Monday, March 11, 2013

Reader's Diary #961- Jude Ortega: The Short Sweet Life of Nameless

Jude Ortega's story "The Short Sweet Life of Nameless" comes across as a parable. In the traditional sense, with religious messages and all. I found myself at first trying to twist it into some sort of capitalist/ globalization metaphor but it really wasn't working. It was only after I gave up on that and just went with what the author was actually saying, that I enjoyed the story.

"The Short Life of Nameless" isn't a complicated story. It's about a couple in rural Philippines who befriend a dog. They first assume the dog to be a stray, but soon discover it's not stray but owned by an abusive man. The couple who come to care for the dog are the only nice people in the entire story. Which may be a part of Ortega's point. At the heart of the story, "The Short Sweet Life of Nameless" is about doing what is right, being just, treating creatures with dignity. Like the title, it's short and sweet.

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Loni said...

Sounds like a really interesting story. I'll be putting it on the to-read list, but I'll make sure not to push any metaphors on it.

I read a classic this week: