (Linda)

Walsh, Darryll
- Ghosts of Nova Scotia (Riedel Fascination)

Walter, Julie
- At Home in the Kitchen (Linda, Sharon)

Walton, Jo
- Among Others (Paulina)

Wan, Michelle
- Deadly Slipper (John, Heather)

Wangersky, Russell
- Whirl Away (Jules, Shan, Daniel, Sarah)

Watt, Mélanie
- Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas (Perogyo)

Weir, Joan
- The Brideship (Perogyo)

Whamond, Dave
- Oddrey (Irene)

Whishaw, Lorna
- As Far As You'll Take Me (Barb in BC)
- Mexico Unknown (Barb in BC)

Wiersema, Robert J.
- Bedtime Story (Corey)

Wills, Gabriele
Elusive Dawn (Teddy)

Wilson, Eric
- The Inuk Mountie Adventure (John)

Wilson, Ethel
- Hetty Dorval (Danielle, Jules)
- Swamp Angel (Danielle)

Wilson, Robert Charles
- Darwinia (Braedonnal)
- Spin (Braedonnal)

Winkler, Derek
- Pitouie (Eric)

Winter, Kathleen
- Annabel (Giraffe Days, Julie)

Wojna, Lisa
- Canadian Inventions (Bybee)

Wolfe, Inger Ash
- The Calling (Gavin, Raidergirl)
- A Door in the River (Luanne, Nicola, Shonna)
- The Taken (Gavin)

Woodward, Caroline
- Showdown at Border Town (Sharon)

Wong, David H.T.
- Escape to Gold Mountain (Perogyo)

Woo, Alan
- Maggie's Chopsticks illustrated by Isabelle Malenfant (Irene)

Wright, Eric
- Death by Degrees (Barb in BC)

Wright, L.R.
- The Suspect (TracyK)

Wright, Richard B.
- Clara Callan (Raidergirl)
- October (Raidergirl)

Wright, Robert
- Our Man in Tehran (Swordsman)

Wynne-Jones, Tim
- Le matou marin (Riedel Fascination)

York, Alissa
- Effigy (Sarah at Goodreads)
- Fauna (Jules)

Young, Moira
- Blood Red Road (Darlene)
- Rebel Heart (Sarah at Good Reads)

Young, Scott
- Murder in a Cold Climate (Mysteries and More)

Zentner, Alexi
- Touch (Sarah at Workaday Reads, Raidergirl)

Zentner, Ali
- The Weight-Loss Prescription (Teena)

Whew, that's a lot of Canadian authors represented! But it's certainly not all of them. What about Scott Fotheringham or Deni Y. Béchard? If you'd like to win books by these two men, all you have to do is tell me the names of five Canadian authors we didn't get to in the first 6 months of the challenge that you hope someone (you, perhaps?) will get to in the 2nd half. Write your suggestions in the comments below.  You may not use anyone else's suggestions! From all those making suggestions, I'll choose one random winner to win these 2 books generously donated by Goose Lane Editions. As I'm not eligible for the contest, I'll go ahead and make my suggestions now:
1. Joan Clark
2. Richard Van Camp
3. Seth
4. Chester Brown
5. Ivan Coyote

Once again, Happy New Year everyone! And good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...only 5? We should all be able to come up with these - there are so many Canadian authors. We're such a *literary* country, lol. (No, seriously. Canada is incredibly rich in writers. It's wonderful!) Quickly scanning the CBC-possibilities pile on the bookshelf above the computer:

Tim Wynne-Jones
Catherine Anthony Clark
Luella Creighton
Emily Carr
Lyn Hancock

Happy New Year!
~Barb (in B.C.)

Melwyk said...

Five unread authors? Well, here are my suggestions:

Cassie Stocks
Dianne Warren
Gwethalyn Graham
Margaret Millar
Martine Desjardins

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Great list so far!

names of 5 Canadian authors we didn't get to in the first 6 months of the challenge that you hope someone will get to in the 2nd half...

Carolyn Arends
Mark Buchanan
Valerie Comer
Laura J Davis
Ross Lockhart

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

another 5 Cdn authors to read?

Murray Pura
Margaret Balogh
Herman Northrop Frye
Heather Boersma
Lynn Dove

Darlene said...

Here are my 5 suggestions:

Sara Gruen
Mordecai Richler
Margaret Laurence
W.O. Mitchell
Chevy Stevens

Shannon (Giraffe Days) said...

I've already read The Rest is Silence (great book by the way) so I won't enter. Great list of Canadian authors here! I have to ask though, why is Richard Ford on this list? He was born in America and he lives in America. As far as I know he never emigrated here...?

John Mutford said...

Shannon: From the initial rules for the challenge "Canadian books [...] can be written by Canadian authors (by birth or immigration) or about Canadians. Ultimately, participants must decide for themselves whether or not something fits the description of Canadian." So in this case, Sam and Bybee chose to include Richard Ford's Canada, presumably, because Canada (particularly Saskatchewan) figures largely in the plot.

Anonymous said...

"The Hatbox Letters" got missed by Beth Powning. My review is under July. Thank you for putting "Riedel Fascination" in your wonderful list of authors.

If my sidebar name could be likewise and linked to my general blog (instead of Amazon), we're good to go. :) Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Leaves & Pages: My review of Tim Wynne-Jones is already listed. I read "Matou Marin" en francais and adored it!

Darlene: Mordecei is being read shortly. Additionally Eric Wilson, Charlotte MacLeod, and Kristel Kleitsch. As for Margaret Laurence; well Manitoba's greats are a must! Didn't y'all know where I am? :-)

John Mutford said...

CMReidel: The sidebar link is now to your blog. As for the Beth Powning book, your July link was to a different book so I hadn't included it. But, I've gone looking for it, and think I found your review of The Hatbox Letters which I've now linked to above. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey, the quota is over for misspelling "Riedel"; even in comments! I before E, drill drill drill. LOL!

Sorry for mis-linking in July. I store a word doc with all URLs and original reviews and would've given it to you. Thanks for your wonderful work.

Faith Hope and Cherrytea said...

Requesting the diary series 'Dear Canada' including these unread authors :

Carol Matas
Karleen Bradford
Jean Little
Julie Lawson
+ the 5th author I'm looking forward to is a relative of LM Montgomery, born of the founding family of Cavendish PEI ,
AB Simpson

Anonymous said...

cmriedel - Oops! Missed that. Ok, here are a few more, from the spines I can read on the shelf above my computer desk. I don't have the "already read" list open so hopefully at least one of these will be a "new" writer & not already listed!

Sheila Egoff
Joan Bodger
Katherine Holubitsky
Bruce Hutchinson
Michael Bedard

John Mutford said...

Ooops! Better late than never. The winner of the Goose Lane Editions books was Darlene of Darlene's Book Nook!

Darlene said...

Woo hoo! That's awesome!! Thanks, John!